KZ teases a 10 Balanced Armatures Earphone – NEWS

ℹ In addition to the crazy amount of new KZ earphones so far, KZ is teasing a new in-ear monitor that will have 10 balanced armatures.

If you have being following KZ already you might know that the brand tends to inform the total number of drivers and not the quantity of drivers per earpiece. If this is the case with this model being teased, the new 10 driver earphone should have 5 drivers per side.

KZ has been in a new earphones release pace like no other brand has done before. To this date they have announced more than a dozen new models and already 5 of them are available to purchase.:

  • KZ ED16 – triple hybrid driver
  • KZ ZSA – dual hybrid driver
  • KZ ES4 – dual hybrid driver
  • KZ ZS10 – KZ’s flagship, 10 total drivers
  • KZ ED15 – budget dual driver

Besides a teasing image that shows the rear housing’s vents that look similar to the ones of the KZ ZSA and KZ ZS6; KZ has released information about a mysterious suggested price of $X2, which means that the price will be inferior to $100 (though not sure how much useful the last “2” on the price means to KZ fans)

The teasing image released by KZ is very similar to the one released teasing a 16-Driver headphone, this could be that KZ has decided to re-work the 16-driver model and rebuild it as this 10-driver model being teased or they could be 2 totally different models – time will tell.

During the massive pre-announcement on the 1st quarter of 2018 there was only one model that informed a 10 driver configuration but in an hybrid style of BA+DD and which was later released as KZ ZS10. Besides that model there was no mention of a 10 balanced armatures IEM.


The technical specifications of the KZ 10-driver are already unknown:

KZ 10-Driver – Technical Specifications:

  • Type: In-Ear Hybrid
  • Drivers: 10
  • Balanced Armatures: 10
  • Dynamic Drivers: 0
  • Price: $X2

UPDATE: The 10-driver headphones were revealed as KZ AS10 (read our review) and KZ BA10 (read our review)

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KZ 10-Driver Image

KZ 10 Balanced Armatures
KZ 10 Balanced Armatures
KZ 10 Balanced Armature
KZ 10 Balanced Armature

Image credits: KZ Acoustics

You can read about the announcements of KZ’s 2018 earphones at: 

The KZ 10-Driver will be added to KZ 2108 models with the:

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