Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Released – NEWS

ℹ Xiaomi has just launched a new Bluetooth Headphones, the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones. This new model is being released at the same time of the just announced dual hybrid Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2 / Xiaomi Mi Quantie 2.

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones is the latest addition of full sized over-ear headphones from Xiaomi.

The new model is inheriting a very similar look and shape from the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort, many times called Xiaomi Mi Headphones Relaxed Version.

Xiaomi recently released many other headphones like the over-ear headphone for gamers: Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset; and a large amount of in-ear headphones like the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphones LYXQEJ01JY, Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones, Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Type-C Headphones and 1 earbud: the Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver Earphones BRE01JY.

This latest Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones model will have 40 mm dynamic drivers, a Bluetooth v4.1 with a CSR 8645, aptX loseless codecs and will be fully foldable.

UPDATE: The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones are already available to buy: HERE

Other details from the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones include a 400 maH battery, 2.5 hours of charging time, 235 g of weight.

The availability in the Eastern hemisphere will be in 3 days from now.

The technical specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones:

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones – Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Over-Ear
  • Drivers: 1 per side
  • Dynamic Drivers: 40 mm
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1 / aptX
  • Weight: 235 g
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Battery capacity: 400 maH

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UPDATE: The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones are already available to buy: HERE

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Photos and Official Release Images

Images Credit: Xiaomi

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UPDATE: The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones are already available to buy: HERE

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