OneOdio MONITOR 60 – Review

OneOdio MONITOR 60

| 50mm Dynamic Driver | Open-Back |

OneOdio MONITOR 60,one of the newest professional headphones from OneOdio.

The OneOdio MONITOR 60 is part of the flagship models from the brand, sitting right below the OneOdio MONITOR 80.

As the name suggests, the OneOdio MONITOR 60 belongs to the monitor headphones from OneOdio, which are aimed for professional use. Both the Monitor 60 and Monitor 80 are full-sized, over-ear headphones with an open-back design.

Inside, the headphone sports a massive 50mm dynamic driver, strong neodymium magnets and technical specs such as 38 ohm impedance, 20Hz-40kHz frequency response and a max input power of 1600mW.

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OneOdio MONITOR 60 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The OneOdio MONITOR 60 comes with a generous amount of quality accessories:

• 1x soft pouch
• 1x 1.2m 3.5mm cable with inline remote and mic
• 1x 3m 3.5mm cable
1x 3m 3.5mm/1/4 inch coiled cable




Bass & Sub Bass

Bass on the OneOdio MONITOR 60 has a nicely balanced bass that is able to sound fun and punchy but keeping its extension fairly tight for the profile.

By this, the headphone will provide a rich mid-bass response that can cover any modern genre but will not get as loose nor bouncy as other equally punchy headphones.

Consequently, its sound will be cleaner and better adapted for a wider variety of genres, while always sounding “right”

In addition to this, the MONITOR 60 shows a deeper sub-bass reach than many other open-back headphones.


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Mids & Vocals

The OneOdio MONITOR 60 offer a cozy and inviting midrange that does not fall into a muddy nor congested mess.

Despite the warm profile, this model does not suffer from the typical issues of warm-tuned headphones; being the MONITOR 60 free of overly bleeding mid-bass and never showing an overshadowed lower mid extension nor male vocals.

Instead, both male vocals and lower mids are able to sound full and agreeable but still clear and present without getting distant nor excessively laid back.

At the same time, the upper end of the midrange show a crisp sound response with a bit more bite than the lower mids but never sounding unbalanced.

In spite of being crispier and more emphasized than the lower mids, their higher mids do not exhibit harsh spikes nor annoyingly hot and shouty vocals.



Highs & Treble

Highs on the OneOdio MONITOR 60 provide a nice balance between brightness and non-fatiguing sound.

Moreover, the headphone is able to resolve sufficient detail for most listening sessions without sounding overcooked.

Differently than some very popular monitors, this OneOdio headphone does not show an excess of sibilant nor piercing peaks.

It is worth mentioning, that the OneOdio MONITOR 60 will exhibit a warmer layer over their highs than other open-back monitors that have a more clinical and analytical highs tuning.

On the other hand, this will be excellent news for mostly every listener except those searching specifically for analytically tuned headphones.


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Response to EQ

With a respectably good tuning, the starting point for equalizing the OneOdio MONITOR 60 is excellent.

In fact, the MONITOR 60 responded remarkably well to every custom EQ applied to it.

Either path for boosting bass or for cleaning up the whole sound signature, presented massively noticeable results without adding sound issues such as boxy mids, overly fatiguing or harsh peaks, etc.



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Inheriting many of the outstanding comfort and fit design qualities of the OneOdio Studio Pro 50, the MONITOR 60 is, yet another superbly comfortable headphone that can be used for endless hours without getting any sort of pain nor fatigue.

The earcups have a very big diameter that can fit any ears size, while the huge, very padded and deep earmuffs gently soften the tension of the headband´s compression.

In addition to this, the earcups offer a vast movement that covers 180 degrees of rotation, 180 degree of tilting and a fully foldable design.

Moreover, the brand has added nicely built cables and a cable-locking system for the 3.5mm connector – this will ensure a tight and secure connection.


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Frequency Response (raw)

OneOdio MONITOR 60 Frequency Response Curve


OneOdio MONITOR 60 Technical Specifications


Driver Unit50mm
Cord3.5mm, 1/4 inch

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Scores Scores

OneOdio MONITOR 60 Scores

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OneOdio MONITOR 60



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