JVC Gumy Plus HA-FX5

JVC Gumy Plus HA-FX5 – Review

JVC Gumy Plus HA-FX5 | 11 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet | 🎧 The JVC Gumy Plus HA-FX5 have been named as one of the best budget earphones of 2017, we are reviewing them to see if they are able to[…]

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Philips SHE3580

Philips SHE3580 / SHE3581 – Review

Philips SHE3580 / SHE3581 | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 The Philips SHE3580 / SHE3581 are a budget line earphone with a mainstream brand backing them up. Philips is very famous as a brand of electronics, house appliances and even as a headphone and[…]

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Feitun BT-003

Feitun BT-003 – Review

  Feitun BT-003 | Dynamic Driver | ? The Feitun BT-003 are a super budget earphone that offer some characteristics not usually seen within their price range; such as robust flat tangle-free cables, L shaped stereo mini plug and most of all an[…]

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Panasonic RP-HJE120 ErgoFit

Panasonic RP-HJE120 ErgoFit – Review

Panasonic RP-HJE120 ErgoFit | 9 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet | 🎧 The Panasonic RP-HJE120 Ergofit are the most famous earphones on Amazon with an almost perfect 5 stars rating and over 40,000 feedback scores; adding the fact that they are pretty cheap[…]

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AIMA AM-889 – Review

AIMA AM-889 | 10 mm Driver | ? AIMA has manufactured a fair amount of earphones and headphones and the AIMA AM-889 is one them. Despite we had never heard about this brand we will give a chance to this[…]

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Inpher Fuqing

Inpher FUQING B-2 – Review

Inpher FUQING B-2 | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 Today we are reviewing the Inpher FUQING B-2, one of the best-selling earphones in Aliexpress. Hype or fair contender🎧 We will find it out. The Inpher FUQING B-2 certainly have a problematic model name that[…]

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Kubite T-003M

Kubite T-003M – Review

Kubite T-003M | 9 mm Driver | ? Our review of the Kubite T-003M will test if this wooden earphones just look slick or if they also offer sound quality that is worthwhile. We have reviewed other wooden earphones like the[…]

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Skullcandy INK'D 2.0

Skullcandy INK’D 2.0 – Review

Skullcandy INK’D 2.0 | 11 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet | 🎧 We decided to review the Skullcandy INK’D 2.0 which are among the most sold and rated earphones on Amazon.com. To be honest, we were always resilient to buy and review the Skullcandy’s[…]

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Tiger Zipper

Tiger Zipper – Review

Tiger Zipper | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 A zipper and an earphone are the parents of the Tiger Zipper. The reason behind making this combination still remains a mystery to us. The housing of the earphones is metallic, the cable is[…]

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Puro IPHF2

Puro IPHF2 – Review

Puro IPHF2 | 7 mm Driver | ? A silver edition of the Grado GR10e earphones? When seeing the Puro IPHF2 you will recognize a clear resemblance with the Grado GR10e earphones, with our tests we will see if they perform as a premium[…]

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JBL T110

JBL T110 – Review

JBL T110 | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 We finished reviewing the JBL T110 earphones. The JBL T110 have a price tag similar to many budget chinese earphones but you will be getting an earphone backed up by the giant brand that belongs[…]

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Ve Monk Plus

VE Monk Plus – Review

VE Monk Plus | 15.4 mm Driver |   🎧 We usually do not review earbuds (at least for now) but the VE Monk Plus are a highly famous budget earbud that promises great sound quality for a super cheap price,[…]

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