Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 – Review

Panasonic DROPS 360 RP-HJX5

Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5

| 12 mm Coaxial Driver | Dual Neodymium Magnets |

? We have tested and reviewed the Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5, a highly featured, premium looking but very affordably priced model that belongs to the Drops 360° headphones line where you will also find the Panasonic Drops 360° Luxe. We have already reviewed several Panasonic headphones like the ultra popular Panasonic RP-TCM125, the even more affordable Panasonic Ergofit RP-HJE120 and the bigger brother of the ergofit line the Panasonic RP-HJE190 ErgoFit Plus. The Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 features huge 12mm coaxial dual magnet dynamic drivers, a very broad 5Hz-25kHz frequency response, 100mW of maximum input power, 16 ohms of impedance and a sensitivity of 103 dB/mW. The “coaxial dual magnet” feature means that Panasonic has adopted an unique technical design where each dynamic driver has 2 magnets, one is placed ahead and the other one behind the dual coil 12mm dynamic driver; according to Panasonic this special design should produce powerful, crisp and clear sound. The Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 durability feels outstanding with robust housings and aluminum construction. The earpieces have a nice futuristic design that despite being relatively big they do not look too chunky. The cables are rounded and have a rubberized finish that helps to reduce tangling issues. The mini stereo plug has a 90 degree angle, which many highly appreciate. The Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 is compatible with Android and Apple devices. You can buy the Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 in:

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Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 - Review

Tests & Scores



Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 weight in Ounces and Panasonic Drops 360° weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

The Panasonic Drops 360° unboxing results in 3 extra pair of eartips (plus the pair already fitted on the earpieces) and a soft carrying pouch. Everything comes inside a packaging similarly sizes to the Pioneer SE-CX8.



Bass & Sub Bass

The 12mm coaxial dual neodymium magnet drivers of the Panasonic Drops 360° provide bass with plenty punch and deep sub-bass. Energy and fun will never lack with these Panasonic headphones, at the same time things do not get too boomy or overdone. If you enjoy bass the Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 will most probably make you happy, instead if you are looking for a less bassy headphone or a conservative bass style this are not for you. Applying an EQ, there is a huge increment of punch and depth. Putting the Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 through our standardized extreme bass tests they were able to take 48% of the maximum power coming from a Fiio E12 Mont Blanc amplifier while applying our custom basshead EQ and setting the Fiio E12 to high gain (bass boost turned on too) This extreme test allowed the Panasonic Drops 360° to exponentially increase their mid-bass punch and sub-bass depth but no basshead impact or rumble was achieved. Prime branded models that will provide a basshead experience are the Pioneer SE-CX8, Pioneer SE-CX9 and the Sony MDR-EX800st (also found as Sony MDR-7550), instead some Asian budget-friendly alternatives are the KZ ZST, Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphone Pro, Senfer 4in1, Plextone X41M and even the KZ ZS6 or the KZ ZS5 will provide more impact and rumble.


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Panasonic DROPS 360 RP-HJX5
Panasonic DROPS 360 RP-HJX5


Mids & Vocals

The Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 mids are warm with lower mids that do not sound too congested or excessively stepped over by mid-bass bleed (perceivable mid-bass bleed is present, though) but still lower vocals could sound a bit laid back to more demanding listeners. Higher mids are usually not harsh unless very strong peaks are present. Overall their mids are cozy, not too distant with good energy and sound inviting. With an EQ there is an outstanding enhancement of lower mids and lower vocals with an almost absolute removal of recession. Higher mids can get harshy if you bump up too much your EQ on higher mids frequencies.



Highs & Treble

The Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 has highs with some brightness that will be enough for normal listening sessions where brightness is not very important; some detail is resolved but not a huge amount. Piercing highs and sibilance are not an issue with them unless there are strong peaks. Overall the Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 highs are smooth, non fatiguing (usually) and can provide a smooth listening experience with a darkish brightness tint. An EQ adds a bit of brightness but mostly a very noticeable additional amount of detail is resolved; no strong sibilant or piercing highs arise.




Sound Leak

The sound that leaks out of these aluminum in-ear headphones is fairly contained with a leaking level on par with most average earphones which means that sound will be perceivable by nearby people if a high volume is set and the ambient noise levels are relatively low. In noisy city situations their sound leaking will not be heard too much.



Sound Isolation

Noise isolation is good and as effective as most average earphones. Moderate levels of volume can be set and the Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 will be able to noticeably subdue the perception of environmental noises.


Panasonic DROPS 360 RP-HJX5
Panasonic DROPS 360 RP-HJX5



The housings of the Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 clearly look larger than many other in-ear headphones but their size is not excessive as to become cumbersome or uncomfortable. Their larger size provides an easier to grab and handle surface and the long nozzles allow them to fit very securely yet the overall comfort remains excellent and pain-free for hours.



Response to Equalization

The Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 responded greatly to every custom EQ that we applied with only minor issues; lower frequencies strongly added punch and depth, mid frequencies benefited of highly cleared up lower vocals and highs were able to resolve much more detail with no introduction of sibilance or piercing highs.


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Frequency Response (raw)

Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 Frequency Response

Pioneer Drops 360 RP-HJX5 - Frequency Response
Pioneer Drops 360 RP-HJX5 – Frequency Response

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Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5


Driver Unit12mm Coaxial
Power Capacity100mW
Impedance16 ohms
Frequency Response5-25,000Hz
CordY-type, round cord
Cord Length1.2m
PlugStereo mini plug
WeightApprox. 6g
Supplied Accessories3x Earphone tips; soft carrying pouch

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We highly discourage anyone from trying to apply our testings to your own earphones, the risk of damaging or permanently breaking your iems is absolutely probable to happen. With our standardized equalization and amplification tests we push the limits of the earphones to the extreme. If anyway you decide to do so, we cannot be held responsible of the damage done to your equipment. Do it at your own risk.

Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5