6 Drivers Headphones Reviews

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A 6 Driver Headphone is a Headphone that has an hex-driver (6 Drivers) inside each earpiece.

The six drivers inside each earpiece can have combinations, such as: 2 dynamic drivers and 4 balanced armatures but there are also other combinations like 5 balanced armatures + 1 dynamic driver or models with 6 balanced armatures.

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6 Drivers Headphones Reviews

Tronsmart Bang – Review

Tronsmart Bang | 2x Woofer Driver | 2x Tweeter | 2x Passive Bass Radiators | 60W | Bluetooth | NFC | IPX6 | Tronsmart Bang, the biggest Bluetooth speaker from Tronsmart. The Tronsmart Bang is part of their Party Speakers[…]


CVJ CSN – Review

CVJ CSN | 5x Balanced Armature | 10mm Dynamic Driver | Double N52 Neodymium Magnets | ? CVJ CSN, a multi-driver with affordable price. The CVJ CSN features a 6-driver configuration per earpiece with an hybrid distribution of a 10mm[…]


KZ ZSX – Review

KZ ZSX | 5x Balanced Armature | 10 mm Dual Magnet Dynamic Driver |   ? KZ ZSX, the newest 6-driver hybrid earphone from KZ. The KZ ZSX features a total number of 12 drivers with 6 inside each earpiece.[…]


KZ AS12 – Review

KZ AS12 | 6x Balanced Armature | ? KZ AS12, the newest release from the brand under the AS line. The KZ AS12 is a 6-driver model holding an all-balanced armature driver configuration with no dynamic drivers. Inside each shell[…]


BGVP DM7 – Review

BGVP DM7 | 6x Balanced Armature | 4-way crossover | 4x sound tubes | ? BGVP DM7, the newest 6-driver custom in-ear monitor from BGVP. The BGVP DM7 features a 4-way crossover, 4 sound tubes and 6 balanced armature drivers[…]

Fearless Audio S6Rui

Fearless Audio S6Rui – Review

Fearless Audio S6Rui | 4x Knowles Balanced Armatures | 2x Sonion Balanced Armatures | 3-way Crossover | 2x Sound Tubes | ? Fearless Audio S6Rui, a custom in-ear monitor with premium specs and drivers. The Fearless Audio S6Rui features a[…]

Yinyoo D2B4

Yinyoo D2B4 – Review

Yinyoo D2B4 | 4x Balanced Armatures | 2x Graphene Dynamic Drivers | 4-way crossover | ? Yinyoo D2B4, an affordable 6-driver earphone with premium specs. The Yinyoo D2B4 features a 6-driver hybrid configuration with 4 balanced armatures + 2 dynamic[…]


BGVP DMG – Review

BGVP DMG | 4x Balanced Armature | 2x Graphene+Titanium Dynamic Drivers | 3x Sound Filters | Neodymium Magnet | 4-way crossover | ? BGVP DMG, an hexa-driver (6 drivers) earphone with premium specs but friendly price. The BGVP DMG features an[…]