7 Drivers Headphones Reviews

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A 7 Driver Headphone is a Headphone that has an sept-driver (7 Drivers) inside each earpiece.

The six drivers inside each earpiece can have combinations, such as: 1 dynamic drivers and 6 balanced armatures but there are also other combinations like 4 balanced armatures + 2 dynamic driver or models with 7 balanced armatures.

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7 Drivers Headphones Reviews


TRN VX – Review

TRN VX | 6x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? TRN VX, the newest multi-driver earphone from TRN. The TRN VX drivers configuration includes 6 balanced armatures, a 10mm dynamic driver and dual neodymium magnets per earpiece. In[…]


KBEAR Hi7 – Review

KBEAR Hi7 | 6x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? KBEAR Hi7, a 7-driver hybrid earphone with very cheap price. The KBEAR Hi7 joins the brand’s offerings as another top-tier in their catalog, next to the KBEAR Diamond;[…]