FiiO DAP DAC Music Players & Amp Reviews

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FiiO DAP DAC Music Players & Amp Reviews

FiiO K11

FiiO K11 – Review

FiiO K11  | Headphone Amplifier | DAC | 1400mW | DSD256 | FiiO K11, the brand new DAC/headphone amplifier from FiiO. The FiiO K11 belongs to the K series of DAC/amps, a product line that has been on the market[…]


FiiO BTR3K – Review

FiiO BTR3K | Bluetooth Amp | USB DAC | Bluetooth 5.0 | ? FiiO BTR3K, the 2nd generation of the BTR3 Bluetooth amp series. The BTR3K is part of the latest generation of Bluetooth adapters from FiiO, like the FiiO[…]

FiiO M15

FiiO M15 – Review

FiiO M15 | DAP | 800mW | 784kHz/32bit | 6-CORE Exynos 7872 | Dual AK4499 DAC | USB DAC | Bluetooth | WiFi | DSD512 | MQA | DLNA | AirPlay | Touch Screen | FiiO M15, the newest top-tier[…]

FiiO M3 Pro

FiiO M3 Pro – Review

FiiO M3 Pro | Music Player | DAC | USB DAC | Touch Screen | DSD128 | OTG | ? FiiO M3 PRO, the newest music player from FiiO. The FiiO M3 PRO has been launched as an entry-level DAP/DAC[…]

FiiO M11

FiiO M11 – Review

FiiO M11 | DAP | 550mW | 6-CORE Exynos 7872 | Dual AK4493 DAC | OPA926 | USB DAC | Bluetooth | Dual SD | DSD256 | DLNA | AirPlay | Touch Screen | ? FiiO M11, the newest music player[…]

FiiO BTA10

FiiO BTA10 – Review

FiiO BTA10 | Bluetooth Adapter | TPA6132A2 Amp | ? FiiO BTA10, a Bluetooth adapter for the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 series. The FiiO BTA10 features a Qualcomm QC3005 Bluetooth chip, a built-in TPA6132A2 amplifier, Bluetooth v5.0, an AK4376A DAC, a Qualcomm cVc Noise[…]


FiiO BTR1K – Review

 FiiO BTR1K | Bluetooth Amplifier | USB DAC | NFC | ? FiiO BTR1K, a Bluetooth amp/DAC with the capability to turn any headphone into a wireless model. The FiiO BTR1K features a QCC 3005 Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth v5.0, an AK4376A DAC,[…]

FiiO M6

FiiO M6 – Review

FiiO M6 | Music Player | WiFi | Bluetooth | USB DAC | AirPlay | DLNA | Multi-Touch Screen | DSD128 | Exynos 7270 | ES9018Q2C DAC | ? FiiO M6 the latest music player from FiiO with a small portable size, high-quality[…]

FiiO K3

FiiO K3 – Review

FiiO K3 | USB Amp/DAC | AKM AK4452 DAC | XMOS XUF208 | OPA1612 LPF | 2x OPA926 | DSD256 | 320mW | ? FiiO K3, a freshly released headphone amplifier and USB DAC with a tiny size, impressive specs but[…]

FiiO M9

FiiO M9 – Review

FiiO M9 | DAP | Dual AK4490EN DACs | A3P030 FPGA | OPA1612 LPF | 2x OPA1622 BUF | USB DAC | Bluetooth | DSD128 | DLNA | Touch Screen | ? FiiO M9, an advanced Android-based, portable music player/DAP/DAC with[…]


FiiO BTR3 Bluetooth Amplifier – Review

 FiiO BTR3 | Bluetooth Amplifier | USB DAC | NFC | ? FiiO BTR3, a Bluetooth amplifier with advanced features. The FiiO BTR3 features a CSR8675 Bluetooth chip, a AK4376A DAC, USB DAC functionality and support for all wireless audio codecs. The[…]

FiiO M3K

FiiO M3K – Review

FiiO M3K | Music Player | USB DAC | OTG | Touch Controls | IPS 2” | DSD64 | ? FiiO M3K a super affordable, Hi-Res Audio certified DAP/DAC with advanced features. The FiiO M3K features a AK4376A DAC, Ingenic X1000/E (40nm) CPU running[…]