GeekRover Earphones Reviews

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GeekRover Earphones Reviews

GeekRover iEPW020

GeekRover iEPW020/021 – Review

? Probably you have never heard of GeekRover, and that would be fair as they are not easy to find and when you do sellers use the model name without nominating the brand. When seeing the selling price of the[…]

GeekRover iEPW060 iEPW061

GeekRover iEPW060 / iEPW061 – Review

  ? This time we are reviewing the GeekRover iEPW060 / iEPW061, a wooden earphone with a 10mm dynamic driver and a neodymium magnet. We have already reviewed the GeekRover iEPW020 / iEPW021 which proved to be an outstanding earphone[…]

GeekRover iEPW090 iEPW091

GeekRover iEPW090 / iEPW091 – Review

? After the great experience reviewing other GeekRover earphones we decided to test and review the GeekRover iEPW090 / iEPW091. In case you missed our reviews of the GeekRover iEPW020 / iEPW021 or the GeekRover iEPW060 / iEPW061, here is a brief[…]