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KBEAR Headphones Reviews

KBEAR Little Q – Review

KBEAR Little Q | 6 mm MicroDriver | ? KBEAR Little Q, an ultra-affordable earphone from KBEAR. When we saw the Kbear Little Q we had an instant recall to the RHA S500 that we reviewed many years ago. And,[…]

KBEAR KS1 – Review

KBEAR KS1 | 10 mm Dynamic Driver | ? KBEAR KS1, an extremely affordable earphone from KBEAR. The KBEAR KS1 is part of the ultra budget-friendly line from the brand, allowing users to get a product with features such as[…]

KBEAR ST1 – Review

KBEAR ST1 | 8.7 mm Dynamic Driver | ? KBEAR ST1, a small and cheap-priced earphone. The KBEAR ST1 is a single dynamic driver earphone with an in-ear design, featuring an 8.7mm DD with polymer PET diaphragm. The housings have[…]


KBEAR KS2 – Review

KBEAR KS2 | 1x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? KBEAR KS2, a newer addition to the young brand’s catalog. The KBEAR KS2 features dual drivers with an hybrid configuration of 1 dynamic driver and 1 balanced armature driver[…]


KBEAR KB04 – Review

KBEAR KB04 | Balanced Armature | Dynamic Driver | ? KBEAR KB04, a new model from the brand with dual drivers. This earphone features a single dynamic driver and a single balanced armature per side, making it an hybrid IEM.[…]


KBEAR Hi7 – Review

KBEAR Hi7 | 6x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? KBEAR Hi7, a 7-driver hybrid earphone with very cheap price. The KBEAR Hi7 joins the brand’s offerings as another top-tier in their catalog, next to the KBEAR Diamond;[…]

KBEAR Diamond

KBEAR Diamond – Review

KBEAR Diamond | 8.5 mm DLC Dynamic Driver | ? KBEAR Diamond, one of KBEAR’s flagship models. First of all, it is important to let our readers know that the brand tends to use 2 names: KBEAR and KB EAR (note[…]

KBEAR 16 Core Upgraded Silver Plated Copper Cable

KBEAR 16 core upgraded Silver Plated Copper Cable – Review

KBEAR 16 core upgraded Silver Plated Copper Cable | Copper | Silver-Plated | Balanced | ? KBEAR 16 core upgraded Silver Plated Copper Cable. The KBEAR 16 core cable is a super affordable detachable cable that can be bought for just[…]


KB EAR KB06 – Review

KB EAR KB06 | 2x Balanced Armature | 10 mm Dynamic Driver | ? KB EAR KB06, a tiny multi-driver earphone from the brand. The KB EAR KB06 features 3 hybrid drivers per earpiece, that include a dual magnetic 10mm[…]


KBEAR KB10 – Review

KBEAR KB10 | 5x Balanced Armature | ? KBEAR KB10, the newest penta driver models from the brand. The KBEAR KB10 holds 5 balanced armature drivers per earpiece and no dynamic drivers, making it an all-balanced armature driver earphone. According[…]


KBEAR F1 – Review

KBEAR F1 | Single Balanced Armature | ? KBEAR F1, the second release from the brand. The KBEAR F1 joins the KBEAR OPAL in the short catalog of the young company. The first release felt like leaving the factory a[…]



KBEAR OPAL | Dynamic Driver | ? KBEAR OPAL, the first model release from the brand. The KBEAR OPAL features a single dynamic driver configuration and plastic housings. As we just mentioned, their earpieces are made of plastic but the[…]