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QKZ Earphones Reviews


QKZ DM1 – Review

 QKZ DM1 | 10 mm Driver | ? The QKZ DM1 have been reviewed by our team. With over 25.000 units sold and being one of the most sold earphones at Aliexpress the QKZ DM1 review had to be included[…]


QKZ KD5 – Review

 QKZ KD5 | Balanced Armature | 9 mm Dynamic Driver | ? QKZ KD5 an hybrid dual-driver earphone with a friendly price. The QKZ KD5 features one 30095 balanced armature + a 9 mm dynamic driver, a beryllium composite film and double[…]


QKZ KD7 – Review

 QKZ KD7 | Double 6 mm Driver | ? QKZ KD7, a double dynamic driver earphone with a ridiculously affordable price. The housings of the QKZ KD7 have an unusual look with 100% transparent plastics that let you easily see all the[…]


QKZ W1 Pro – Review

QKZ W1 Pro | 10 mm Driver | ? We got the QKZ W1 Pro (or Fonge W1 Pro) a couple of days ago and decided to review this attractive looking earphones with detachable cables. QKZ or Quality Knowledge Zenith earphones can[…]


QKZ X3 – Review

QKZ X3 | 10 mm Dynamic Driver | ? The QKZ X3 review is up and ready. QKZ is a brand that sells ultra budget-friendly earphones with, usually, solid construction and exceptional bang for buck relation. The QKZ X3 features[…]

Fosi Audio LC30

Fosi Audio LC30 – Review

Fosi Audio LC30  | VU meter | Fosi Audio LC30, a new VU meter from the brand. The Fosi Audio LC30 is a new offering from Fosi Audio but this time is not an amp, DAC nor power amp, this is[…]

Fosi Audio ZA3

Fosi Audio ZA3 – Review

Fosi Audio ZA3  | Power Amplifier | 2.1 | Fosi Audio ZA3, the brand new stereo amplifier from the brand. The Fosi Audio ZA3 got initially released as a crowdfunding project that then joined the general consumer market and catalog[…]

Tronsmart T7 Lite

Tronsmart T7 Lite – Review

Tronsmart T7 Lite | 2x Dynamic Driver | 3x Bass Woofers | 24W | Tronsmart T7 Lite, the newest speaker from the T7 series from Tronsmart. The Tronsmart T7 Lite joins the catalog of Tronsmart as the mid-tier of the[…]

Tronsmart Bang Max

Tronsmart Bang Max – Review

Tronsmart Bang Max | 2x Bass Woofer | 4x Dynamic Driver | 2x Tweeter | 130 W | Stereo/Mono | IPX6 | Tronsmart Bang Max, , the biggest and flagship speaker from Tronsmart with 8 drivers and a 3-way speaker[…]

Tronsmart Bang SE

Tronsmart Bang SE – Review

Tronsmart Bang SE | 2x Woofer | 2x Dynamic Driver | 40 W | TWS | IPX6 | Tronsmart Bang SE, a mid-size speaker from the Bang series. The Tronsmart Bang SE is part of the new generation of Bang[…]