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A Quad Driver Earphone is an earphone that is conformed by 4 drivers in each earphone earpiece. The 4 drivers inside each earpiece can have diverse combinations, for example: 2 dynamic drivers and 2 balanced armatures but there are also other combinations like 3 balanced armatures + 1 dynamic driver, like what it can be found inside the 1More Quad Driver.

Each of the 4 drivers will be responsible of reproducing specific audio frequencies, this way the earphone has 4 specifically tuned drivers to optimize their performance and response to the audio frequency assigned. In general, balanced armatures are better designed to reproduce accurately middle to high frequencies and dynamic drivers have a better building base to achieve fuller lower frequencies.

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Quad Drivers Earphones Reviews

1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones – Review

1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones | 3x Balanced Armatures | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones, the flagship in-ear from 1MORE. The 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones is an hybrid model that features 3 balanced armatures and[…]


BQEYZ K2 – Review

BQEYZ K2 | 2x Balanced Armatures | 10 mm Driver | 6 mm Driver | How to use ThePhonograph Exclusive Coupons at Aliexpress:  ? BQEYZ K2, a quad driver hybrid earphone with a friendly price. The BQEYZ K2 features quad drivers[…]


BQEYZ KC2 – Review

BQEYZ KC2 | 2x Balanced Armatures | 10 mm Driver | 6 mm Driver | ? BQEYZ KC2, a quad driver hybrid earphone with a super affordable price. The BQEYZ KC2 features 2x balanced armatures + 2x dynamic drivers (10mm +[…]

FiiO FA7

FiiO FA7 – Review

FiiO FA7 | 4x Knowles Balanced Armatures | 4-way crossover | ? FiiO FA7, the latest premium, quad-driver earphone from the brand. The FiiO FA7 features 4 Knowles balanced armatures and a 4-way crossover system, to be more specific the drivers[…]

HIDIZS MD4 – Review

HIDIZS MD4 | Quad Driver | 4x Tuning Switches | HIDIZS MD4, the fresh new in-ear monitors from HIDIZS. The HIDIZS MD4 is a quad driver earphone featuring an all-balanced armature driver configuration and 3D printed acoustic tubes. Probably the[…]


KZ SA08 – Review

KZ SA08 | 4x Balanced Armature | TWS | ? The KZ SA08 is the newest true wireless earphone from KZ following the young but quickly increasing catalog of TWS in-ear headphones from KZ. The KZ SA08 is a quad-driver[…]


KZ ZS5 – Review

KZ ZS5 | Double Balanced Armature | 10mm Driver | 6.4mm Driver | KZ ZS5 Grey Right now there are some limited timed deals available for the KZ ZS6 and the KZ ZS5, you can get the deals by clicking[…]


KZ ZS6 – Review

KZ ZS6 | Double Balanced Armature | 10mm Driver | 6mm Driver | KZ ZS6 Green (same color of the one that we own and are reviewing) KZ ZS6 Gray Right now there are some limited timed deals available for[…]

RevoNext NEX602

RevoNext NEX602 – Review

RevoNext NEX602 | 3x Balanced Armature | 10mm Dynamic Driver | ? RevoNext NEX602, the newest quad driver earphone from RevoNext. The RevoNext NEX602 features an hybrid driver configuration with 3 balanced armature drivers and a single 10mm dynamic driver per[…]

RevoNext QT3

RevoNext QT3 / RevoNext RN-QT3 – Review

RevoNext QT3 / RevoNext RN-QT3 | 2x Balanced Armature | 2x Dynamic Drivers | How to use ThePhonograph Exclusive Coupons at Aliexpress:  ? RevoNext QT3 / RevoNext RN-QT3, the newest model from RevoNext with a quad-driver hybrid configuration. The RevoNext QT3[…]


SENFER DT8 – Review

SENFER DT8 | 2x Balanced Armatures | 2x Dynamic Drivers | ? SENFER DT8, the latest quad-driver from the brand, launched after the high-performing SENFER EN900 (also a quad-driver headphone). The SENFER DT8 model name refers to it’s 8 drivers (4[…]


SENFER EN900 – Review

 SENFER EN900 | 2 Balanced Armatures | 2 Dynamic Drivers | ? SENFER EN900, the latest and flagship model from the brand with a quad-driver configuration. When the Senfer EN900 was announced it was not clear if they were a[…]


TRN V80 – Review

TRN V80 | 2x Balanced Armatures | 10mm Driver | 6mm Driver | How to use the coupon: ? TRN V80, a quad-driver hybrid headphone with a super affordable price. The TRN V80 features 4 drivers per earpiece with a configuration[…]