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Shanling SONO

Shanling SONO

| Triple Driver |

Shanling SONO, the newest triple driver from Shanling.

The Shanling SONO is introduced as a budget friendly but rich-featured multi-driver IEM from the brand.

Inside, each earpiece holds an hybrid triple driver configuration with one balanced armature driver for high frequencies response and a dual dynamic driver that includes one 9.2mm bio-diaphragm DD and one 6.8mm liquid crystal diaphragm driver.

Moreover, the Shanling SONO have a interchangeable nozzle design for different sound profiles/tuning where the red ones are bass nozzles and the black ones for a more balanced profile.

On top of that, the SONO have detachable cables with the very popular 0.78mm bi-pin connection.

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Shanling SONO Review

Tests & Scores

Shanling SONO Scores

Scores Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The Shanling SONO comes inside a fairly basic packaging that includes inside:

• 1x bass nozzles
• 1x balanced nozzles
• Silver-plated copper cable
• Carrying case
• 4 pair of eartips
• 1 pair of bi-flange eartips


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Bass & Sub Bass

All the test were performed with the balanced nozzles.

Bass on the Shanling SONO offers a fun punchy mid-bass personality. Despite this, the brand did not over-boosted it as it never gets out of control nor bouncy, and, even better, their upper-bass showed a sufficiently tight response as to not overstep the rest of the sound.

Deeper ranges and sub-bass are covered by the good extension of the SONO that does not fall short when a profound bass note shows up. Also, as with it’s mid-bass, sub-bass is not overcooked and does not drown the sound signature of the IEM.


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Mids & Vocals

The midrange of the Shanling SONO has a well-balanced tuning that gives it a warm and cozy feel without sounding busy.

In fact, the lower midrange and male vocals offer a full sound yet without suffering from an overly invasive mid-bass bleed. Consequently, these lower mid ranges provide a present and never distant sound.

The upper midrange and female vocals have a crisp and alive tuning that, still, is not overly sharp as to become harsh and shouty.



Highs & Treble

Similar to their midrange, the highs and treble on the Shanling SONO have a pleasant and relaxed sound.

You should expect a tuning flavour with sufficient brightness as to move away from dark territory but the SONO will not be a particularly bright/detailed-tuned IEM as to classify as an analytical earphone.

Overall, highs and the general sound signature of the Shanling SONO is well described as bassy-smooth, “friendly” and mostly none fatiguing (besides some sibilance on sibilant-prone tracks)


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Frequency Response (raw)

Shanling SONO Frequency Response Curve

Click the “Show Curve” button to see the Shanling SONO Frequency Response Curve

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Sound Leak

The solid and hefty earpieces seem to do a great job containing the leakage of the earphone, showing a significantly lower leakage intensity than most average headphones.



Sound Isolation

This Shanling earphones are, also, highly efficient in the isolation department; with a performance that has no issue reaching absolute isolation by cranking up the volume of your music to mid-levels.


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The rounded form factor of the earpieces without any sharp edges and the small but solid zinc alloy build results in a smooth and comfortable fit that never induces in-ear pain.

It is fair to note that as every metal IEM, the earpieces will feel substantially heavier than plastic models and also cold during winter seasons of very cold countries.



Response to Equalization

The Shanling SONO presented an efficient response to custom equalization with net improvement in mids clarity and highs brightness yet not introducing substantial sound degradation nor boxy mids or overly fatiguing peaks.

On top of that, the SONO has a physical re-tuning system design thanks to the interchangeable nozzles, that according to the brand, it allows a bass-enhancing retuning by fitting the bass-nozzles (red ring)


Shanling SONO Technical Specifications


Driver UnitTriple hybrid
Sensitivity 103 dB
Drivers1x BA + 2x DD
Impedance 16 ohm
Frequency Response16-40,000Hz
DiaphragmBio + Liquid Crystal
CordY-type, 2-pin
Cord Length1.3m
PlugStereo mini plug
WeightApprox. 86g
Cable4-core silver plated copper

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Shanling SONO