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| 50 mm Dynamic Driver | Open-Back | Wooden |

SIVGA Luan, the newest open-back headphone from SIVGA.

The SIVGA Luan has been carefully crafted with premium materials such as hand-made wood housings, CNC machined metals sections and leather details and velvet earmuffs that are phenomenally soft and nice feeling when getting in contact with the skin.

Inside each earcup there is a large 50mm dynamic driver with nickel coated and carbon fiber composite diaphragms accompanied by a potent NdFeB magnet (neodymium) – also, the headphone offers a detachable cable design with independent stereo connectors per earcup.

The SIVGA Luan is available in 2 color options a dark wooden variant or the brown one as seen reviewed by us.

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SIVGA Luan Review

Tests & Scores

SIVGA Luan Scores

Scores Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The headphone comes in a large, dark packaging, inside you will get a gorgeous leather case, a hemp pouch bag, a detachable stereo 3.5mm cable and a 6.35mm adapter.





SIVGA Luan weight in Ounces and SIVGA Luan weight in grams.


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Bass & Sub Bass

The general effect of open designs tends to result in consequent loss of bass but, despite being an open-back headphone, the SIVGA Luan, has a noticeably energetic bass.

Mid bass shows a clearly punchy profile with a rich effect on any track but still not turning into a loose, bouncy nor out of control bass tuning – neither, the Luan ever becomes a bass-only sounding headphone.

Sub bass extension is the most common weakest resolving point of open headphones as they exhibit fast rolling-off on the deepest ranges of bass, yet once again the SIVGA Luan seems to been immune to these problems. Right out of the box, users will notice that the headphone is able to reproduce deep sub bass notes like a quality closed back headphone.

In spite of all this, the overall lower end of the Luan results in a well-balanced bass distribution that is neither too mid-bass nor sub-bass heavy, while providing a fun bass profile.


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Mids & Vocals

As with many wooden headphones, the SIVGA Luan has a warm sound signature.

The lower midrange provides a full bodied sound where male and deep pitched vocals are able to sound confident and decisive without showing shyness against mid bass nor suffering from a laid-back feel.

In addition to this, both male vocals and lower mids do not present any significant problems with mid bass bleed and congestion.

Extending up through the midrange, the Luan offers a clear sound with excellent crispness balance that does not introduce harshness at any given moment.

Moreover, the brand has pushed the upper mids to a sweet spot where you will benefit from alive female vocals and higher mids notes that can enlighten the overall signature but without disturbingly forward, sharp peaks.

The general tuning of the Luan offers an intimate, relaxed and cozy sound experience without falling into typical issues such as congestion and laid back vocals.




Highs & Treble

The Luan show a very coherent tuning over their highs with a friendly balance that adds a layer of brightness and air to the sound signature but conserving the relaxed and non-forward personality, which matches perfectly their bass and midrange.

If you are a micro detail addict or look for clinical highs, this SIVGA model might not fulfill your thirst but for the rest, the SIVGA Luan will provide a delightful experience with a very smart and balanced sound.

The Luan does a perfect job for relaxed and long lasting listening sessions without fatigue, also, thanks to the nearly zero piercing spikes and acceptably gentle sibilance presence.


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Frequency Response (raw)

SIVGA Luan Frequency Response Curve

Coming soon

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Despite being a full sized over ear headphone and sporting quality construction details such as wood and metal, the SIVGA Luan are noticeably light weighted.

This weight advantage combined with generously large velvet earmuffs result in phenomenal levels of comfort while the combined metal and leather headband design enables fatigue-less use for hours.

This headband style can also been seen on the SIVGA Phoenix, SIVGA SV023 and to some extent on the SIVGA P-II; a design that provides a secure but gentle headband clamping force while not straining the top head areas.

On top of that the earcups offer both tilting and pivoting movements to better adapt to any user´s head shape and preference.


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SIVGA Luan Technical Specifications


Headphone style
Over-ear & open-back

Transducer type
Dynamic driver

Transducer size
φ 50mm

Frequency response
20Hz – 40KHz

100 dB +/- 3dB

38 Ohm +/-15%

Cable length
1.6 M +/-0.2 M

Connection type

φ 3.5 mm

354 g

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