Songful S1- Review

Songful S1

Songful S1

| 9 mm Driver |

? We are adding to our review database the Songful S1 earphones, a sport/custom like designed iem. We have reviewed other Songful earphones in the past, like the Songful T3 and the Songful F2 (which is part of our Best Bang for Buck Chart), the ultra cheap price and nice past experience with the Songful F2 convinced decide to test the Songful S1. The Songful S1 are made of translucent plastics, that easily allow you to see the inner components and the 9mm dynamic driver, the housings have a super thin profile; overall they resemble somewhat to the QKZ W1 PRO or a bit to the Sound Intone E6. The Songful S1 is designed to be used with the cables around and above the ears, the cables have a memory cable end section that allows them to be shaped to better fit your ears. The rest of the cable are nicely built with a black-silver pattern and a solid rubberized finish, the plug is angled in 45 degrees and an inline microphone and 1-button control is equipped in the cable. The 1-button control allows you to answer/reject calls, play/pause tracks and skip tracks. You can buy the Songful S1 in black, white or blue, but only the blue color has translucent housings.

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Songful S1- Review

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Accessories & Packaging

Out of the box you get 2 pairs of extra eartips and a cable clip. Everything comes inside a simple cardboard packaging.



Bass & Sub Bass

The Songful S1 have some mid-bass but not much sub-bass, they lack depth but still their bass response could be enough for many genres (mostly for less bass demanding ones) With an EQ, bass sounds much fuller with more punch and some depth. During our extreme bass tests the Songful S1 managed a huge amount of amplifying power, reaching 50% of the maximum power of a Fiio E12 amplifier set to high gain and with bass boost ON (custom basshead EQ used). This huge power handling allowed the Songful S1 to greatly improve their level of mid-bass punch and sub-bass depth but as expected they were unable to reach any type of basshead rumble or impact not even to the baseline level of the KZ ATE.


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Mids & Vocals

The Songful S1 show some recession of lower mid frequencies but not too laid back and fairly present without neither sounding tinny or thin. Higher mids can become harshy. Using an EQ, lower mids get less recessed and a hint of boxy sounding vocals is introduced; higher mids become unbearably harsh so it is better to not EQ up higher mids or even it would be a smart idea to dial them down a notch.



Highs & Treble

Highs of the Songful S1 are very bright, not much detailed or defined, can become piercing with very high notes and show a slight level of sibilance but not terribly strong. An EQ makes them way brighter, not much more detailed and at the same time much more sibilant and too piercing.



Songful S1
Songful S1


Sound Leak

The sound that leaks out of these earphones noticeably higher than most average earphones, their use on places requiring quietness would not be advisable with them.



Sound Isolation

The Songful S1 do a fair job blocking outside noises, with moderate volume levels a very usable noise reduction will be present but to achieve stronger isolation higher volume levels will be required.




The Songful S1, with their ultra thin housing profile, achieves a very deep fit that sits flush with the ears allowing them to be used while resting the head on a pillow or on your hand; combined with the sport style fit, with the cable around and above the ears, they offer a super secure fit that can hold their place even on extremely intense activities.



Response to Equalization

The Songful provide some response to custom equalization, they can be brighten up significantly by eqing higher frequencies but an excess of piercing and sibilant highs are introduced, mids clear up somewhat and but higher mids sound unbearably harsh, bass becomes fuller and much better with added punch and depth.


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Scores Scores

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Frequency Response (raw)

Songful S1 Frequency Response

Songful S1 - Frequency Response
Songful S1 – Frequency Response

Songful S1


Driver Unit9mm
Power CapacityUnknown
Impedance32 ohms
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
CordY-type, round cord
Cord Length1.2m
PlugStereo mini plug
Supplied Accessories2x Earphone tips


We highly discourage anyone from trying to apply our testings to your own earphones, the risk of damaging or permanently breaking your iems is absolutely probable to happen. With our standardized equalization and amplification tests we push the limits of the earphones to the extreme. If anyway you decide to do so, we cannot be held responsible of the damage done to your equipment. Do it at your own risk.

Songful S1