SoundPEATS Engine 4 – Review

SoundPeats ENGINE 4

SoundPEATS Engine 4

| Dual Dynamic Driver |

SoundPEATS Engine 4, the newest TWS from SoundPEATS.

The SoundPEATS Engine 4 is equipped with a coaxial dual driver, including a 6mm dynamic driver tweeter for high frequencies and a 10mm woofer for lower frequencies.

Despite the modest price, this TWS offers a premium-styled design and aesthetics with an original pattern over the earpieces and a metallic-looking finish on both the case and earphones.

Moreover, this SoundPEATS true wireless earphones include a some quality features such as:

• Touch sensitive back panels
• App customization and equalization
• Modern Bluetooth 5.3 with LDAC codec
• Low latency

On top of that, the Engine 4 lists a superb battery life of 12.5 hours on a single charge – up to 43 hours with the case OTG charges.

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SoundPEATS Engine 4 Review

Tests & Scores

SoundPEATS Engine 4 Scores

Scores Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The unit comes well packed in a solid, square box but the bundled accessories will not be as much as on some premium TWS.

Specifically, you will get 3 pairs of eartips and USB-C charging cable.



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Bass & Sub Bass

Bass on the SoundPEATS Engine 4 shows a massive punchy response.

Mid bass is able to offer as much bass as requested by absolutely any track and genre responding with a fun and powerful profile.

Similarly, it´s sub bass can easily extend and cover the lowest end of bass ranges with a deep reaching sound.

In spite of having this intense response, the overall bass tuning of the Engine 4 is highly proficient at keeping it acceptably tight (for the bassy personality) and under control as to not overshadow the whole sound signature.


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Mids & Vocals

The SoundPEATS Engine 4 clearly exhibit a warm sound signature with a cozy overall flavor.

Lower mids will benefit from a cozy and inviting sound, while male vocals will always sound full bodied and never thin.

Despite this, neither suffered from an excess of bass bleed or annoyingly drowning congestion.

The upper end of the midrange is able to provide sufficient crispness as to balance the overall midrange yet not showing traces of harshness.

Moreover, female vocals presented an alive but mellow response without turning into shouty vocals.

Users should expect a relaxed and well-balanced, warm midrange.



Highs & Treble

Highs on the Engine 4 have a coherent tuning with the rest of the sound signature. The upper frequencies show a decent amount of brightness as to separate from dark territory but tends to a more conservative tuning than a emphasized one.

As a result of this, highs will sound smoothly without any piercing or sibilant peaks – of course, users should not expect analytical highs nor sharply defined microdetail.


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Frequency Response (raw)

SoundPEATS Engine 4 Frequency Response Curve

Click the “Show Curve” button to see the SoundPEATS Engine 4 Frequency Response Curve


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Sound Isolation

It is worth mentioning that this TWS is not an ANC earphone, thus it´s isolation will be passive like every standard headphone.

Despite not being equipped with active cancelling tech, the SoundPEATS Engine 4 showed an excellent performance isolating from the noisy environment and had no issues granting a full isolation by cranking up the volume a bit.


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The small, rounded earpieces offer a phenomenal level of comfort where no pointy nor rough edges will disturb users.

Moreover, the combination of angled nozzles and rubberized inner sections grant a gentle but secure fit.



Response to Equalization

Either through custom equalization or by utilizing the in-app equalization options, the SoundPEATS Engine 4 showed a very responsive and net sound re-tuning potential with excellent margin levels before starting to introduce sound degradation.


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SoundPEATS Engine 4 Technical Specifications



  1. Resistance: 32Ω
  2. Frequency Response Range: 20-40000Hz
  3. Codecs: SBC,LDAC
  4. Active Noise-Cancellation: No
  5. Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V5.3
  6. Bluetooth Prole: A2DP 1.3AVRCP 1.6HFP 1.7SPP 1.2GATT
  7. Bluetooth Chipset: WQ7033MX
  8. Maximun Working Range: 33feet/10m(no abstacle)
  9. Play Time: About 12 hours (volume LOWER THAN 60%)
  10. Earbuds Charging Time: About 2 hour
  11. Charging Case Charging Time: About 2 hours
  12. Charging Case Recharge Earbuds: About 2 times
  13. Earbud Power Capacity: 3.7V/100mAh (50mAh*2)
  14. Charging Case Power Capacity: 3.7V/350mah
  15. Earbud Dimension(L*W*H): 19.9×18.5×28.5mm
  16. Charging Case Dimension(L*W*H): 61.40×28.10×45.15mm

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SoundPEATS Engine 4