KZ ZAS – Review

KZ ZAS | 8 Driver | ? KZ ZAS, one of the newest 8 driver earphones from KZ. Inside, each earpiece holds 7 balanced armature drivers and a single dynamic driver, making it an hybrid 8-driver earphone. The specific specs[…]

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CCA CA16 PRO – Review

CCA CA16 PRO | 7x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? CCA CA16 PRO, a new multi-driver earphone from CCA. This model is the newest generation of the CA16, at the moment the CA16 was one of the[…]

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KZ ZAX – Review

KZ ZAX | 7x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? KZ ZAX, the newest top-tier model from the “Z” line. The KZ ZAX is a 8 driver earphone with an hybrid configuration of 7 balanced armature drivers and a[…]

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CCA CA16 – Review

CCA CA16 | 7x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? The CCA CA16 is a new model that has been released in the recent time. If you are a CCA earphone’s fan, you could get confused with the[…]

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KZ AS16 – Review

KZ AS16 | 8x Balanced Armature | ? KZ AS16, the first octa-driver in-ear headphone from KZ. The KZ AS16 features an all-balanced armature drivers configuration with 8 drivers per side, an electronic frequency divider and a 3-channel sound guide[…]

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CCA C16 – Review

CCA C16 | 8x Balanced Armature Drivers | ? CCA C16, the most affordable 8-driver headphone to date. The CCA C16 features a total of 16 balanced armature drivers, 8 inside each earpiece and a 3D printed support for all the[…]

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