SMSL AO200 MKII – Review

SMSL AO200 MKII  | 2.1 Speaker amplifier | Bluetooth | 160W x2 | SMSL AO200 MKII, the fresh new amp from SMSL. The SMSL AO200 MKII is a stereo power amplifier and the evolution of the AO200 series being the[…]

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Arylic B50

Arylic B50 – Review

Arylic B50 | Speaker Amplifier | USB DAC | 50W | Bluetooth Transmitter | Arylic B50, an affordable but rich-featured passive speaker amp, Bluetooth amp and USB DAC. Inside a simple looking amp/DAC like the B50, there are some surprising[…]

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Fosi Audio V3 – Review

Fosi Audio V3  | Passive Speaker Amplifier |  Fosi Audio V3, the fresh new 2 channel speaker amp from Fosi Audio. The Fosi Audio V3 joins the vast catalog of amps, specifically in the pocket amplifier series offering a Class[…]

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Fosi Audio BT30D PRO

Fosi Audio BT30D PRO – Review

Fosi Audio BT30D PRO  | Speaker amplifier | Bluetooth |  Fosi Audio BT30D PRO, the newest speaker amplifier from Fosi Audio. The Fosi Audio BT30D PRO is the successor of the BT30D, carrying now the “PRO” label under the belt. The[…]

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Hdizs XO

Hidizs XO – Review

Hidizs XO | Headphone Amp | USB DAC | Balanced |  Hidizs XO, the newest portable headphone amp/DAC from Hidizs. Hidizs had been on the development of the XO for some time, with some last minute changes regarding availability and product[…]

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SHANLING UP4 2022 – Review

SHANLING UP4 2022 | Bluetooth Headphone Amp | Balanced |  SHANLING UP4 2022, the newest generation of the UP4 series of portable Bluetooth headphone amplifiers. Seeing the high quality audio components featured in the tiny device, we expect a very good performance[…]

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