Arylic A30+

Arylic A30+ – Review

Arylic A30+ | Streamer | Speaker Amplifier | USB DAC | 35W | WiFi | Bluetooth | Arylic A30+, the smallest Amp streamer from Arylic. The Arylic A30+ is born as a more affordable A50+, allowing users to access for[…]

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Fosi Audio P3 – Review

Fosi Audio P3  | Headphone Amplifier | Bluetooth Amp | Vacuum amp/pre-amp | Fosi Audio P3, a brand new headphone Vacuum amp from Fosi Audio. The Fosi Audio P3 might look small and innocent but the little guy is actually[…]

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FiiO K11

FiiO K11 – Review

FiiO K11  | Headphone Amplifier | DAC | 1400mW | DSD256 | FiiO K11, the brand new DAC/headphone amplifier from FiiO. The FiiO K11 belongs to the K series of DAC/amps, a product line that has been on the market[…]

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SMSL DO300EX – Review

SMSL DO300EX  | DAC | Headphone Amp | Bluetooth | 2000mW | DSD512 | MQA | SMSL DO300EX, the newest DAC & headphone amp from SMSL with premium specs. The SMSL DO300EX is part of the DO models (which are[…]

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Arylic BP50

Arylic BP50 – Review

Arylic BP50 | Speaker Amplifier | USB DAC | 50W | Bluetooth Transmitter | Arylic BP50, the fresh new Bluetooth pre-amp from Arylic. The Arylic BP50 joins the brand’s catalog as an affordable audio component to complement your sound system[…]

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SMSL AO200 MKII – Review

SMSL AO200 MKII  | 2.1 Speaker amplifier | Bluetooth | 160W x2 | SMSL AO200 MKII, the fresh new amp from SMSL. The SMSL AO200 MKII is a stereo power amplifier and the evolution of the AO200 series being the[…]

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