BLON BL-01 – Review

BLON BL-01 | 10 mm Dynamic Driver | ? BLON BL-01, a new ultra-budget model from BLON. The BLON BL-01 features a very rugged construction quality with a fully metal build (zinc alloy) and bi-pin connectors. Inside each earpiece there is[…]

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BLON BL-05S – Review

BLON BL-05S | 10 mm Dynamic Driver | ? BLON BL-05S, the new generation of the BL-05 model. The BLON BL-05S was released some time after the “original” BL-05 was launched, with a radically new color design but the exact same[…]

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BLON BL-05 – Review

BLON BL-05 | 10 mm Dynamic Driver | ? BLON BL-05, the newest model from the BL series from BLON. The BLON BL-05 features a single dynamic driver configuration and detachable QDC-type bi-pin cables. The specific driver inside each earpiece[…]

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BLON BL-03 – Review

BLON BL-03 | 10 mm Carbon Dynamic Driver | ? BLON BL-03, a recently released single dynamic driver model from the company. The BLON BL-03 features a 10mm carbon dynamic driver per side and metal shells. In the past, BLON[…]

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