SoundPeats Air4

SoundPEATS Air4 – Review

SoundPEATS Air4 | 13mm Dynamic Driver | SoundPEATS Air4, the freshest 2023 TWS earbud from SOUNDPEATS. The SoundPEATS Air4, as the name suggests is the 4th generation of the Air series, which make use of an earbud design instead of[…]

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SMSL AO200 MKII – Review

SMSL AO200 MKII  | 2.1 Speaker amplifier | Bluetooth | 160W x2 | SMSL AO200 MKII, the fresh new amp from SMSL. The SMSL AO200 MKII is a stereo power amplifier and the evolution of the AO200 series being the[…]

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SoundPEATS RunFree

SoundPEATS RunFree – Review

SoundPEATS RunFree | Open Air – Open Ear | Dynamic Driver | SoundPEATS RunFree, the new open-ear headphones from the RunFree line. The SoundPEATS RunFree join the series right after the SoundPEATS RunFree Lite – similar name but different models.[…]

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SIVGA SO1 – Review

SIVGA SO1 | Open Air – Open Ear | Dynamic Driver | TWS | SIVGA SO1, the brand new and first open ear earphone from SIVGA. Most probably you might noticed that SIVGA has always manufactured wooden full-sized headphones but[…]

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Arylic B50

Arylic B50 – Review

Arylic B50 | Speaker Amplifier | USB DAC | 50W | Bluetooth Transmitter | Arylic B50, an affordable but rich-featured passive speaker amp, Bluetooth amp and USB DAC. Inside a simple looking amp/DAC like the B50, there are some surprising[…]

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TOZO OpenReal

TOZO OpenReal – Review

TOZO OpenReal | Air Conduction | 16.2 mm Dynamic Driver | TOZO OpenReal, the first air-conduction headphone by TOZO. Air-conduction headphones have been well-received by people who want to listen to music while practicing sports or whoever seeks some awareness[…]

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