CCA CA16 PRO – Review

CCA CA16 PRO | 7x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? CCA CA16 PRO, a new multi-driver earphone from CCA. This model is the newest generation of the CA16, at the moment the CA16 was one of the[…]

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CCA CRA – Review

CCA CRA | Dynamic Driver | ? CCA CRA, a new budget-friendly earphone from CCA. The CCA CRA is introduced as a budget model from the brand, yet as seen on most recent KZ and CCA models, cheaper does not[…]

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CCA CA24 – Review

CCA CA24 | 12 Balanced Armature | ? CCA CA24, the newest flagship earphone from CCA. The CCA CA24 is a 12-driver earphone with an all-balanced armature driver design – users should not be confused by the marketing “24 driver”[…]

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CCA NRA – Review

CCA NRA | Electrostatic | Dynamic Driver | ? CCA NRA, the first electrostatic earphone from CCA. The CCA NRA is marketed as a quad driver earphone but it is actually a dual driver hybrid earphone with 1x dynamic driver[…]

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CCA CA16 – Review

CCA CA16 | 7x Balanced Armature | 1x Dynamic Driver | ? The CCA CA16 is a new model that has been released in the recent time. If you are a CCA earphone’s fan, you could get confused with the[…]

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CCA A10 – Review

CCA A10 | 5x Balanced Armature | ? CCA A10, the newest penta-driver earphone from the brand. The CCA A10 features a 5 drivers per earpiece in an all-balanced armature configuration (meaning that there are no dynamic drivers inside). The[…]

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