EPOMAKER Dawn Pink – Review

EPOMAKER Dawn Pink | Mechanical | Linear | EPOMAKER Dawn Pink , a really pink mechanical switch from Epomaker with surprising performance. The Epomaker Dawn Pink are linear mechanical switches available only as linear type with no tactile nor clicky[…]

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EPOMAKER Aura 75 – Review

EPOMAKER Aura 75 | DIY Kit | Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 75% | EPOMAKER Aura 75, a DIY keyboard Kit with a very popular 75% layout. The EPOMAKER AURA 75 is part of the vast DIY Kits[…]

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EPOMAKER EK75 – Review

EPOMAKER EK75 | DIY Kit | Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 75% | EPOMAKER EK75, a barebones DIY mechanical keyboard Kit with premium quality. The EPOMAKER EK75 is aimed to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts with some level of expertise[…]

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Epomaker Blushing Mint

EPOMAKER Blushing Mint – Review

EPOMAKER Blushing Mint | MX Keycaps | ABS | EPOMAKER Blushing Mint, a full keycap set with a pink heart. FIND ALL: Headphones Scores Compared EPOMAKER Blushing Mint Review Tests & Scores EPOMAKER Blushing Mint Scores MORE: Best Headphones Charts ACCESSORIES[…]

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EPOMAKER TH80-X – Review

EPOMAKER TH80-X | Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 75% | EPOMAKER TH80-X, a mechanical keyboard variant from the TH80 series but with a display. The EPOMAKER TH80-X are the latest addition to the TH80 family and the only[…]

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EPOMAKER RT100 – Review

EPOMAKER RT100 | Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 95% | EPOMAKER RT100, a retro-styled mechanical keyboard but with premium components. EPOMAKER has emerged and established as a leading keyboard manufacturer and reseller of unique and innovative keyboards. Like[…]

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