Keydous NJ98-CP – Review

Keydous NJ98-CP | Magnetic Hall-Effect Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 96% | Keydous NJ98-CP, the first keyboard from Keydous with magnetic switches. With the Keydous Nj98-CP, the brand enters the world of hall-effect switches to add a further layer[…]

Keydous NJ80 – Review

Keydous NJ80 | Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 75% | Keydous NJ80, a premium keyboard but with consumer-grade price. Keydous might have a smaller catalog than other mainstream keyboard manufacturers but from our previous experience reviewing the Keydous[…]

Keydous NJ98 – Review

Keydous NJ98 | Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 98% | South-Facing | Keydous NJ98, a premium built mechanical keyboard with a very honest price. Keydous might not have the popularity of consumer brands such as Razer or Logitech[…]