Kingroon KLP1 – Review

  Kingroon KLP1 | 3D FDM Printer | 500mm/s | CoreXY | Kingroon KLP1, the newest and first CoreXY 3D printer from Kingroon. Kingroon has several 3D printers in their catalog but this is the first time that they develop[…]

Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 – Review

Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 | 3D FDM Printer | 500mm/s | Kingroon KP3S PRO V2, the newest 3D FDM printer from Kingroon. The Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 is a 3D printer offering from the brand with a Klipper firmware, high-performing[…]