LaserPecker LX1 Max – Review

LaserPecker LX1 Max | Laser Engraver | Laser Cutter | 1064nm Infrared | 20W 450nm Blue Diode | We are reviewing the LaserPecker LX1 Max, the largest laser machine from LaserPecker. The LaserPecker LX1 Max is a different approach to[…]

LaserPecker LP4 – Review

LaserPecker LP4 | Laser Engraver | Laser Cutter | 1064nm Pulsed Fiber Infrared | 10W 450nm Blue Diode | 120000mm/m | We are reviewing the LaserPecker LP4, the flagship laser engraver from LaserPecker. The LaserPecker LP4 was launched as a crowdfunding[…]