KBEAR OPAL | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the KBEAR OPAL, the first model release from the brand. The KBEAR OPAL features a single dynamic driver configuration and plastic housings. As we just mentioned, their earpieces are made[…]

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DZAT DR-25 – Review

DZAT DR-25 | Balanced Armature | 8mm Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the DZAT DR-25, the newest ultra-affordable, hybrid earphone from the brand. The DZAT DR-25 features a dual driver configuration with one balanced armature and a 8mm[…]

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Yinyoo A8

Yinyoo A8 – Review

Yinyoo A8 | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the Yinyoo A8, a highly affordable earphone from Yinyoo. The Yinyoo A8 features a single dynamic driver configuration and non-detachable cables. The cables have a helix design and a rubberized finish,[…]

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Sony MDR-ZX110

Sony MDR-ZX110 / Sony MDR-ZX110AP – Review

Sony MDR-ZX110 / Sony MDR-ZX110AP | On-Ear | 30 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet |   🎧 We are reviewing the Sony MDR-ZX110, the entry-level, most affordable headphone from Sony. The Sony MDR-ZX110 are on-ear headphones that belong to the ZX series and, somehow,[…]

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TRN V60 – Review

TRN V60 | Balanced Armature | 10 mm Driver | 3.8 mm Driver | VERY IMPORTANT – How to use ThePhonograph Exclusive Coupons at Aliexpress:  Press the “BUY NOW” button Select the correct model Press “Continue” At Payment Methods press “Change”[…]

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QKZ KD7 – Review

 QKZ KD7 | Double 6 mm Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the QKZ KD7, a double dynamic driver earphone with a ridiculously affordable price. The housings of the QKZ KD7 have an unusual look with 100% transparent plastics that let you[…]

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QKZ KD5 – Review

 QKZ KD5 | Balanced Armature | 9 mm Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the QKZ KD5 an hybrid dual-driver earphone with a friendly price. The QKZ KD5 features one 30095 balanced armature + a 9 mm dynamic driver, a beryllium[…]

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Xiaomi Mi Capsule / Xiaomi Mi Piston Air

Xiaomi Mi Piston Air – Review

Xiaomi Mi Piston Air | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the Xiaomi Mi Piston Air, sometimes also called Xiaomi Mi Capsule, a very uniquely designed in-ear headphone. We are almost sure that you know Xiaomi and probably you[…]

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Monster Beats urBeats

Monster Beats urBeats – Review

Monster Beats urBeats  | Dynamic Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the Monster Beats urBeats. You might think that we have already reviewed this earphone in the past but we have not, the Monster Beats urBeats and the Beats urBeats[…]

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MPOW MWE3 – Review

MPOW MWE3 | Double Dynamic Driver | Neodymium Magnet | 🎧 The MPOW MWE3 features a double dynamic driver configuration with neodymium magnets. MPOW has not disclosed the exact full specs but they seem to have a 6mm dynamic driver and[…]

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AudioSense AS20

AudioSense AS20 – Review

 AudioSense AS20 | Balanced Armature | 10 mm Driver | 🎧We are reviewing the AudioSense AS20, an hybrid earphone with 1 balanced armature and a big 10 mm dynamic driver. The AudioSense AS20 are well constructed with robust metal materials and[…]

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ZX-HD221 – Review

ZX-HD221 | 10 mm/15 mm Driver | ? This looks like the Samsung Note 4 stock iem that we have already reviewed but they are not, the brand is not even Samsung, they are the ZX-HD221. They look like a knockoff and[…]

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