1MORE SonoFlow SE – Review

1MORE SonoFlow SE | 40 mm Dynamic Driver | Active Noise Cancelling | 1MORE QuietMax | 1MORE SonoFlow SE, the brand new over-ear Bluetooth headphone from 1MORE, with a friendly price. As you might have seen from our reviews from[…]

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SoundPeats Clear

SoundPEATS Clear – Review

SoundPEATS Clear | Dynamic Driver | TWS | SoundPEATS Clear, , an originally looking TWS from SoundPeats. As you might see from the very first photo, the SoundPeats Clear have a special looking case and earpieces design, both of them[…]

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OLLO Audio S5X

OLLO Audio S5X – Review

OLLO Audio S5X | 50 mm Dynamic Driver | Open-Back | Wooden | OLLO Audio S5X, the newest flagship headphone from OLLO Audio, for audio professionals. The OLLO S5X is an open-back, over-ear headphone and a specific model intended for[…]

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TOZO T20 – Review

TOZO T20 | Dynamic Driver | TWS | TOZO T20, a highly affordable TWS from TOZO. The TOZO T20 might have a very friendly price but you will still be getting an IPX8 waterproof TWS that supports wireless charging and[…]

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SoundPeats Air4 Pro

SoundPEATS Air4 PRO – Review

SoundPEATS Air4 PRO | Dynamic Driver | TWS | SoundPEATS Air4 PRO, the brand new TWS from the Pro series. If you have looked at SoundPeats catalog you might be confused when seeing that this Air4 Pro has an in-ear[…]

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1MORE FIT S50 – Review

1MORE FIT S50 | Open Air – Open Ear | Dynamic Driver | TWS | 1MORE FIT S50, one of the first open-air earbuds by 1MORE. The 1MORE FIT S50 join the catalog of 1MORE as a new category of[…]

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