UiiSii BA-T8s

UiiSii BA-T8S – Review

 UiiSii BA-T8S | Balanced Armature | 2x 6mm Drivers | ? UiiSii BA-T8S, a triple driver earphone with an hybrid configuration of 2 dynamic drivers and 1 balanced armature. The UiiSii BA-T8S are part of the flagship models in their catalog and[…]

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UiiSii C100

UiiSii C100 – Review

UiiSii C100 | 10 mm Driver | UiiSii C100 white UiiSii C100 red UiiSii C100 green UiiSii C100 pink FIND ALL: Earphones Scores Compared MORE: UiiSii Earphones Reviews Tests & Scores Weight UiiSii C100 weight in ounces and UiiSii C100 weight[…]

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