TOZO Golden X1 – Review

TOZO Golden X1

| Knowles Balanced Armature | 12 mm Dynamic Driver | Active Noise Cancelling |

TOZO Golden X1, a true wireless earbud with premium features and specs such as Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification and app customization.

The TOZO Golden X1 are the latest and flagship model released by the brand after more than 20 recent other alternatives and over 120 products ranging from headphones, speakers, smartwatches, chargers and powerbanks.

The TOZO Golden X1 is equipped with hybrid dual driver configuration that includes a very large 12mm carbon nanotube dynamic driver and a Knowles balanced armature driver (leading brand of balanced armature drivers); which promise to offer a wide frequency response from 12Hz up to 44.1kHz.

On top of that, the earbuds include touch controls, Active Noise Cancelling, LDAC + Bluetooth 5.3, and IPX6 waterproof rating.

The Golden X1 list a battery life rated at 8 hours per charge with a total runtime of 32 hours when using the OTG charges offered by the 500mAh battery of the case.

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TOZO Golden X1 Review

Tests & Scores

TOZO Golden X1 Scores

Scores Scores


Accessories & Packaging

Inside, users will find 6 pairs of eartips, 1 USB-C charging cable and nice charging case that includes a LED screen and charge info



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Bass & Sub Bass

The lower frequencies on this earbuds show a punchy and fun profile to cover any modern genre without sounding flat and lifeless.

When looking at the lower extension, the TOZO is able to reproduce deep sub-bass notes in an adequate manner, yet keeping the overall sound signature fairly clean.

As a point of reference, this TWS earphones can offer good mid and sub-bass but are far from be rated as a basshead or bass-centered model..


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Mids & Vocals

Midrange on this TOZO TWS shows male vocals that can tend to sound laid back and relaxed yet not congested nor drowned by mid bass bleed.

In addition to this, the lower mids provide a fair balance between smoothness and a full bodied deep intimate tone.

Higher mids provide decent crispness and a stronger presence than the lower midrange, including a response range that extends efficiently to get alive female vocals but is not as over tuned as to become harsh.

Overall, the midrange of the TOZO Golden X1 offer a smart tuning balance that is able to sound pleasing and never disturbing as to suit and fulfill the listening profile of a very wide public.



Highs & Treble

Differently to their midrange, the highs and treble on this TOZO earbuds demonstrate a bit more forwardy personality where a bright and more open sound is clearly felt.

A spikier tuning is also present, which is always a risk of fatiguing peaks. In fact, on the upper end, the Golden X1 loses its “smoothness” showed on mids while showing sibilance on any track prone to it.


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Frequency Response (raw)

TOZO Golden X1 Frequency Response Curve

Click the “Show Curve” button to see the TOZO Golden X1 Frequency Response Curve

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Sound Isolation

The X1 Golden is an Active Noise Cancelling earphone that offers a variety of cancelling responses according to the use and taste of each listener. Specifically, this earphones include 6 ANC modes, such as: ANC normal, Wind noise reduction, Leisure mode, Normal mode, transparency mode and custom pattern.

Testing the performance of the ANC, the team instantly noticed a phenomenal response of the transparency mode, where surroundings were proficiently enhanced adding a clear level of awareness while still providing good sound quality.

Noise cancelling modes were also highly efficient cancelling a vast variety of noises with the most clear improvement seen over constant noises such as airplane cabin, ventilators, etc.

Measuring the cancelling performance, the TOZO Golden X1 showed a groundbreaking maximum of -40dB, competing and even dethroning many industry-leading ANC headphones – it is fair to note, though, that first time ANC users might notice an unexpected “vacuum” sensation.


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The earbuds of the Golden X1 have a rounded form factor on a dual body section which provides all the excellence in comfort of rounded earpieces but with the secure and tight fit of other pointier and more uncomfortable models.

Moreover, this TOZO earphones come with touch sensitive controls that proved to be highly responsive and sensitive to become breeze to use, with even clear sound prompts that confirm each command.

Through the app, users can customize 5 out of the 8 available touch combinations; a nice feature added but unfortunately not fully customizable as it would be nice seen that the brand unlocks all 8 touch combinations to be customized as wanted by users.



Response to Equalization

The TOZO Golden X1 offer sound customization through their proprietary app and OrigX Pro but maybe the most interesting software-related feature is their EarPrint technology that add hearing tests with custom tuning compensation curves automatically generated according to the results of your hearing tests.

On top of that, the app enables users to access 16 EQ presets and a fully customizable 10-band EQ from 20Hz to 12.8kHz

As a bonus feature, the TOZO app includes a whole section soothing sounds to play directly on the earbuds – a feature that we first seen on some of the latest 1MORE TWS.


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TOZO Golden X1 Technical Specifications


Driver UnitHybrid
Battery life8 hours, up to 35 hours
Impedance 28 ohm
Frequency Response12-44,100Hz
Diaphragmcarbon nanotube
WaterproofYes, IPX7
Battery55mAh x2 + 500mAh
Supplied Accessories6x Earphone tips, USB cable

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TOZO Golden X1