Tronsmart Bang Max – Review

Tronsmart Bang Max

Tronsmart Bang Max

| 2x Bass Woofer | 4x Dynamic Driver | 2x Tweeter | 130 W | Stereo/Mono | IPX6 |

Tronsmart Bang Max, , the biggest and flagship speaker from Tronsmart with 8 drivers and a 3-way speaker design.

The Tronsmart Bang Max is the newest model from the Bang series to join their catalog, being the 4th model available with the Bang badge.

Of course, with all the power and drivers that the Tronsmart Bang Max offers, this speaker is not only the top-tier model from the Bang series but also the highest powered one with more than twice the power of the Bang classic and, also, twice the weight.

With an MSRP below $250, Tronsmart puts all similar speakers from other brand in a difficult position to compete against the Tronsmart Bang Max.

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Tronsmart Bang Max Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The Tronsmart Bang Max is packed inside a large box to accommodate the large speaker inside.

Along with the protective foam you will find inside:

• 3.5mm stereo cable

gramophone-25660 3.75/5


Advanced Features

The Tronsmart Bang Max offers plenty of advanced features, including:

• 8 Drivers
• 3-way acoustic design
• Waterproof
• Guitar amp
• Mic amp
• Sync with more than 100 speakers
• Powerbank
• Mono and Stereo modes
• Wired and wireless
Standalone playback

gramophone-25660 5/5



Tronsmart went all-in with the Tronsmart Bang Max and it is fair to highlight the effort and innovation bundled with this massive speaker.

The Tronsmart Bang Max has a nice black-colored fabric mesh over the main section of the speaker that gives it a clean and quality feel.

Aesthetically, the Tronsmart Bang Max is closer to the Tronsmart Bang (classic) than to the smaller Tronsmart Bang SE. Yet, all of the Bang series have a clear design and general look connection between them with the elongated tube form factor and top handle.

The 2 side bass woofers have a large ring/halo white section with RGB backlight LEDs that fully illuminate them when activating the backlit function – the speaker has 3 lighting modes that dynamically change synced with the music playing.

On listings photos you might think that the Tronsmart Bang Max vs Tronsmart Bang SE vs Tronsmart Bang classic are more or less similar in dimension but the Tronsmart Bang Max is significantly bigger and heavier (you can see the compared photos below)

To be more specific, the Tronsmart Bang Max weights 5.98kg (13.18lbs) and measures 470x199x260mm (18.5×7.83×10.24 inches)

The top front section of the speaker has a rubberized strip section with all the buttons that control the device. Most of these buttons are backlit but, unfortunately, the volume and play buttons are not. To the right of the power button there is a 5-dot light that informs the battery remaining and charging status.

On the back bottom section you will find a large rubberized cover that protects all the I/O connectors of the speaker.

The speaker makes use of a very large supporting feet design with a rectangular shape and rubberized, springy build that adds a slippery free base and a smart vibration-absorbing function.

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gramophone-25660 4.75/5


Construction Quality and Build

Internally, the Tronsmart Bang Max speaker carries 4 full-range dynamic drivers, 2 tweeters optimized for upper mids and highs and 2 passive bass woofers to empower the lower frequencies. It is quite crazy how many drivers the brand was able to fit inside the Tronsmart Bang Max.

The speaker is well-built with a rugged and durable construction despite the plastic sections of the housing.

The mesh-fabric used for the main surface of the speaker feels high-quality with a compact and tight grid and on-level with other mid and high-tier speakers from the brand.

Unlike previous Bang models, the Bang Max has soft, grippy strips on the lower section of the speaker’s handle, providing a more comfortable handling when carrying the speaker.

The rubberized section covering the back connections is actually a hefty waterproof gasket that ensures that the speaker withstands and complies with its IPX6 waterproof rating.

gramophone-25660 4.75/5


Operation & Control

The Tronsmart Bang Max has in total 9 physical buttons that allow all the main functions and controls to be easily controlled.

From left to right, the buttons correspond to:

• Power (also changes the lighting presets and serves as the Broadcast mode setting)
• Bluetooth status & control
• Vol – (works also as previous track)
• Play/pause
• Vol+ (works also as skip track)
• Stereo mode
• SoundPulse EQ
• TuneConn (dedicated button for Broadcast mode activation)
• ECHO modes

In addition to the physical buttons of the speaker, the Tronsmart Bang Max can be controlled through their mobile app, as this model is fully compatible with it.

The Tronsmart mobile app allows deeper control and customization of the speaker, including access to:

• 5 EQ presets
• Custom 5-band EQ
• Play mode selection to choose the sound input source
• Stereo pairing mode
• Broadcast Master+ (allows the connection of 2 same speakers)
• LED mode selection
• Control of Bass, Treble and Reverb (only on specific input modes)

gramophone-25660 4.75/5



Battery Life

Without doubt, the Tronsmart Bang Max is a big speaker packed with lots of power and drivers; being so, the device requires a beefy battery to feed and sustain the power needs of the speaker.

The brand has done a wise choice equipping such a powerful and driver-rich speaker with a hefty battery with a capacity of 18000mAh, allowing to feed the speaker with all the needed juice. In addition to this, the Tronsmart Bang Max is capable to sustain 24 hours of continuous playback time on a single charge.

Furthermore, the Tronsmart Bang Max can work as a powerbank to charge your USB tech or smartphone.

The Bang Max comes with a bundled 15V 2A that allows the unit to be charged in 5 hours and also enables the use of the speaker while charging.

gramophone-25660 5/5



As soon as we started testing the Tronsmart Bang Max we noticed the massively powerful bass that it can produce.

You can definitely expect a rich, pumping bass that adds fun to any track. The Bang Max responded with such a strong mid-bass response that it became viscerally perceivable transmitting the strong lower frequencies vibrations to the body of the speaker and surface where it sits, but without adding any degrading sound qualities nor rattling – the hefty, flexible dampening feet of the Bang Max does a great job here.

On top of that, this Tronsmart model was able to reach deeper sub-bass notes than any other portable Bluetooth speaker that we have reviewed so far. In fact, some of the formal specs that back up this bass reach show that on-paper the Bang Max can go as low as 50Hz.

In spite of this, is far from being a bloated, bass-only sounding speaker. The Tronsmart Bang Max, actually, provided a well-balanced bass response with no “drowning” effects over the whole sound signature and, even, no particularly lose bass that could overshadow the rest of the sound spectrum.

Mids and vocals sounded full and rich with an intimate and inviting feel, yet without turning into distant and congested, nor exhibiting excess of mid-bass bleed. Higher pitched vocals, female vocals and upper highs showed alive and crisp sound while not falling into harshness nor shouty vocals.

Highs and treble were coherently presented with sufficiently bright, detailed and open personality but not being overly forward as to become annoyingly fatiguing nor suffering from disturbing peaks like piercing and sibilant highs.

Overall, you should expect a speaker with a well-balanced and distributed sound response that is able to provide cozy vocals, good highs separation and a general deep bassy flavor that never sounds dull nor lifeless.

When activating SoundPulse, the sound signature of the Tronsmart Bang Max gained immediate soundstage optimization, wider sound and a clear up-tuning of vocals clarity and highs separation while conserving rich deep bass – SoundPulse will be ideal when you want boost vocals and highs.

At the same time, the Tronsmart Bang Max with its 130W reached a colossal volume output that was able to fill larger rooms with full coverage as to launch a party with friends, to organize an outdoor party on the beach or to bring with you while camping with a larger group of people.

Another quality that the Tronsmart Bang Max was able to achieve was the adjustment of very low-volume starting levels in case that you want to hear to music at subtle low dB output levels; reaching low volume starting output is something that many other Bluetooth speakers usually struggle to achieve – we only noticed that at the first 3 steps of “mini-output”, the speaker showed noise artifacts.

It is fair to highlight that the acoustic design and drivers placement of the Tronsmart Bang Max makes its sound to be more directional than other speakers like the Tronsmart T7.

Said so, to get the best sound quality out of the Tronsmart Bang Max you are recommended to point the front of the speaker as much directed towards you as you can; using the front logo as a reference is a smart way to do it.

Furthermore, the guitar amp and mic inputs made the Tronsmart Bang Max a true joy to use a battery-powered portable Bluetooth guitar amp to use with an electric guitar, offering both crazy output power and pristine sound quality.

If you own any of the smaller speakers from the Bang series, the Tronsmart Bang Max will be, clearly, the way more powerful and much more bass-intense and deep reaching of them all.

gramophone-25660 5/5





The Tronsmart Bang Max offers 2 features that make it truly unique and that many users might be unaware of. These 2 special features are dedicated (and independent) 1/4″ connectors to plug a microphone and a guitar, allowing to use it for singing, karaoke or as an electric guitar amp/speaker. If the features were not innovative enough, Tronsmart added a rotary volume encoder for each connection and a gain control dial.

Moreover, this speaker comes with many of the connectors that the Bang series includes, allowing:

• Use of the device paired with mobile devices through a wireless Bluetooth 5.3 connection or wired with the 3.5mm stereo jack, computers
• TF card reader to insert MicroSD cards with music/audio files and play them directly through the speaker without needing to pair any external source/phone/PC
• USB-A connector for U-Disks with audio/music files, allowing the same freedom and standalone speaker use as with the TF card reader

gramophone-25660 5/5


Response to Equalization

As we mentioned on the Sound section, SoundPulse offered immediate retuning with outstanding results in separation, vocals and soundstage without adding any issues such as fatiguing and harsh mids and highs.

Also, the Tronsmart Bang Max includes a “ECHO” mode with 3 different levels of boosting that can be accessed through the dedicated button labeled ECHO.

Furthermore, the 5-band in-app EQ and presets allowed another level of sound customization without over-complicated third-party apps.

gramophone-25660 4.75/5

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Scores Scores

Tronsmart Bang Max Scores

Tronsmart Bang Max Technical Specifications


Bang Max
Wireless Version
Wireless Range
18m/59ft (open area)
Input Power
IP Rating
Play Time (Varied by Volume Level & Audio Content)
LED Off: Up to 24 Hours(On a 50% Volume)
Karaoke: Up to 10 Hours(On a 60% Volume)
Charging Time
5 Hours
Frequency Range
50Hz – 20kHz
Maximum SPL
Playing Modes
Aux-in, Micro SD/TF Card, U-Disk
Other Features
Sync Audio across 100+ Speakers
Stereo Pairing
Various Lighting Modes
Supports Wired Mic & Guitar Input(Wired Mic Not Included)
Custom EQ & Lights via APP
Dual Audio Modes
Built-in Powerbank
Product Dimension
470 x 199 x 260mm/18.5 x 7.83 x 10.24inch
Product Weight
5.98kg/13.18 lbs
Package Dimension
517 x 248 x 303 mm/20.35 x 9.76 x 11.93inch
Package Weight
Package Contents
1 x Tronsmart Bang Max Portable Party Speaker
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual
1 x SoundPulse® Card
1 x DC Power Cord
(Wired Mic Not Included)

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Tronsmart Bang Max