Tronsmart Bang – Review

Tronsmart Bang

| 2x Woofer Driver | 2x Tweeter | 2x Passive Bass Radiators | 60W | Bluetooth | NFC | IPX6 |

Tronsmart Bang, the biggest Bluetooth speaker from Tronsmart.

The Tronsmart Bang is part of their Party Speakers line, above the Tronsmart T6 Pro.

Inside, the Tronsmart Bang is equipped with a 6-driver configuration with 4 active + 2 passive drivers and a massive output power of 60W.

Tronsmart has been on the audio market for quite some time, with an always expanding catalog of headphones, TWS, speakers and accessories.

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Tronsmart Bang Review

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Accessories & Packaging

The Tronsmart Bang comes inside a very nice packaging with a handle.

Inside the unit comes perfectly protected by 2 thick foams on either sides of the packaging, protecting the exposed passive radiators.

Despite the nice box, this Tronsmart speaker includes only 2 accessories: 1x USB-C cable and 1x stereo cable.

gramophone-25660   3.5/5



The Tronsmart Bang has a nice, non-tacky look thanks to a fabric finish on top of the main housing and an overall dark design.

Certainly some users will see some resemblance between the Tronsmart Bang and the JBL Boombox and JBL Xtreme speaker line and to be honest, this Tronsmart model does not fall behind in the aesthetics department.

In addition to the all-black finish, the Tronsmart Bang is equipped with 2 ring lights that embrace the perimeter of the passive radiators and a strip light that runs through all the front-bottom of the speaker.

All 3 lights offer 7 different colors and several different lighting modes, that can be chosen by pressing a button on the speaker or through the mobile app – these lights can also be turned on or off at will at any given time.

The Tronsmart Bang has a harmonic aesthetic that can offer either a clean all-black design or a flashier more “party-styled” look when utilizing the lights functions.

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gramophone-25660 5/5



Construction Quality and Build

The Tronsmart Bang is far from feeling like a cheap, flimsy product. Instead, this speaker has a nice solid construction and a quality feel to it that will not disappoint buyers.

The main build material of the speaker is a mixture of plastic sections such as the lateral area and handle and a very nice fabric material for the main housing.

In addition to this, the unit is well protected with rubberized dual gaskets that protects the connectors, allowing to grant an IPX6 waterproof rating.

gramophone-25660 4.25/5


Size and Dimensions

Measuring 361×83.4×150.3mm, the Tronsmart Bang is quite a big speaker, in comparison to most other Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Part of the bigger size corresponds to the many internal components, such as 6 driver units, a big battery that acts also a powerbank to charge your mobile devices OTG and a fixed, large handle.

The speaker has some weight to it, but the top handle is a great addition to ease the transport and handling of the speaker – the approx. weight is 3.34kg (7.36lbs)


Advanced Features

The Tronsmart Bang is packed with several special features, including:

• Powerbank
• IPX6 waterproof rating
• MicroSD card slot
• EQ mode


Operation & Control

On the top section of the speaker, users will notice a rubberized strip, this corresponds to the controls area where all 7 independent buttons can be accessed.

It is nice seeing the brand has stayed away of a single multi-function button design and has implemented, instead, several buttons. The use of many buttons allows a more intuitive and easy operation and control of the speaker, allowing users to access dedicated buttons for Volume +, Volume -, EQ, Mode, etc.

Moreover, thank to NFC, this speaker is a true breeze to connect.

LED Status Light: In addition to the decorative LED rings and LED strips, the Tronsmart Bang has a 4 light indicator near the buttons area that allows an easy view of the battery charge.

gramophone-25660 4.75/5

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Battery Life

Inside, the Tronsmart Bang is equipped with a large 10.800mAh rechargeable battery that can grant up to 15 hours of continuous music playtime.

To obtain the maximum battery time, it is recommended to turn off the Party Mode lights and keep volume at a moderate level.

A full charge of the battery takes around 4.5 hours, when completely depleted – a 5V 2A charger is recommended.

Contrary to other Bluetooth speakers with large batteries, the Tronsmart Bang can be charged directly from its USB-C connection without the need of any bulky external PSU.

gramophone-25660  4/5

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The Tronsmart Bang has a very generous driver configuration with a 6-driver design that includes 2 lateral bass passive radiators, 2 tweeters and 2 large main dynamic drivers.

The driver placement has each tweeter extremes of the front panel and both large main drivers on the center of the unit.

Despite being a mono single speaker, the sound expansion of the Tronsmart Bang gives a semi-feel of stereo width that can be further expanded by activating its special SoundPulse EQ mode – if buying more than 1 unit, the Tronsmart Bang can pair and synchronize to multiple Bang speakers (up to 100 units)

Moreover, the Tronsmart Bang showed a crazy power output that can allow users to crank up the volume as much as wanted and, without doubts, being able to be a nice companion for parties and reunions with friends.


The Tronsmart Bang welcomed our editors with a full sounding midrange with deep male vocals but not overpowered by bass.

Deep pitched vocals sound cozy but not too laid back nor shy – even better with the SoundPulse mode turned On.

Higher mids offers an experience completely free of harshness or annoying peaks but do tend to be a bit less forward than their lower mids tuning.

On the other hand, these ranges are a bit less boosted than lower mids, yet well-balanced across the whole midrange.


Highs on the Tronsmart Bang have an agreeable tuning that can provide sufficient brightness as to be free of muddy and muffled issues while neither being overly bright and sharp as to become fatiguing.

Overall, the tuning of their highs have a pleasantly tuned sound that balances well with the whole sound signature.


A very fun and punchy bass comes out of the Tronsmart Bang but it is worth noting that despite the big size of the speaker and the “Party” title, this is not an overly bass boosted sounding speaker.

On sub-bass deep notes, the Bang might not offer the farthest reach but will surely never lack mid-bass punch.

As a point of comparison, the Tronsmart Bang has very similar sub-bass extension and reach as the JBL Xtreme but less visceral punch.

The Tronsmart Bang showed an exponential increment of bass intensity when cranking the volume, turning into a true party speaker thanks to the massive volume output reached and the pumping mid-bass.

Activating its SoundPulse EQ Effect, the sound becomes instantly cleaner with a more airy feel.

In addition to this, the EQ mode adds an even wider soundstage and a very nice boosting over the higher mids and lower highs ranges – than with its EQ mode off.

It is fair to note that the EQ mode also adds a dB (volume) boost.

Users should be aware that as this is a speaker with all drivers placed on the front area (plus the lateral passive radiators), to obtain the best sound quality, the speaker must be facing forward.

gramophone-25660 4.5/5

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As you might already noticed, the Tronsmart Bang offers wireless Bluetooth connection to pair with any Bluetooth capable device but this speaker is also equipped with a wired 3.5mm stereo connection.

A very neat additional connection offered by the brand is a MicroSD card slot that enables users to carry their music in MicroSD cards and allow a plug and play, standalone music playback directly from the memory card without needing any external device to be paired.

As you can see from our photos, the speaker has 2 USB connectors, an USB Type-C that is used for charging the speaker and an USB-A that provides the powerbank charging output function.

gramophone-25660 5/5

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Response to Equalization

The Tronsmart Bang has an EQ mode called SoundPulse that can be activated through the dedicated button on the front of the device (first button next to the power button)

As mentioned in the Sound section, and differently to many other speakers with similar EQ modes, the Tronsmart Bang with its SoundPulse EQ mode offers a clear sound variation and improvement when activated.

Moreover, users can dig in further in detail with EQ (and light) options when using the mobile app for this Tronsmart speaker.

gramophone-25660  4/5

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Frequency Response (raw)

Tronsmart Bang Frequency Response Curve

Coming Soon, stay tuned!

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Tronsmart Bang Technical Specifications






Audio Codecs


Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth Range


Input Power

5V/2A via Type-C Port

Output Power




IP Rating


Play Time

Party Mode On: 4 Hours(100% Volume with LED On)

Party Mode Off: Up to 15 Hours(Varied by Volume Level & Audio Contents)

Charging Time

4.5 Hours

Frequency Range


Playing Modes



Micro SD/ TF Card


Product Dimension

361 x 183.4 x 150.3 mm/ 14.2 x 7.2 x 5.9inch

Product Weight


Package Dimension

402 x 209 x 170 mm/ 14.2 x 7.2 x 5.9inch

Package Weight


Package Contents

1 x Tronsmart Bang Party Speaker

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x Aux Cable

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Scores Scores

Tronsmart Bang Scores

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Tronsmart Bang



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