Tronsmart Bang SE – Review

Tronsmart Bang SE

Tronsmart Bang SE

| 2x Woofer | 2x Dynamic Driver | 40 W | TWS | IPX6 |

Tronsmart Bang SE, a mid-size speaker from the Bang series.

The Tronsmart Bang SE is part of the new generation of Bang speakers from Tronsmart, sitting between the Tronsmart Bang Mini and the Bang (classic/original).

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Tronsmart Bang SE Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The Tronsmart Bang SE comes in a well-protected packaging with dense cushiony foams and including inside:

• USB-C cable
• 3.5mm stereo cable
• Carrying strap

gramophone-25660 3.75/5


Advanced Features

The Tronsmart Bang SE is packed with several features, including:

• Powerbank
• Mono and TWS (true wireless stereo) modes
• Quad Drivers
• Waterproof
• Fast charging
• Wired and wireless use



The Tronsmart Bang SE follows the same aesthetics as the other siblings in the Bang series; having a large cylindrical main shell with a generous top handle that make it breeze to carry and move around.

At the end of each extreme of the handle there are 2 hooks to connect with the included carrying strap, allowing to hang the speaker or carry it hanging from your shoulder.

The Tronsmart Bang SE comes exclusively in black color as you see in the photos of this Tronsmart Bang SE review.

The speaker has a nice looking lighting design with different light patterns and some dynamic presets that follow the music.

The lighting design includes a well-placed LED light over each of the speakers that provide full illumination of the drivers and visibility through the front grid.

Also, the passive bass woofers on the side have a halo, ring light around them.

Besides the color lighting, the speaker has only 3 details that are not black-colored: a white painted name of the brand on the front grid. the logo over the lateral passive woofers and the icons of the buttons.

The Tronsmart Bang SE has a discrete weight totaling 4.76lbs, which is 2lbs lighter than the Bang classic and nearly 3 times less than the newest Bang Max.

The exact dimensions of the speaker are: 298 x 164.5 x 118.8mm/11.73 x 6.48 x 4.68inch

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gramophone-25660 4.5/5


Construction Quality and Build

The speaker is mostly made of plastic but the overall construction feels solid and rugged to withstand normal abuse.

The front case is made of a large metal grid that allows to see the drivers behind and flow the sound and air-pressure while still protecting the driver units.

On the bottom base you will see 2 rounded feet to add some gripness and reduce slippery issues but these are not rubberized nor silicone-alike, instead they are made of EVA foam.

On top of that, the Tronsmart Bang SE has a waterproof design with an IPX6 rating.

gramophone-25660 4.25/5


Operation & Control

The Tronsmart Bang SE offers a clear upgrade over the classic Bang regarding the buttons and controls on the speaker.

The new Bang SE uses a white over black buttons labeling that make them easier to see and a icon shape per button that protrudes, becoming tactile and facilitating the recognition of each button by touch.

The speaker includes in total 7 buttons with quick access to all main functions and separate vol+, vol- and play/pause buttons.

gramophone-25660 4.75/5


Battery Life

Despite the mid-size, the Tronsmart Bang SE carries inside a big 8000mAh battery to provide as much as 24 hours of continuous music playback time.

On top of that, the charge of the battery can be used as a power bank to charge USB devices such as your phone – the charging function supports fast charging.

To fully charge the speaker with a recommended 5V 2A power supply, the Bang SE takes less than 5 hours.

gramophone-25660 4.5/5



Tronsmart promotes the Tronsmart Bang SE as the speaker from the Bang line with “bright sound”, before that you ran away fearing of strident, fatiguing and bass-less sound, the Tronsmart Bang SE is far from sounding harsh and flat.

Similar and coherently to what we discovered while testing the older classic Bang model, the Bang SE sound unexpectedly better and more refined than most similarly price speakers.

Moreover, the party/flashy lights might make you think that this will be a party-only, bass-bloated sounding speaker, instead it sounds remarkably balanced and non-congested without showing an overruling bass.

In spite of this, the Tronsmart Bang SE presents a sound response well spread across all spectrum ranges and never lacking bass nor responding with empty notes when punchy mid-bass is requested.

The Tronsmart Bang SE includes a dedicated button to access Tronsmart’s SoundPulse retuning which provides a wider soundstage, clearer mids and vocals and a boost in output as well.

With and without SoundPulse, this Tronsmart speaker can easily fill in a 25 square meter room with more than plenty dB sound levels to have fun with friends – as a matter of fact, despite the mid-small size, the speaker offers as much as 40W.

It is worth noting that the acoustic design of the Tronsmart Bang SE makes more directional than other pseudo-360 speakers; therefore, if your music session involves trying to get the cleaner sound and best definition you should try to point the front drivers as much as you can directly to your head/ears.

Another detail that might seem irrelevant but instead results in a better overall music listening experience is the fact that the speaker has a finer control of the volume per step, allowing users to control their music without having steps that sound abruptly high/low from each other.

If you are interested in specific sound specs, the Tronsmart Bang SE has a frequency response of 60Hz-20.000Hz and a maximum SPL of 140dB.

gramophone-25660 4.5/5



The Tronsmart Bang SE can be used in 4 different modes thanks to its multi-connection design.

On the rear bottom of the speaker you will find all the I/O connectors under a waterproof rubber gasket.

The connections included are:

• MicroSD card reader to use the speaker without the need of any external phone or source and playing the music directly from the card
• Wired 3.5mm stereo to connect to any source with a stereo connection
• USB-A this port has a double function, either as a powerbank to charge your phone/USB device and and an AUX source with any U-Disk allowing to play music directly from the USB disk
• Wireless Bluetooth v5.3

The remaining USB-C connector is used for charging the speaker.

gramophone-25660 5/5



Response to Equalization

With a remarkable starting point of the tuning out of the box, the Tronsmart Bang SE showed excellent response to equalization without showing typical sound degrading effects of EQ forcing.

On top of that, the built-in SoundPulse provides instant retuning with a fine-tailored and clear improvement in clarity.

gramophone-25660 4/5

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Tronsmart Bang SE Technical Specifications


Bang SE
Wireless Version
Wireless Range
15m/49ft (Open Area)
Input Power
5V/2A, via Type-C Port
IP Rating
Play Time (Varied by Volume Level & Audio Content)
Up to 24 Hours(Varied by Light Display)
Charging Time
≤5 Hours
Frequency Range
60Hz – 20kHz
Maximum SPL
Playing Modes
TF Card
Voice Assistant
Support Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant
Other Features
3 Lighting Modes
Built-in Powerbank
SoundPulse Audio
Stereo Pairing
Product Dimension
298 x 164.5 x 118.8mm/11.73 x 6.48 x 4.68inch
Product Weight
Package Dimension
334 x 192 x 164mm/13.15 x 7.56 x 6.46inch
Package Weight
Package Contents
1 x Bang SE Portable Party Speaker
1 x Aux-in Cable
1 x Type-C Cable
1 x SoundPulse® Card
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Strap

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Tronsmart Bang SE