TRUEFREE F1 – Review


TRUEFREE F1, an air conduction headset with large 16mm dynamic drivers.

The TRUEFREE F1 has a sort of hybrid design that sits between a bone-conduction headphone and an on-ear headphone.

Seeing the bone conduction style, might not look too promising as these kind of products had a hyped rise on the market nearly 5 years ago but quickly vanished as consumers were not thrilled about the bone conduction tech.

In fact, the brand markets the F1 as an “Open-ear headphone” and “air conduction headset” and not as on-ear nor a bone conduction one.

The TRUEFREE F1 offer 11 hours of battery life and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours through the USB type-C connector.

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Accessories & Packaging

The headset comes inside a fairly big packaging that holds inside the unit, a quite nice soft pouch and an USB-C charging cable.




Bass & Sub Bass

Dynamic drivers need at least a partial seal with the listeners ears to provide depth and punch.

Due to the half on-ear placement and fit of the drivers of the TRUEFREE F1, the headphone struggles to offer a pumping mid bass punch and shows absolutely no capability to reproduce notes on the sub-bass ranges.

Despite this, the amount of mid bass punch offered could marginally suffice with tracks that do not demand much bass.


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Mids & Vocals

With drivers that do not sit neither on, in nor over the ears, the headphone has a hard time offering a clear and refined sound.

In fact, the midrange suffers from a congested and distant feel that affects both low and high mids.

On the other hand, the F1 does not show any trace of harshness.

To be fair, the nature of the acoustic and fit of any headphone with this design will suffer the same issues.



Highs & Treble

The particular acoustic design issues, obviously affect also the highs and treble ranges.

Indeed, these ranges show a dark and not very detailed sound.

Similar to their mids, there are no disturbing peaks such as sibilance nor piercing spikes.



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The bone conduction styled design is usually a fairly comfortable one, as it does not apply pressure over the ears nor any discomfort in the ears.

On the other hand, the loop end near the drivers and controls area is not flexible nor soft, which adds some discomfort on the top area of the ears – this was noticed after long time wearing the headphone, for brief listening sessions we did not perceive any discomfort.


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