Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM – Review

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM

| Touch Controls | True Wireless | 7.2mm Dynamic Driver |

🎧 We are reviewing the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM, Xiaomi’s first truly wireless headphone.

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM are also found with these names:

  • Xiaomi Mi AirDots TWS Bluetooth Earphones Wireless In-ear Earbuds
  • Xiaomi AirDots
  • Original Xiaomi Airdots TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Youth Version Touch Control
  • Xiaomi TWSEJ02LM
  • Xiaomi Mi AirDots TWS Bluetooth Earphones Youth Version
  • Xiaomi Mi AirDots Bluetooth Earphone
  • Xiaomi Mijia Airdots TWS Bluetooth

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM features a single dynamic driver with a diameter of 7.2mm, Bluetooth v5.0, noise reduction microphones and touch sensitive controls.

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM have a clean and minimalist design with a polished and non flashy design – if you want a flashier-looking truly wireless earphone you can take a look at the MEIZU POP and LEZII X12.

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic should not be confused with the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots (read the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Review, here). Both models are not the same, they are different earphones with different specs, price and sound.

Both AirDots models join the latest products from Xiaomi, including the:

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Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM Review

Tests & Scores


Advanced Features

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots offer advances features such as:

  • Multi device connections
  • Touch enabled controls
  • Auto power on and power off
  • Fast charging
  • Mono or stereo use
  • Noise cancelling microphone for phone calls and voice commands

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Operation & Control

The touch controls of the Xiaomi AirDots allows you to do the following:

  • A single tap: Play, Pause music or Answer calls
  • A long tap: Reject call
  • 2 touch short taps: Activates voice assistant

To power on the device and set it to pairing mode you simply need to take the earpieces out of the battery pack, to turn them off reposition them in the battery pack.

LED Status Light: Both earpieces of the Xiaomi Mi AirDots have a small light that indicates the status of the device. Moreover, the battery pack has it’s own light to inform the charging status and battery level.

The top cover of the battery pack is semi-translucent allowing the see the light of the earpieces through the battery pack (while closed), therefore being able to control the charging status of each earpiece.

Charging: The Xiaomi AirDots Basic are charged through the micro USB connector on the back of the battery pack. To charge the earpieces you will need to put each one in the battery pack and plug the battery pack to a charger.

A full charge provides 4 hours of continuous use and the combined time with the battery pack makes them reach a respectably long duration of 12 hours.

Charging a fully discharged battery takes 1.5 hours when connected to a compatible charger.



Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM weight in Ounces and Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM unboxing results in 3 pair of eartips, a charging cable and the battery pack.

The packaging is small and clean looking with mainly white design.



Bass & Sub Bass

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM has a very punchy bass and respectably deep sub-bass.

Despite this, they do not feel excessively bassy nor out of control. Their mid-bass and sub-bass provide a fun and entertaining experience without getting over-boosted.

Their lower frequencies will cover up any genre without issues and, still, they will not overstep their mids and highs.

Applying an EQ, there is a crazy empowerment of sub-bass and noticeable extra punch is added.


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Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM
Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM


Mids & Vocals

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM lower mids are warm and relaxed. Male vocals are laid back and a bit distant but not overly congested.

Mid-bass bleed is not extreme but can be perceived.

Higher mids are crisp but not too forward, yet harsh and disturbing peaks can pop up from time to time.

Overall, their midrange will be relatively acceptably achieved for a true wireless earphone aimed for average consumers.

With an EQ, male vocals and lower mids can be fine tuned for a much more cleaner response but be careful of not overdoing it to avoid some boxy vocals.

Higher mids should not be EQ’ed too much as they are already on the edge of becoming forward.


Xiaomi Mi AirDots
Xiaomi Mi AirDots

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Highs & Treble

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM highs resolve some of detail and have a brightish tuning but with a slight darkening over them.

Sibilance will sporadically show up on some tracks but more often on others and according to it’s peaks range can vary from a mild sound to a more fatiguing one – the same applies for piercing highs.

We would not rate them as smooth nor gentle but neither overly fatiguing (depending on each listener’s tolerance to peaks on the higher end)

An EQ can help to open up their highs and remove a noticeable amount of their darkish tint.


Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM
Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM


Sound Leak

The sound leaking out of the Xiaomi AirDots is substantially less than many normal earphones, yet they will be heard by nearby people on more quite environments.


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Xiaomi Mi AirDots battery pack
Xiaomi Mi AirDots battery pack


Sound Isolation

The sound isolation provided by the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM is quite impressive, even more given their tiny earpieces. Absolute isolation can be easily achieved by simply cranking up the volume a bit.


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Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM battery pack
Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM battery pack



The AirDots have the tiniest battery/charging pack that we have ever seen, which makes them extremely portable and pocketable.

In addition to this, their earpieces are very small too, in fact they are the smallest true wireless earphones that we have tested.

The small and curvy earpieces make them extremely comfortable and pain-free. At the same time, the inner main section of the housings is rubberized, providing a super secure fit that will never fall out of the ears.


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Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic
Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic


Response to Equalization

The response to EQ of the Xiaomi Mi AirDots was efficient on lower frequencies & lower mids but can also introduce some additional harshness and fatiguing peaks.


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Scores Scores

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM Scores

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Frequency Response (raw)

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM Frequency Response Curve

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM frequency response curve
Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM frequency response curve

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Xiaomi AirDots
Xiaomi AirDots

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM Technical Specifications


Driver Unit7.2mm
Touch enablesYes
Impedance16 ohms
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
Battery12 hours
BluetoothYes, v5.0
Sensitivity106 dB
Charging time1.5 hours
Battery capacity40mAh
WeightApprox. 4.2g
Supplied Accessories3x Earphone tips; cable; battery pack

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Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM Photos

We highly discourage anyone from trying to apply our testings to your own earphones, the risk of damaging or permanently breaking your iems is absolutely probable to happen. With our standardized equalization and amplification tests we push the limits of the earphones to the extreme. If anyway you decide to do so, we cannot be held responsible of the damage done to your equipment. Do it at your own risk.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Basic TWSEJ02LM





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