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Only 20 coupons available - End Date 11-11 23:59hs


Only 20 coupons available - End Date 11-11 23:59hs

TOPPING MX3, a tiny and affordable USB DAC and desktop amp with rich-featured specs.

TOPPING is a brand specialized in DAC and amplifiers with quite a large amount of variety in their catalog already.

The TOPPING MX3 is offered by the brand as an affordable all-in-one solution as a desktop DAC/Amp by offering a wide amount of connections and competent technical specifications but keeping an accessible and budget friendly price.

Through out our TOPPING MX3 review we will test out how the device performs and evaluate if this could be a worthy bang for buck option as a multi-use DAC and amp.

You can buy the TOPPING MX3 in 2 colors:

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Tests & Scores


Advanced Features

The TOPPING MX3 include advanced features such as:

  • Bluetooth
  • Treble control
  • Bass control
  • NFC
  • Infrared remote control
  • Auto on/off

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Accessories & Packaging

Despite not having the most refined packaging out there, the TOPPING MX3 comes bundled with a generous amount of accessories in comparison to many DAC/Amps on the market.

The TOPPING MX3 unboxing results in an AC adapter, 1x AC cable, 1x USB cable, 1x IR remote control, 1x Bluetooth antenna, 2x AAA batteries, connectors caps and 1x NFC tag.

The device comes protected by cushiony foams that ensure the safe arrival of the product.

gramophone-25660 4.75/5



Topping MX3 weight in grams and Topping MX3 weight in ounces



The TOPPING MX3 has a very nice looking and polished design with curvy edges and a tiny footprint – in fact, the length of the device is just a bit longer than the FiiO M11 portable music player.

At the same time, the TOPPING MX3 is a very short (in height) DAC/AMP ,being their overall dimensions: 185mm x 122mm x 38mm and weighting just 475 grams.

The silver variant (same as the unit being reviewed by us) might look as if it was white on the brand’s photos, but as you can see from our photos, the silver TOPPING MX3 is truly silver colored and not white.

The whole metal surface of the device has a pearled finish and no screws visible on neither the front nor sides of the unit. This details give the TOPPING DAC a nicer and more premium feel than many other metal DAC/Amps such as the FX-AUDIO DAC X7.

gramophone-25660 5/5



Operation & Control

The TOPPING MX3 is extremely easy to use with a single knob that can control all the main options of the device.

The knob can rotate infinitely either clock and counterclockwise with clicky steps that control the volume at 1% at a time or 0.5dB and 1dB (when in dB volume setting mode)

This knob is also a multi-function button with function such as:

  • Press: Turn on
  • Press and hold: Turn off
  • Single press: Switch modes

TOPPING MX3 Infrared operation:

In addition to the basic options available through the knob/button, the TOPPING MX3 has an infrared sensor and a bundled IR remote control that can provide further customization and operation of the device.

The IR remote will gives access to:

  • Bass control
  • Treble control
  • Play/pause
  • Skip songs
  • Brightness control
  • Auto on/off mode
  • Mute

dB Volume Mode

By pressing the Mute button, followed by the Mode button on the IR remote, the TOPPING MX3 will switch between a percentage volume mode and a dB volume mode.

On % mode, the volume is controlled at 1 step at a time with a range going from 000 to 100.

On dB mode, the volume is controlled at 1dB steps (from-66dB to -10dB) and at 0.5dB steps (from -9.5dB to +12dB) on headphone output mode.

On speaker output mode, the range goes from -70dB to +30dB and the steps will be 5dB from -70dB to -20dB, 1dB steps from -19dB to -10dB and 0.5dB steps from -9.5dB to +30dB.

How to power the TOPPING MX3:

The DAC/Amp is powered by connecting it through the external multi-voltage PSU that provides 24V and 3.75A.

The device can be turned on and off either by pressing and holding the knob/button, through the remote control or by turning on it’s auto power on/off function.


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Construction & Build

The TOPPING MX3 is remarkably well built and not only for the price point. In fact, the housing of the device is fully made of metal with only the front screen section being plastic.

Despite the small size and light weight, the DAC feels sturdy and rugged, being the only detail: a bit wobble movement on the knob/button. The IR remote is made of plastic while it’s buttons are rubberized.


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TOPPING MX3 topview
TOPPING MX3 topview



The USB connection of the TOPPING MX3 allows the DAC/Amp to be fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers while the standard RCA, COAX, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth, optical and banana connectors make it universally compatible with most audio devices, headphones, smartphones, tablets and speakers on the market.





The screen might not have fancy peak control visualizations or multi-colored OLED displays like the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge but does neither costs nearly $3000 as the Mytek.

Even said so, the screen of the Topping MX3 is large and a pleasure to look at with big fonts and clear information that provide richer information than the screen of the xDuoo TA-20 AMP and the xDuoo TA-10 DAC/Amp.

The screen brightness can be either manually controlled in 3 different light intensities through the IR remote or it can be set to automatically dim while idle (when auto on/off mode is turned on)

The top edge of the screen will inform the audio mode set, the center will show the bit depth, kHz, volume setting and volume mode and the bottom edge will inform if the output chosen is headphones or speakers. Additionally, the center screen will inform the Treble and/or Bass Control dB boosting when entering this mode.





The front panel of the TOPPING MX3 holds a single 3.5mm headphone output connector while the back panel carries all the rest of the I/O connections, including:

  • USB
  • Optical input
  • Coaxial input
  • Optical input
  • RCA Auxiliary input
  • Subwoofer output
  • Left speaker +
  • Left speaker –
  • Right speaker +
  • Right speaker –
  • Wireless Bluetooth

Additionally, the TOPPING MX3 includes an NFC tag to provide immediate Bluetooth pairing with mobile devices.

Connections Technical Specifications

  • USB: up to 96kHz / 24bit
  • Optical/COAX: up to 192kHz / 24bit
  • Bluetooth: HFPV1.6, AD2PV1.2, AVRCPV1.4


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TOPPING MX3 connections
TOPPING MX3 connections


Only 20 coupons available - End Date 11-11 23:59hs


Only 20 coupons available - End Date 11-11 23:59hs
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The brand rates the maximum headphone output power of the TOPPING MX3 at 257mW @32ohm (though some other leaflets declare 290mW), while the speakers output is 40Wx2 @4ohm. On paper, this wouldn’t be a class-leading output power but, in real life, the MX3 significantly surpasses the power output of a FX-AUDIO TUBE-P1 or the FiiO K3 (set at high gain).

Despite not reaching the massive power of the BURSON AUDIO FUN, when our team plugged a beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (250 ohm version), the maximum volume reached with the TOPPING MX3 was not too far below from the output provided by the xDuoo TA-20 (with the same beyerdynamic headphone) – yet, it was audibly lower on the Topping.

This, indeed, confirms that the TOPPING MX3 can cover higher impedance headphones and fulfill the tech specs stated by the brand which specify a capability to drive headphones with impedance from 16 ohm to 300 ohm.

Regarding sound quality and frequency response, the TOPPING MX3 showed no noticeable coloration while our measurements showed a remarkably flat frequency response.

Moreover, this TOPPING DAC does not suffer from any channel imbalance issues and is able to provide clean output without any kind of hiss.


Bass Control & Treble Control

One special feature of the TOPPING MX3 is the bass and treble control option. This is an usual dual control seen on many other audio devices but it is remarkably well implemented on the MX3 with a range of control going from -10dB to +10dB at 1dB steps (20dB range)

Nonetheless, our tests and measurements revealed that the bass and treble control on the Topping MX3 is actually capable of delivering a maximum bass boost of +14dB to -14dB (instead of the +10dB to -10dB), which extends the range to 28dB.

Our measurements and audio tests of both the Bass Control and the Treble Control proved that these features are not a gimmick and present massive and true results to boost or “sedate” bass and treble.

Sound Technical Specifications

Some of main sound-related tech specs of the TOPPING MX3 are:

  • Headphones output:
    SNR: 103dB
    Gain: 11.6dB
    THD+N: 0.005% @32 ohm 130mW
    Frequency response: 20Hz-200kHz
  • Speaker output:
    Gain: 29.6dB
    THD+N: 0.05%


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TOPPIGN MX3 Firmware & Driver

The brand does not provide any official drivers for the USB DAC capabilities of the TOPPING MX3 but users can try to use it as a plug and play device or can do some trial and error looking at other XMOS USB drivers for compatibility.

At the same time, the brand does not gives any reference to any firmware updates.

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Only 20 coupons available - End Date 11-11 23:59hs


Only 20 coupons available - End Date 11-11 23:59hs
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Frequency Response (raw)

TOPPING MX3 Frequency Response Curve

Topping MX3 frequency response
Topping MX3 frequency response

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Bass Control & Treble Control

TOPPING MX3 Bass Control & Treble Control Measurements

Topping MX3 frequency response Bass Control
Topping MX3 frequency response Bass Control
Topping MX3 frequency response Treble Control
Topping MX3 frequency response Treble Control

Sony headphone through TOPPING MX3 Bass Control & Treble Control Measurements 

TOPPING MX3 - treble control
TOPPING MX3 – treble control

Volume Precision Control

TOPPING MX3 Volume Precision Control

TOPPING MX3 - Volume Precision
TOPPING MX3 – Volume Precision


TOPPING MX3 Technical Specifications

Max output257 mW (headphone) / 40W (speaker)
Speaker ampYes
Frequency response20-200000Hz
Decoding192k, 24bit
IR remoteYes
WeightApprox. 475g

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