KiiBoom Sapphire – Review

KiiBoom Sapphire | Mechanical Switches | Linear | KiiBoom Sapphire, a custom mechanical switch from KiiBoom. You might know KiiBOOM as a mechanical keyboard manufacturer, yet recently the brand started to expand by offering their own custom mechanical switches with[…]

KiiBOOM Matcha – Review

KiiBOOM Matcha | Mechanical Switches | Linear | KiiBOOM Matcha, a linear custom switch offering by KiiBOOM. The KiiBOOM Matcha offer an interestingly affordable price but with premium specs and build details. FIND ALL: Headphones Scores Compared KiiBOOM Matcha Review[…]

KiiBOOM Topaz – Review

KiiBOOM Topaz | Mechanical Switches | Linear | KiiBOOM Topaz, one of the custom mechanical switches from KiiBoom. Recently, we have reviewed several mechanical keyboards from KiiBoom, this time we are taking a look a custom mechanical switch from the[…]

EPOMAKER Peace Lily – Review

EPOMAKER Peace Lily | Mechanical Switches | Linear | EPOMAKER Peace Lily, a budget mechanical switch from Epomaker. With the EPOMAKER Peace Lily you can build a whole 100% keyboard for little money as 1 single package includes 100 switches[…]

EPOMAKER Dawn Pink – Review

EPOMAKER Dawn Pink | Mechanical | Linear | EPOMAKER Dawn Pink , a really pink mechanical switch from Epomaker with surprising performance. The Epomaker Dawn Pink are linear mechanical switches available only as linear type with no tactile nor clicky[…]