HYCHIKA Angle Grinder – Review

  HYCHIKA Angle Grinder | Power Tool | Cordless | HYCHIKA Angle Grinder, an affordable wireless angle grinder from the brand. As part of the basic tool set of a DIY home owner you might want to have an angle[…]

M-CUBE Pro – Review

M-CUBE Pro | Modular Laser Multi-Measure | Power Tool | M-CUBE Pro, a brand new multi-modular measurement tool by HOZO Design. HOZO DESIGN has been creating unique power tools specialized in high-accuracy measurement by adding cutting-edge technology to classic laser[…]

ALLPOWERS S2000 – Review

ALLPOWERS S2000 | 2000W | Portable Power Station | Solar Panels/Chargers | We are reviewing the ALLPOWERS S2000, a mid-sized solar generator and portable power station from ALLPOWERS. The ALLPOWERS S2000 is a portable power station that can be bought[…]

LaserPecker LX1 Max – Review

LaserPecker LX1 Max | Laser Engraver | Laser Cutter | 1064nm Infrared | 20W 450nm Blue Diode | We are reviewing the LaserPecker LX1 Max, the largest laser machine from LaserPecker. The LaserPecker LX1 Max is a different approach to[…]

NeoRuler – Review

NeoRuler | Multi-Function Measure Tool | Ruler | Caliper | NeoRuler, an unique digital ruler by HOZO Design. The NeoRuler is a modular digital scale ruler that can be “upgraded” to also work as a digital caliper with the premium[…]