Fosi Audio ZA3 – Review

Fosi Audio ZA3

Fosi Audio ZA3

 | Power Amplifier | 2.1 |

Fosi Audio ZA3, the brand new stereo amplifier from the brand.

The Fosi Audio ZA3 got initially released as a crowdfunding project that then joined the general consumer market and catalog of Fosi Audio after reaching the goal set.

The Fosi Audio ZA3 could be considered the evolved bigger sibling of the popular Fosi Audio V3.

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Fosi Audio ZA3 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The amp comes inside the typical packaging seen on all modern Fosi Audio products.

The unit comes only bundled with the PSU and power cable; no other accessories are included with the amp.




The Fosi Audio ZA3 has a clean and modern design with a rectangular and short form factor.

The main shell has curved edges and lateral vent grids with an orange accent beneath them.

The front panel of the amp has 2 switches and a big orange metallic knob while the back panel holds all I/O connectors.

Overall, the amp looks aesthetically coherent with Fosi Audio ecosystem and amps/DAC products to match and facilitate an harmonically blending home audio system.

Size-wise, the Fosi Audio ZA3 is larger than the Fosi Audio V3 but the hefty 48V PSU of the Fosi Audio ZA3 might make the amp appear smaller than it is.

Nonetheless, this is not a large amp by any means and far from being as big as other amp/DACs that we have reviewed from SMSL, xDuoo, FX-Audio, Burson Audio or Mytek.



Operation & Control

The Fosi Audio ZA3 has a simple and straightforward operation and control design with just 2 switches that serve to choose the input source and set the amp in mono or stereo modes.

Furthermore, the only other control of the amp is the big orange knob that control the power of the amp.

This potentiometer has a taper a pot logarithmic design instead of the classic linear pot.

The amp does not have any fancy wireless, IR remote, Bluetooth nor mobile app control system.



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Construction & Build

The Fosi Audio ZA3 is well put together with an all metal construction that extends from the knob and switches up to the general case/shell of the unit.

Internally, the Fosi Audio ZA3 is equipped with a TPA3255 Class-D amp chip, premium Japanese NCC capacitors, ELNA capacitors, German WIMA capacitors, and Japanese Sumida inductors.




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This Fosi Audio amp offers in total 6 I/O connectors, including:

• 1x Stereo RCA input
• 2X balanced XLR in
• Power in

• 2x channel Stereo Banana plugs
• 1x sub out

Additionally, the amp has a 12V trigger in.


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As usual with Fosi Audio amps, the ZA3 is substantially small-sized but packs some punch with a maximum power output that can get as high as 180W per channel in stereo mode and 235W in mono mode.

It is fair to note that the amp accepts both 32V and 48V PSU but you can only reach the aforementioned wattage when using a 48V 6A power supply.

Moreover, the amp accepts op-amp rolling with five swappable op-amps compatible with DIP8 dual op-amps, so audio enthusiasts and hardcore op-amps fans can personalize the “flavor” of the ZA3.

In the sound department, the Fosi Audio ZA3 offers a purely flat frequency response with no dips nor spikes across the whole audible audio spectrum.

On top of that, the potentiometer of the amp never exhibited scratching noises and the amp itself did not suffer from noticeable hiss nor audio artifacts that could degrade your listening experience.

Of course, the main limiting and conditioning element of the home audio system that you build up with the ZA3 will be your source.

It is worth noticing, that this amp does not include additional features such as bass, treble nor any kind of EQ controls.


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Scores Scores

Fosi Audio ZA3 Scores

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Fosi Audio ZA3 Technical Specifications

•Mode: Stereo, Mono
•Input: RCA, XLR
•Output: Speaker Out, Sub Out
•Amp Chip: Texas Instrument TPA3255
•SINAD: 88dB
•SNR: ≥106dB
•Dynamic Range: ≥106dB
•THD: <0.005%
•Terminating Impedance: 2-8Ω
•Rated Output Power:
•Stereo Mode: 180W*2 @4Ω
•Mono Mode: 240W @4Ω
•Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (±0.1dB)
•Power Input: DC 24V-48V

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Fosi Audio ZA3