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Electronics & Tech Reviews

ProScreenCast SC01 – Review

  ProScreenCast SC01 | Wireless Display Adapter | 4K | 60Hz | HDR | We are reviewing the ProScreenCast SC01, a wireless display adapter with fair price and wide compatibility. ProScreenCast SC01 Review Tests & Scores Advanced Features The ProScreenCast[…]


NiPoGi AM06PRO / KAMRUI AM06PRO – Review

  NiPoGi AM06PRO / KAMRUI AM06PRO | MiniPC | AMD Ryzen 5 5500U | 512GB SSD | 16GB RAM | 4K 60Hz | We are reviewing the NiPoGi AM06PRO / KAMRUI AM06PRO, a fully featured miniPC with attractive price. NiPoGi[…]

DDPAI Z50 dashcam – Review

DDPAI Z50 | Dashcam | 4K | Dual Camera | GPS | WiFi | ADAS | IPS Screen | DDPAI Z50, the newest mid-upper tier dashcam from DDPAI. The DDPAI Z50 has been released as the newest model of the[…]

TESmart 4K KVM Switch Type-C HDMI – Review

TESmart 4K KVM Switch Type-C HDMI | KVM Switch | 4K | 60Hz | 4:4:4 | TESmart 4K KVM Switch Type-C HDMI, a keyboard, video, mouse switch with high-end specs. TESmart or better called “To Enjoy Smart” is a brand[…]

DDPAI Z40 dashcam – Review

DDPAI Z40 | Dashcam | 5 MP Camera | GPS | WiFi | IPS Screen | DDPAI Z40, an interesting dashcam with premium specs but cheap price. DDPAI is brand exclusively specialized in the development and construction of dashcams with[…]

HYCHIKA Impact Wrench

HYCHIKA Impact Wrench – Review

HYCHIKA Impact Wrench | Power Tool | Hychika Impact Wrench, a mid-torque, affordable power tool from the brand. The wrench is part of the vast catalogue of budget-friendly power tools from Hychika, offering well-spec’d products with crazy reasonable prices, while[…]

HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw – Review

HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw | Power Tool | Hychika Mini Circular Saw CS-85C. Hychika has been on the market of power tools for quite a while with a full array of tools for different user´s levels. The Mini Circular Saw[…]



FUNSNAP CAPTURE 2 | Gimbal | ? FUNSNAP CAPTURE 2, an affordable gimbal with rich features. The FUNSNAP CAPTURE 2 is a gimbal for smartphones and action cameras that was launched as the 2nd version of gimbals from the brand,[…]

Langogo Genesis

Langogo Genesis – Review

Langogo Genesis | Translator | WiFi | Mobile Data | Touch Screen | Dual SIM (eSIM) | Hotspot | ? Langogo Genesis, a portable smart translator that promises accurate and immediate translations. The Langogo Genesis was launched as an Indiegogo[…]

SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 – Review

SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 | SmartWatch | Heart Rate | Waterproof | SpO2 | ⌚ SOUNDPEATS Watch 2, the latest generation of SoundPeats smartwatches. The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 is the newest model from the brand following the SOUNDPEATS Watch 1 and the[…]



KOSPET PRIME SE | Watch | SmartPhone | 16GB ROM | 1GB RAM | Quad-Core CPU | 4G/LTE | GPS | WiFi | Bluetooth | Dual Camera | Heart Rate | Waterproof | Multi-Touch | AMOLED | Android OS |[…]


KOSPET PRIME SmartWatch Phone – Review

KOSPET Prime SmartWatch Phone | Watch | SmartPhone | 32GB ROM | 3GB RAM | Quad-Core CPU | 4G | GPS | WiFi | Bluetooth | Dual Camera | Face unlock | IP67 Waterproof | Android |   ⌚ KOSPET[…]


FINOW X7 SmartWatch Phone – Review

FINOW X7 SmartWatch Phone | Watch | SmartPhone | 16GB ROM | 1GB RAM | Quad-Core CPU | Dual 4G/LTE | GPS | WiFi | Bluetooth | Camera | Heart Rate | IP67 Waterproof | AMOLED | Android | ⌚[…]


KOSPET Hope 4G SmartWatch Phone – Review

KOSPET Hope 4G SmartWatch Phone | Watch | SmartPhone | 32GB ROM | 3GB RAM | Quad-Core CPU | Dual 4G/LTE | GPS + GLONASS | WiFi | Bluetooth | 8MP Camera | Heart Rate | IP67 Waterproof | Multi-Touch[…]

Alfawise B7 Pro

Alfawise B7 Pro Fitness Tracker – Review

Alfawise B7 Pro | SmartBand | Heart Rate | IP67 Waterproof | Color Screen | Alfawise B7 Pro black Alfawise B7 Pro blueberry blue FIND ALL: Earphones Scores Compared MORE: In-Ear Headphones Reviews SEE ALSO: Headphones Technical Specifications Alfawise B7 Pro[…]

Diggro X3 - Microwear X3

Diggro X3 / Microwear X3 – Review

Diggro X3 / Microwear X3 | Multi-Color Screen | IP68 | Heart Rate | Blood Pressure | Xiaomi Mi Band 3 / Lenovo HW01 / Elephone ELE Band 5 Huawei Band 2 Pro You can buy the Diggro X3 /[…]

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch – Review

 Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch | 6 months Battery Life | Pedometer | 3ATM Waterproof | ⌚ Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch, a classic watch with smart functions. As the name suggests, the Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch is a quartz mechanical watch but[…]

DT NO1 F13 Smartwatch

DT NO.1 F13 Smartwatch – Review

DT NO.1 F13 Smartwatch | Heart Rate | IP68 | 1” | NO.1 D7W •NO.1 F2 • NO.1 F6 Smartwatches: • NO.1 F13 Smart Watch grey NO.1 F13 Smart Watch red SEE ALSO:  Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – Review FIND[…]

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 | SmartBand | Heart Rate | 5ATM Waterproof | OLED | Xiaomi Mi Band 1S and the original Xiaomi Mi Band. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is also named Xiaomi Shouhuan3 and Xiaomi XMSH05HM. You can buy[…]