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Arylic BP50

Arylic BP50

| Speaker Amplifier | USB DAC | 50W | Bluetooth Transmitter |

Arylic BP50, the fresh new Bluetooth pre-amp from Arylic.

The Arylic BP50 joins the brand’s catalog as an affordable audio component to complement your sound system but with a quality:cost ratio that is hard to beat.

Basically, the Arylic BP50 is an Arylic B50 (read our review) but without the power amp for passive speakers. This is actually a nice thing to have, as users can opt for the BP50 or B50 according to their needs without having to spend the extra cash on the B50 if you simply do not need/want the power amp function.

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Arylic BP50 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

As usual on the newer products from Aryilic, the BP50 comes inside a nice and sturdy packaging.

Inside you get:

• 1x PSU
• 2x Bluetooth antennas
• 1x remote control




The Arylic BP50 shares the form factor and footprint of the B50 model but with a renewed aesthetic design.

The front panel now has a centered strip with a glossy deep black finish that hides below all the status indicators, which will be only seen when activated – you will see the LED light turning on only on the actual active mode being set while to other indicators will be hidden.

This new indicator design on the BP50 looks cleaner than on the B50, giving it a more quality feel despite actually being the budget-friendly sibling from the B50.

The knob has a nice textured surface finish across the edges and a smoother front section – giving it a better grip and a more retroish feel.

It is also worth mentioning that the Arylic BP50 uses a tiny PSU with a remarkable low power consumption of maximum 12V 1A.




Operation & Control

The Arylic BP50 has a triple control option which allows the device to be controlled either through the IR remote control, through a smartphone/mobile device with the Arylic app (GO Control) or with the knob that is also a multifunction button.

Not all control options allow the same level of customization of the device but the most complete and feature-enabling is the mobile app.

The remote control has well-labeled and clear indicators of each buttons function with quite a vast amount of dedicated buttons for fast access to main functions and even treble/bass control and EQ presets.

The knob has a nice tactile but silent feedback for each rotational step while the button function does emit a subtle clicky sound – the knob can be rotated clock and counterclockwise with infinite rotational movement.


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Construction & Build

The unit is completely made of metal with no cheap plastic used for main sections of the device, even the knob and power switch are made of metal.

The bottom section is equipped with 4 feet that help raise the unit from the surface being sitting on, which allows it to improve the thermals of the inner components.

On the other hand, these feet do not provide an anti-slipping system as they do not have any rubberized build nor finish; they are simply made of plastic.


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The Arylic BP50 might look harmless from the outside but the little guy offers quite a remarkable amount for I/O connections. For example, despite the cheap price, the Arylic offers Bluetooth function as a receiver and as a transmitter – being a Bluetooth transmitter is a feature that is even difficult to find in high-tier audiophile DAC/amp models.

All the connections available for the Arylic BP50 are:

Inputs available:
• RCA input
• USB disk
• Phono in
• Bluetooth (up to 2 devices)
• Optical in

Outputs include:
• RCA stereo out
• Subwoofer out (active SW)
• Coaxial out
• Optical out
• Bluetooth transmitter (up to 2 devices at the same time)


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The brand markets so strongly the Bluetooth, ARC and pre-amp capabilities that most potential buyers might miss out that the Arylic BP50 is also a DAC with a dedicated USB-C port to connect with computers. Even more, the BP50 sports quite a nice, audiophile-grade DAC chip (ESS Sabre ES9023P DAC chip) that can offer decoding up to 192kHZ/24bits and a dynamic range of 112dB.

So, despite being promoted and classified by the brand as a Wireless Stereo Pre-Amplifier, the Arylic BP50 is also a full-featured DAC.

If you are unsure of the benefits of adding an audio component like the Arylic BP50 to your soundsystem, let us briefly explain you.

With the BP50 you will have the possibility to transform your wired audio system into a fully wireless Bluetooth one, ranging from your audio amplifier to active subwoofers and active speakers, vinyl players, soundbars, games consoles, etc. – it can be even used as a wireless receiver or transmitter.

For televisions that do not offer Bluetooth, by connecting an Arylic BP50 you can now listen from your favorite Bluetooth headphones to the movie that you are watching on your TV. Even if your TV is BT-enabled, adding a BP50 allows the connection of 2 pair of BT headphones at the same time, giving you and your partner the possibility to watch TV on independent wireless headphones.

Also with the USB host mode, you can use the unit as a standalone wireless music player for the contents inside the USB disk.


Getting back to the performance and sound results of our tests; the Arylic BP50 showed a stable connection through Bluetooth with no hiccups and a good signal.

Also, the quality coming out of the BT 5.2 Qualcomm QCC3040 granted an excellent sound quality and the option to choose high-quality codecs like aptX and their variants (HD, LL, Adaptive), also AAC and SBC are supported.

As a PC USB DAC, the BP50 exhibited a clean output with outstanding max. specs reaching 192kHZ/24bits that in our measurements presented a perfectly flat frequency response when not activating any built-in EQ nor bass/treble boosts.

Moreover, these EQ and bass/treble control options brought a true sound re adjustment and re tuning with net and very hearable difference.

The device also offers remarkable sound-specific specs that could attract more demanding audio enthusiasts, like:

THD+ SNR: 0.05%>95%
Subwoofer out: 3Vrms with a cutting frequency of 250Hz
Line out: 2vrms
Opt/coax: 48kHz/16bit
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz


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Arylic BP50 Scores

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Arylic BP50 Technical Specifications

• Support Apt-x Yes
• Support AAC Yes
• Model Number BP50
• Package Yes
• High Definition Support None
• WIFI Standard None
• Wireless Type Bluetooth
• Interface 3.5mm,USB,Type-C,HDMI-Compatible
• Brand Name Arylic
• Origin Mainland China
• Bluetooth Standard 5.2
• Bluetooth Codec aptX HD, aptX LL, aptX AD, AAC, SBC
• Bluetooth Transmit 2x Bluetooth TX, able to connect up to 2 Bluetooth speaker or earbuds
• Bluetooth Receive 2x Bluetooth RX, able to connect up to 2 Bluetooth transmitter devices
• Power Input 12V/1A
• Line in Analog RCA, Max 2Vrms input
• Phono in Analog RCA, Support MM/MC
• Optical in Up to 192kHz/24bit PCM only
• TV ARC PCM only, CEC function supported
• USB Host USB disk drive playback, support resume playback,Storage format: Fat16, Fat32, exFAT, up to 128GB,Support codec: mp3, mp4, wma, mov, m4a, aac, flac(96kHz/24bit), ape
• USB Type-C USB DAC for PC connection, sample rate: 48kHz
• Subwoofer out Max 3V RMS output, cutting frequency: 250Hz
• Line out Max 2Vrms output
• Coaxial out 48kHz/16bit output
• Optical out 48kHz/16bit output

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Arylic BP50