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1MORE FIT SE S30, a new open-air earbud from 1MORE.

The 1MORE FIT SE S30 is one of the 2 freshest addition to 1MORE catalog in their new FIT series, being the S30 the budget-friendly model.

Inside, the 1MORE FIT SE S30 hold a large 14.2mm dynamic driver with DLC diaphragm and an algorithm that 1MORE ensures to enhance bass (they call it DBB)

The back plates of the earpieces are touch sensitive, allowing full control of the unit by touch inputs.

Moreover, the FIT SE S30 have 4 noise cancelling microphones for clear phone calls and a battery life of 10 hours of playback time on a single charge and up to 30 hours in total with the battery case.

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1MORE FIT SE S30 Review

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Accessories & Packaging

The unit comes inside a relatively small packaging that includes the battery case and a USB charging cable.

Unfortunately, there are no additional accessories included besides an USB-C charging cable.



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As with most open-air headphones, the perfect placement to optimize their sound quality can vary as there is not a tight physical element holding the earpieces in a specific millimetric place.

When placed in the best position to optimize sound, the 1MORE FIT SE S30 were able to offer a way better sound than most open-air headphones on the market with a midrange able to provide fullness and good clarity on both male and female vocals.

Highs were able to provide sufficient brightness for a non-dark flavor and a better balance to the sound signature but do not expect the level of brightness and detail of an audiophile rated in-ear headphone (of course)

Being a sports earbud you might want an impacting bass to pump your training sessions but the 1MORE FIT SE S30 will not provide a deeply skull crushing bass, instead we can rate them as a sports open-air earbud for sports people that prefer a less bass-centered sound and who enjoy more space for mid and vocals in their music during their sports activities.

At the same time, the earbuds presented an excellent control of disturbing peaks like harshness, sibilance and piercing highs.





Each earpiece of the 1MORE FIT SE S30 has an integrated silicone-alike earhook that is flexible, sitting around the ears with a gentle but secure fit.

On top of that, the IPX5 waterproof rating and feather weight of just 10 grams combines with the rounded edges of the earpieces into a superb level of fatigue-free and comfortable use.

The touch-enabled controls placed on the large back plated of the earpieces provide an easy access to all playback and phone controls and/or access to voice controls through the 4 mics – touch controls can be customized with the proprietary 1MORE Music app.


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