Skyloong GK87 PRO LITE – Review

Skyloong GK87 PRO LITE
Skyloong GK87 PRO LITE

Skyloong GK87 PRO LITE

| Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | TKL |

Skyloong GK87 PRO LITE, one of the newest mechanical keyboard releases from Skyloong.

Most probably when you saw this keyboard you might have had a flashback of the Skyloong GK87PRO that we reviewed some time ago; in fact, this is a newer “Lite” model added to the line of the GK87 series.

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Skyloong GK87 PRO LITE Review

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The Skyloong GK87 Pro Lite comes in the typical simple packaging from the brand, including inside:

• Extra keycap set
• 3x extra switches
• Full size stab and spacebar
• Silicone covers for knob area
• Plastic plier
• Keyboard cover
• USB-C cable
• Keycap/keyswitch puller
• Metal backplate
• USB adapter



The Skyloong GK87 PRO Lite has a TKL layout in a 87-keys plus knob design with an ANSI layout.

Aesthetically, the Skyloong GK87 Pro Lite looks well-balanced with a pleasing design that is neither overly flashy nor dull and boring, yet being “enriched” with elements such as detachable plates, a display screen and a knob.

This Skyloong keyboard makes use of a 3-color set that includes white, black and red keycaps; resulting in a nice looking combination that matches well the case color and metal plates.

On the top right of the keyboard you will see a metal knob and a display screen. This display might be smaller and non-detachable unlike the one of the GK87PRO but it has sharp fonts and easy readability.

The case has a frosted, semi-translucent build while right below the display there 3 dedicated LED lights that indicate CAPS Lock, Win Lock and Scroll Lock

On the back you will find a long red, metal plate that is magnetically attached and can be removed if wanted, also on the lower right edge you will see another metal plate that is way smaller, this hides beneath the wireless dongle and can be removed magnetically.



As we mentioned in the Design section, the Skyloong GK87 PRO Lite has a display screen; this is a 1.1″ LCD display with full-color and a resolution of 240×135.

The screen can be used to have a quick overview of info status like time, date, battery charge, mode (win/mac), connection mode, CAPS Lock or to display animated GIFs.

On top of that, the screen can display thermals of the PC and CPU usage – we were able to obtain the reading of CPU usage but not for the thermals.

The display supports customization of the animated GIFs allowing users to design whatever they want or to download premade designs.

Moreover, the display also includes menu navigation and settings to control the backlight of the keyboard, light presets, brightness and language of the built-in menu.



The keyboard has a full ABS case which might not be as hefty as metal cases but it offers a good balance of sturdiness and lightweight.

Internally, the Skyloong GK87 Pro Lite includes a hot-swappable north-facing board, compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches.

Furthermore, the brand has equipped a generous dampening design in it; which includes 2xPoron pad, 2xPET pad, PE foam, sound dampening foam.

Also, the keyboard includes PCB-mounted stabilizers from Gateron.




The keycaps of the Skyloong are made of quality PBT material which will endure through time without fading away while also offering oil-resistance.

The surface of the keycaps has a subtle gritty finish that feels nice to the fingers and also adds better grip.

As usual with PBT keycaps, these are not shine-through but the smart black fonts over white caps and black fonts over black caps, make them contrasty and readable with ease.

As you might see from the photos, the keyboard comes assembled with a split-spacebar but you can replace it with a single long keyboard keycap as all the assembly elements are included for the replacement (keycap, stab, switches)
The knob placed on the top-right corner can be removed and replaced for a keyswitch and keycap if wanted.

This knob has a CNC metal build with an excellent balance of resistance and smoothness while still offering silent, tactile feedback per notch.




The Skyloong GK87 PRO Lite can be purchased with 3 different switches which include 2 linear and a tactile one.

The specific switches options are from KTT but are a special model custom made for Skyloong:

• KTT x Skyloong Rose Silver linear
• KTT x Skyloong Rose Pink linear
• KTT x Skyloong Rose Sea Blue tactile

The model that we are reviewing include the KTT Rose Silver switches which are the fastest of all the switches options but not the lightest one – if you want the lighter one choose the Rose Pink.

The tech specs of the KTT x Skyloong Rose Silver are:

• Type: linear
• Operating force 45 gf
• Pre-travel 1.2mm
• Total travel 3.5mm

The switches present a smooth and scratchless travel with a confident linear feedback per key press despite not being tactile switches.



The keyboard can be connected either wired or wirelessly; the wired connection is accomplished through a detachable USB-C cable while wirelessly you can use the keyboard through a Bluetooth connection or with the wireless dongle with 2.4G technology.




The keyboard is smooth and responsive while also providing a nice sound profile with a touch of premium feel to it.


On top of the sought-after TKL layout, the Skyloong GK87 Pro Lite includes many gaming specs such as:

• 2.4G wireless
• USB-C detachable
• 1000Hz polling rate
• Split spacebar
• Full reprogramming
• Macros
• Hot-swappable


Being equipped with wired and wireless connection and a good-compromise of form-factor, weight and amount of keys that include the full Fn row keys and TKL navigation; this Skyloong keyboard is well-equipped to be used as a main keyboard, productivity or office tasks – if you do not rely heavily on a numpad.



Despite having north-facing LEDs, the Skyloong does a good job by offering strong backlit intensity and a vast amount of different lighting patterns to choose from.

On top of that, the frosted semi-translucent case inherits part of the LED lighting, showing a diffused backlit effect over the surface.



The Skyloong GK87 Pro Lite exhibited a nice mechanical keyboard sound with a clack profile with a seasoning of thock.

The keyboard sounds clean and even better tuned than many other keyboards with a much higher retail price.

Also, the Skyloong GK87 Pro Lite did not present hollow sound issues, resonance nor other typical problems like pinging or rattling noises.

The Gateron stabilizers were well-lubed from factory with a fluid but silent travel with only a noticeable different sound profile for the left and right split bar section.



The Skyloong GK87 Pro Lite uses a whole new software different than the GK87PRO.

This time the Lite version has a proper and fully functional software that allows smooth customization of the keyboard and access to the screen functions, GIFs, designs and even download shared GIF directly from the software – also firmware upgrades for the keyboard and display are accessible through the software.



Part of what makes this model the “Lite” version of the full PRO one is the battery inside as it has half the capacity of the flagship brother (3600mAh vs 7200mAh)

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Skyloong GK87 PRO LITE Technical Specifications

• Body Material: ABS
• Keycap Material: PBT
• Plate Material: PC
• Stabilizer: Gateron PCB-mounted stabilizer (Pre-Lubed)
• Backlight: 16.8M north-facing RGB LED
• Layout: ANSI
• Number of Keys: 87 keys +1 knobs + 1 screen
• Split Spacebar: Support 3.125u/3.125u
• Screen: 1.14 TFT LCD Screen
• Screen Image/GIF Size:
○ 135*240
• Hot-Swappable:
○ Support mechanical switch hot-swap (3 pins & 5 pins switch)
• Battery Capacity: 3600mAh
• Connectivity:
○ USB Type-C + Bluetooth 5.0 + 2.4G Wireless
• Polling Rate:
○ USB-C Wired: 1000Hz
○ 2.4G Polling Rate 1000Hz
○ Bluetooth 5.0 Polling Rate: 125Hz
• Compatible Devices:
○ PC (Windows/MacOS)
○ Phone (Android/IOS)
○ Laptop
○ Tablet
○ PS5
• Keys Value Configuration (*Hassle-free onboard storage configuration without modification every time)

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Skyloong GK87 PRO LITE