Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary – Review

Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary
Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary

Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary

| Magnetic Switches | Adjustable Actuation | Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | DKS | Rapid Trigger | Wired | 75% |

Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary, a special edition keyboard from AKKO to celebrate their anniversary number 7.

Some companies like to release anniversary editions of their products but AKKO has gone far and beyond with their take on an anniversary product by releasing the Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary.

You may ask yourself why? Well, the Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary comes equipped with their very first Akko magnetic switches, allowing the brand to enter the world of adjustable analogue switches.

Due to the long naming of this keyboard you might find it called:

Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC
Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary

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Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary Review

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For an anniversary special edition model, you might be surprised that Akko did not packed the keyboard in a fancier packaging. For example, the packaging of the Akko SPR75 (reviewed some time ago) is significantly more refined.

• Keyboard cover
• Coiled cable
• Keycap puller
• Switch puller

Unfortunately, there are no extra switches nor keycaps included with the keyboard.



As an anniversary edition keyboard that wants to celebrate the brand’s path and effort, the Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary makes a good example of personal identity that showcases the young and joyful spirit of Akko.

The keyboard has a 75% layout with 80 keys plus a knob, with the navigation keys vertically aligned right below the knob’s location.

The knob itself has a smooth, white finish that almost camouflages with the case of the keyboard.

Talking about the case, this has plain white finish that matches very well the general airy light aesthetic feel of this model.

Beside the RGB backlighting, this MOD007 does not have any dedicated LED status indicators.

As the MOD007 is a line of keyboards that already existed before the 7th Anniversary special edition, the classic MOD 007 PC models should not be mistaken as being the same as the 7th Anniversary because the special anniversary edition is the model including the new magnetic switches.

Nonetheless, newer variants of the MOD007 PC with, also, magnetic switches are available like:

Akko MOD007B PC Tokyo
Akko MOD007B PC Santorini



The case of the Akko has an ergonomic inclination plus 2 adjustable height options given by the tiltable feet.

The compact 75% layout is combined with a case that makes full use of the 75% size without having an unnecessary enlarged area with empty unused spaces, thus making all keys reachable with both hands in place without having to surf around to press keys that are farther away.



The Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC has a polycarbonate case in a 2-piece design that is nearly equally divided in a 50/50 upper and bottom case.

The bottom case is equipped with 4 beefy silicone feet that do an outstanding job keeping the keyboard in place regardless of the surface of the desk where it sits on.

Inside, the MOD007 PC is equipped with a gasket mount design and a multi-dampening layering that includes a case foam, IXPE switch pad and an additional dampening foam sitting between the IPXE switch pad and the plate.



The keycaps of the Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC should not be underestimated by its cuteness as these are, actually, excellent PBT dye-sub keycaps with a thick building quality that is inline with the thickness and caliber of premium PBT keycaps.

The keycaps set have an OEM profile and a nice texturized finish that is clearly more tactile than other keycaps but offering a pleasing final feel to the touch.

Furthermore, as this is an anniversary special edition keyboard, the keycaps have a lovely Akko themed design with a pastel gamut on the pink, purple and salmon/bubblegum coloring.

Throughout the keycaps you will discover the cute Akko mascot/logo doing all sort of activities from traveling in car, wearing headphones chilling, dancing and fooling around with friends.



The Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary comes pre-assembled with the fresh new and innovative Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches; these should not be confused with Akko Cream Yellow and Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro switches, as these last 2 are classic mechanical switches while the new Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic are switches with hall-effect sensors and no mechanical design.

The switches have POM stem, polycarbonate upper case and a PA bottom case.

The brand new magnetic technology inside the Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches enables access to features of analogue switches that include:

  • Actuation travel customization and programming: allowing to set the actuation distance where the switch gets activated as well as a separate actuation travel distance where the switch is released (users have complete freedom to set each distance with an accuracy of 0.1mm and in a selectable range from 0.2mm to 3.8mm), thus allow total freedom for customization and programmability of the travel needed to reset and reactive the triggering/activation of a switch
  • Dynamic Keystroke: typically referred as DKS, allows to program a simple keystroke triggering and release into 4 different actions that will be triggered depending on the pressing distance and release distance applied to the switch
  • Rapid Trigger: absolute elimination of the release and reactivation distance needed to make a switch to respond – this is a feature that sets a complete new bar in the speed of a switch and the gaming world by the absolute elimination of any delay and introducing virtually instant response for hardcore gaming and a speed level that, by the nature of the design, a mechanical switch will never be able to match.

Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts are trapped in an eternal search of switches that cover their preference of specs and balance between actuation force, actuation travel, release/reset distance and actuation activation distance.

The Akko MOD007 PC 7th-Anniversary with its magnetic switches solves most of these by giving users the means to configure and manually set the actuation travel and reset/release travel needed for each key through Akko software.

Basically, you are getting infinite switches with the Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic depending on the actuation settings that you use. For example you can configure it to be a speed linear switch or a more error-tolerant switch for typing.

As a matter of fact, Akko provides you with 4 preset banks for the customization of the actuation travel that includes:

• Comfort: sets activation distance and release at 2mm
• Sensitive: with 0.5mm for activation and 2mm for its release
• Game: same actuation settings as Sensitive but with Rapid Trigger function turned on
• Custom: preset bank to fully customize it at will

Moreover, this new adjustable switches open up the doors for Akko to a new era of pro-gaming keyboards.

Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches specifications

Type: Magnetic Linear
Operating Force: 50 ± 10gf
Total Travel: 4.0mm
Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5mm
Actuation Adjustability step: 0.1mm
Range of actuation customization: 0.1mm to 3.8mm




The Akko MOD007 PC 7th-Anniversary might look like many other mutli-connectivity keyboards but this version is an only-wired one.

Nonetheless, the cable is detachable and uses a modern USB-C connector with a recessed port to ensure a long-lasting durability.



Analogue, magnetic and adjustable optical switches have been on the market for a couple of years but Akko has pushed the innovation even further by offering something that no other competitor offers, which is a south-facing board design that allows the possibility to hot-swap these magnetic switches and even allow to replace each/any of them with classic 3-pin mechanical switches (with compatible Akko switches)

Moreover, the settable actuation activation/release point allows a complete customization of the effective actuation and speed of each key for a complete groundbreaking personalization potential. Custom actuation can be programmed independently per key.

On top of that, the new Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches enable the 80 keys of the keyboard to become 320 key functions on a single layer thanks to the customization potential empowered by the Dynamic Keystroke and its 4-stage programmability.

Of course, the same customization of any flagship mechanical keyboard is easily covered by the Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC like full per-key macros, per-key reprogrammability and per-key RGB lighting design – even the rotational function of the knob can be remapped (not the press function as it is used to enter the backlighting control menu)

If all of this was not enough, the Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary has on-board memory, therefore, what you set and customize remains stored in the keyboard itself without needing any obnoxious software running in the background and starting up each time you boot up your computer.




Allowing to set the actuation travel and reset travel, the typing experience is fully customizable to fit each users preference for the personality of their switches.

Moreover, the remarkable smoothness of the Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic make the Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC a keyboard that you will want to use endlessly to type again and again.

As a matter of fact, we created our own personal custom actuation for ultra-fast, low fatigue typing with an actuation press activation at 1.2mm and a actuation release at 2mm – a kind of actuation that no mechanical switch can provide.


When you are talking about gaming there is no way to compete with analogue and magnetic switches that allow you to access a level of fine-tuning like actuation point customization and D.K.S.

With the new Akko magnetic switches equipped in the Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC, you have now access to all these features and more.

Also other honorable specs that make the Akko MOD007 PC 7th-Anniversary a flawless gaming keyboard include:

• Rapid trigger
• N-Key rollover
• 75% layout
• Hot-swappable
• Knob
• RGB backlighting


The technological features of magnetic switches, DKS, Rapid Trigger and actuation point adjustability are always highlighted by their competitive performing advantage for gaming but most of these features offer also a new level of customization potential that can as well benefit non-gaming purposes like productivity.

As just a few mere examples of the exponential customization potential of these new switches are:

• DKS programming for the quadruplication of the macros programmability for each key – meaning that you can have each single key to have 4 independent actions on single key, layer and keystroke press/release travel.

• Actuation point customization to set a finely tuned switch to each users preference with a precision of 0.1mm and independent per-key actuation setting


The comfort, productivity and versatile features listed in both the Typing and Gaming section can apply to the benefits of the keyboard as an office and business/work companion – as a matter of fact, the only details that holds it back from scoring another solid 5 out of 5 in this category is the lack of the numpad that can be a necessary feature for heavy-spreadsheet and excel-depending users and wireless modes.



Most of the time, south-facing keyboards with PBT non-shine through keycaps provide a less-efficient showcase of the RGB backlighting. Despite being a keyboard with both of these board/keycaps combinations, the Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary offered a beautiful RGB light effect that looked more 3D than others and with a very even and well-lit overall board.

Firstly we were not sure why the Akko was able to do this but looking closer at it, we noticed that Akko cleverly applied a metallic silver finish to the upper board, thus generating a light refractive surface (like the internal surface of a video softbox or a photography light reflector)

In fact, dynamic interactive light effects like the 6 variants of the “Music Follow” presets looked gorgeous.

As a detail to note, the knobs press function does not have the typical “sound mute” function but it makes the keyboard to enter a light control mode.



In addition to all the advanced and leading features that the Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic switches are able to offer, they also provide a level of smoothness and scratchless performance that, by physical design, is simply impossible to offer by a mechanical switch.

This is because these magnetic switches do not have the inner mechanical elements of a classic mechanical switch rasping between each other which add friction, attrition and the infamous scratchy characteristics.

On top of that, the combination with a quality multi-dampening layer design, premium/thick PBT keycaps and good stabilizers, the Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC offered an unique profile that sounded deep and delightfully thocky but with also the possibility to offer a remarkably more silent profile when not smashed. Moreover, there were never signs of pinging, echo, resonance.

A small detail was that, for our taste, the spacebar stabs could use a slight touch of extra lubing; in fact we added a tiny amount and every small traces of rattling instantly disappeared – we think that this might be an assembly detail in our unit as every other stabilizer throughout the keyboard was working and performing impeccably clean and rattle-free.



Despite being the very first generation of magnetic adjustable switches, Akko did a respectable job releasing a well-polished software to accompany the new switches tech to maximize the potential of its technological versatility and advantage without having to deal with any bugs.

Even the software and firmware upgrade built-in was active and working as it should.

As part of the custom adjustability of the actuation distance and utilizing the advanced functions of DKS programing, we created custom DKS for the G key using it for some FPS were we like a custom macro that was impossible to create with standard macros.

This custom DKS programming that we made includes:

  1. a first action that triggers from .07mm to 3.4mm that selects and equips a grenade
  2. a 2nd action triggered after the 3.5mm of actuation travel up to bottom down the key that arms and ready ups the grenade but does not throw it
  3. a 3rd function that triggers as soon as starting to release the key that make the grenade to be thrown
  4. and a final 4th macro action to immediately switch back to the weapon in slot 1, that is triggered when the release travel distance is less than 0.7mm.

All of the actions in the DKS steps can be freely programmed as well as the first activation travel distance and last release travel actuation can be finely set as wanted in 0.1mm steps ranging from 0.5mm to 2.5mm.

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Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary Technical Specifications

Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary

75% + 1 knob

Akko Magnetic and 3-Pin switches

Keycap Material

Keycap Profile



LED Direction

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Akko MOD 007 PC 7th Anniversary