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KZ 16 drivers

KZ announces a 16 Driver Headphone – NEWS

ℹ KZ has just announced a new headphone with 16 drivers, precisely 1 week after the announcement of the KZ ZSA. This new model has been teased by the brand with the release of an image that does not reveal in-depth details.[…]

KZ ZS4 - KZ YZ66 - KZ YZ63 - KZ YZ49 - KZ YZ46 - KZ YZ41 - KZ YZ40 - KZ YZ39 - KZ YZ35 - KZYZ34

KZ Announces KZ ZS4 – KZ YZ66 – KZ YZ63 – KZ YZ49 – KZ YZ46 – KZ YZ41 – KZ YZ40 – KZ YZ39 – KZ YZ35 – KZ YZ34

KZ has just announced the release of 10 new models the: KZ ZS4, KZ YZ66, KZ YZ63, KZ YZ49, KZ YZ46, KZ YZ41, KZ YZ39, KZ YZ35 and KZ YZ34. We are sharing with our readers the technical specifications and[…]


KZ ED15 Announced and Available – NEWS

ℹ The KZ ED15 has just been officially announced and is now available to buy it. On March 1st we informed you about KZ having launched 11 new headphones, last week the KZ ZS10 was introduced to resellers and since then[…]


KZ ES4 Officially Revealed & Coming Soon – NEWS

Knowledge Zenith has just revealed and announced the KZ ES4, the successor of the KZ ES3. So far the information about the KZ ES4 is limited, the official announcement of the KZ ES4 seems to reveal that the KZ ES4[…]

KZ ZS10 disassembly

KZ ZS10 Now Available to Buy & Full Specs – NEWS

ℹ Almost 3 weeks ago we revealed to our readers that the KZ ZS10 was announced. This time we are letting you know that the KZ ZS10 is now available to buy and order. See price: HERE, Other KZ announcements related to[…]


KZ ZS10 Officially Revealed – NEWS

On March 1st we shared with our readers the news of KZ having just released 10 new hybrid earphones. Today, less than 5 days later from the announcement, KZ has revealed official images and basic technical specifications about the KZ[…]


KZ ZS4 Tech Specs and Photo Revealed – NEWS

ℹ The KZ ZS4 has just been revealed with further information about their technical specifications and an official photo, following to the insane amount of new KZ earphones announced and released this month, like the recently available KZ ZS10 and KZ[…]


KZ ZSA Officially Announced – NEWS

ℹ The KZ ZSA has just been officially announced, the newest multi-driver hybrid in-ear headphone from Knowledge Zenith that will be coming soon to resellers shelves. The information about the KZ ZSA is not very extensive so far but it can[…]


KZ ZSR Officially Released – NEWS

ℹ️ The KZ ZSR has been officially announced. The KZ ZSR had been said to be launched this year but not much details about their possible specs could be found besides some rumors that they would be a 10 driver IEM.[…]

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones Necklace

Launched: Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY and Xiaomi BRE01JY Headphones – NEWS

ℹ Xiaomi has recently launched the Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY and Xiaomi BRE01JY, two headphones with dual drivers and very different approach. Xiaomi joins this busy month regarding new exciting budget headphones announcements like Knowledge Zenith which recently announced almost a dozen of new[…]

Senfer EN900

SENFER Releases the SENFER EN900 Multi-Driver Hybrid Headphone – NEWS

ℹ This end of the week has brought excellent news to budget-conscious audiophiles with the introduction of a wide variety of top spec’ed headphones at insanely affordable prices and SENFER is keeping up with this announcement-packed days by releasing the SENFER[…]

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headphones

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headphones Released – NEWS

ℹ Xiaomi has just launched a full sized over-ear gaming headphone with polished and stylish looks. The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headphones have 40 mm dynamic drivers, 7.1 virtual surround sound, dual noise cancelling microphones, ENC technology, are built-in ABS and say[…]


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