Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo – Review

Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo
Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo

Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo

| Magnetic/Mechanical Keyboard | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | 75% | Gasket-mounted | South-facing |

Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo, part of the newest magnetic-mechanical keyboards from Akko.

The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo is part of the all-new magnetic switches keyboards from the brand and being, along with the Akko MOD007B HE PC Santorini, the first 2 additional models joining the series that used to be exclusively available on the Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC – a barebones kit is also available.

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Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo Review

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The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo comes in packaging with sufficient protection and a nice Tokyo-based cover.

Inside you will get:

• Extra Tokyo keycaps set
• Keyboard cover
• Coiled cable
• Keycap puller
• Switch puller



The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo is part of the popular MOD007 PC series that offer a 75% layout with navigation keys and a knob.

The keyboard has a bright, refreshing aesthetic with a pure-white case and a color combination that includes white, pink, and blue accents.

Overall, the keyboard looks stylish and eye-candy yet with a minimalistic and very clean feel.

Specifically, the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo belongs to their World Tour Theme keyboards using an aesthetic design that incorporates landscapes and colors from the named city; being designed with the city of Tokyo as the main theme, this Akko keyboard incorporates plenty of Tokyo-themed details such as the use of a pink color inspired by the Cherry blossom season in Tokyo.

Other World Tour Theme keyboards include the Akko MOD007B HE PC Santorini, Akko ACR59 World Tour Tokyo, Akko 3108v2 World Tour Beijing, Akko World Tour London 5108S, etc.

The Akko MOD007B HE PC is available in 2 variants that have a different city as the main theme:

• Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo
• Akko MOD007B HE PC Santorini

Internals, tech, switches, case, etc. are all the same in both models; the only difference between the 2 variants is the keycaps set.

Sometimes the product naming from Akko gets a bit confusing as you will find the same product named differently on some online marketplaces and from the manufacturer’s website.
This Akko keyboard can be found with the following names:

• Akko MOD007B PC Tokyo
• Akko MOD 007B PC Tokyo
• Akko MOD007B-HE PC Tokyo
• Akko MOD 007B HE PC Tokyo R2
• Akko MOD 007B PC Tokyo R2
• Akko MOD 007 PC Tokyo (incorrect name)

Let us decompose part of the naming and explain you a bit.

MOD007 is the specific model/series, the presence of a “B” after MOD007 means that this is a variant that includes multi-modes connectivity, instead if the name lacks this “B” it means that it is a USB wired-only model.

On the “R2” naming variants it is highly important that you understand that one is a mechanical keyboard and the other one is the modern magnetic/mechanical one, this mainly recognized by the “HE” in the product name which refers to “Hall Effect”:

• Akko MOD 007B HE PC Tokyo R2: model with magnetic switches and board compatible with also 3-pin mechanical switches (same as the model that we are reviewing)
• Akko MOD 007B PC Tokyo R2: mechanical keyboard model compatible and pre-assembled with 5-pin mechanical switches



The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo has the highly optimized layout of 75% where you can obtain all of the most useful and productive keys yet remaining compact, friendly for space saving of your desktop environment and allowing a comfortable use of a mouse next to the keyboard.

The keyboard’s case has a slight inclination to improve the ergonomics and reach of keys without straining the hands and fingers.

Moreover, the bottom is equipped with height-adjustable feet with 2 extra positions besides the flat one.




The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo has a polycarbonate case that makes it rugged but light weighted – if you own the Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC you might be surprised that despite that the Tokyo model has an internal battery, both keyboards share a relatively similar weight.

Internally, the keyboard is equipped with a full-fledged premium build with a gasket mount design and a multi-layer dampening system with a base Poron foam, IXPE switch pad, Poron plate foam and a PC plate.



The keycaps of the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo have a classic Cherry profile with, also, a more-classic approach to the fonts used.

Specifically, these keycaps are premium-quality, thick PBT with dye-sublimation printing of the legends, both construction elements that ensure oil-resistance and long-lasting non-fading legends.

The keycaps carry on the use of embellishing details that match the Tokyo theme design with the F number row showing names of some of the most famous neighborhoods, keycaps writing is English and Japanese and a gorgeous spacebar with a classic Tokyo landscape where you can see Mount Fuji, the cherry blossoms and a Japanese torii shrine.

The keycaps have a finely and slightly textured finish that feels gentler to the touch than other more gritty finishes keycaps; the keycaps have a texture feel inline with the ones seen on the Keydous NJ98 and also closer to the Akko keycaps that we used to build the MonsGeek M6.

The media knob placed on the right top angle of the case has a smooth white painting over the metal piece (yes, this is a metal knob) and offers a pleasingly creamy rotational movement with infinite movement and a tactile feedback per step; no clicky audible feedback is heard.




The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo (and Santorini) are equipped with the innovating hall-effect magnetic switches, leaving behind the feature-limiting mechanical switches.

The Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC was the first keyboard with magnetic switches offered by Akko and it came pre-assembled with their own Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches but the newer Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo and Akko MOD007B HE PC Santorini offers 2 different options for the pre-assembled switches:

• Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches
• Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switches

The non-HE version of the MOD007B Tokyo can be chosen with 2 mechanical switches:

• Ice Cream Pink Mechanical Switches
• Ice Cream Purple Mechanical Switches

The specific model that we are reviewing includes Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switches.

The brand-new hall-effect magnetic switches unleashes an exponential potential regarding customization and fine-tuning of your keyboard by letting you manually set the actuation and release distance (even independently) and enabling access to premium features such as Rapid Trigger and Dynamic Keystroke (DKS).

Out of the box, the Kailh Sakura Pink magnetic switches have an actuation & release point set at 2mm but thanks to the magnetic design you can freely adjust the actuation point to any desired distance between 0.2mm and 3.8mm – you read it right 0.2mm!

On top of that, the actuation point can be fine-tuned limitlessly (within the customization range) in intervals of 0.1mm.

If you are a hardcore gamer or even a pro-level competitive gamer, the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo will allow you to create a kind lightning fast speed linear switch that does not exist on the mechanical switches world by setting insanely low pre-travel and activation travel distances and if you want to exponentially boost the speed of the switches you can activate DKS and set how much the key needs to travel to re-trigger the activation and also independently set the travel needed to reset the key – always in as low as 0.1mm steps.

Basically this means that you can transform the keyboard and switches to match the actuation, pre-travel, total travel and release of any switches on the market or create your very own fine-tuned, customized switches settings that no mechanical switch can provide.

Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switch

Type: Magnetic-Linear
Operating Force: 50 ± 10gf
Total Travel: 4.0 ± 0.4mm
Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5mm
Actuation Adjustability step: 0.1mm
Range of actuation customization: 0.2mm to 3.8mm




Unlike the Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC the we reviewed some time ago, the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo (and Santorini) comes only as a “B” multi-mode variant.

This means that both the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo and Akko MOD007B HE PC Santorini have a tri-mode connectivity that offers wired and wireless options.

The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo can be connected wired through the USB-C connection or wirelessly through Bluetooth or with 2.4GHz wireless tech with the included dongle.

In total, this Akko keyboard can connect with up to 5 devices thanks to 3 independent Bluetooth slots that add up to the 2.4G and wired connections.

If you got your unit and are scratching your head wondering how to turn on the keyboard; this Akko model has an odd placement for the power/mode switch that is hidden below the CAPS LOCK keycap.

Therefore, to switch from wired to wireless mode or from Windows to Mac mode, you will have to remove the CAPS LOCK keycap in order to get access to the power/mode switch.



The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo breaks the barriers of customization potential in both hardware and software/programming aspects. The specific variant that we are reviewing might come pre-assembled with magnetic switches but the board is, actually, south-facing, hot-swappable and compatible with magnetic and 3-pin mechanical switches (magnetic switches compatibility so far is available with Kailh Sakura Pink magnetic switches and Akko Cream Yellow magnetic switches)

In addition to this, the travel distance, actuation travel, release travel, RT and DKS options provide an unique level of customization for the switches. Regarding DKS, this is a feature called Dynamic Keystroke that allows users to create highly complex macros where a single press and release of a key can perform 4 independent functions depending on the pressing distance and release distance – all of these features are available per-key.

On top of that, the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo has all the classic customization options of a premium mechanical keyboard like on-board memory, 100% per-key macros, full per-key reprogramming and per-key backlight design.




The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo is a special model for people who want a one-of-a-kind premium keyboard for typing and general use.

On top of that, users will benefit from a refined typing experience thanks to the flexibility and cushiony effect added by the gasket-mount design combined with the exceptional Kailh Sakura Pink magnetic switches with the possibility to tune the switches to any user’s liking.

As a matter of fact, this review was fully written with the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo and we created a custom actuation setting for fast-typing with a actuation and release point set to 1.6mm.


Undoubtedly, the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo is a superior pro-level gaming keyboard that jeopardizes the existence of most gaming mechanical keyboards on the market.

The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo is simply a gamers dream that came to life, with the creation of unique switches profiles, custom actuation/release distance and pro-gaming features like Rapid-Trigger and Dynamic Keystroke – and even the ability to change all of them at any time, on-the-fly and as much times as wanted.

Also the keyboard provides every basic gaming specs like:

• 1000Hz polling rate
• Wired and 2.4G wireless
• Premium keycaps
• Media knob
• Refined sound
• Quality stabs
• Hot-swappable
• RGB backlight (if you are into backlit keybs)


After reading the Gaming section above, you might think that this is exclusively a gaming keyboard but the same customization features that most gamers can love about the hall-effect switches in the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo can also provide a clear advantage to create a beast of a productivity-orientated keyboard.

For example, you can create a custom-tailored personality for your switches and even the most complex and creative multi-macro system per key with 4 functions per key press thanks to DKS.


Same as for productivity, the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo can be a groundbreaking customizable keyboard for working and office tasks.

Moreover, these type of users will appreciate specs like:

• Wired and Wireless multi-device connection
• Hot swappable switches
• Excellent sound
• Pre-lubed switches and stabs
• Knob
• Backlight
• Adjustable feet


Thanks to its modern wireless Bluetooth connection, this Akko keyboard can match tablet/mobile users that intend to use it as a companion for their phone and tablet.

Additional features that will be welcomes by tablet/mobile use include:

• Compact 75% size
• Rugged build
• Internal battery
• Backlight
• On-board memory
• Macros
• F number row



As a typical standard of premium mechanical and hall-effect keyboards, the PBT keycaps of the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo are not shine-through but the south-facing LEDs and a specially designed upper plate with silver finish do an highly-efficient boosting the backlighting effects and brightness.

Moreover, through the Akko Cloud software you can access more than 2 dozen of light presets, create a full custom lighting design per key or even download community created lighting presets.

The keyboard does not have dedicated status lights that you can see on the surface of the case but it truly does have some dedicated LED status lights; one is placed on the spacebar switch section providing information of the battery charging.



As a point of reference for comparison between the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo (Kailh magnetic switches) vs Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 (Akko magnetic switches); the Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo has a more silent personality when its keys are gently pressed and a premium-marbly and higher-pitched bottoming when smashed or pressed harder.

Despite having the same case and being built over the same model, these 2 keyboards have a clear and evident different identity in their sound profile with both being excellent at their “acoustic tuning” style.

Moreover, unlike what we’ve seen on the 7th Anniversary model, this newer Tokyo keyboard has impeccable stabs performance with zero rattling, smooth travel and pristine pre-lubing from factory.

The Kailh magnetic switches have an absolutely clean, scratchless character due to the lesser amount of mechanical elements creating friction in their internals.



The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo uses the same software used for the 7th Anniversary model and most current keyboard from Akko; the software has become more refined over the last updated versions allowing full-access to the customization and programming of the keyboard with an organized and intuitive UI.

Features like actuation travel, DKS and Rapid Trigger are well-implemented with clear and graphical settings/options and info help floating windows that ease the understanding of these advanced functions.



The Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3600mAh.

The battery capacity is inline with most modern wireless mechanical keyboards on the market with a 75% layout.

Of course, if you want to maximize the duration of the battery you can adjust the RGB backlighting and the sleep times.

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Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo Technical Specifications

Gasket Mount

Wireless/Bluetooth/USB Type C

South-facing RGB

Hot Swappable:

N-Key Rollover:

Rapid Trigger (RT):

Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS):

Akko Macro V1.0


Magnetic Switch:
Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switch
Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switch

PBT Keycaps + PC Case

Legends Printing:

Keycap Profile:

Product Weight:
Approximately 1KG


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Akko MOD007B HE PC Tokyo