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LEOBOG Hi75, a remarkable custom mechanical keyboard by LEOBOG.

LEOBOG might not have the most widespread consumer popularity nor the biggest catalog but despite the young age of the brand, their keyboards have gained a massive fan-base among custom mechanical keyboards enthusiasts due to their premium quality but affordably-honest prices.

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LEOBOG Hi75 Review

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The LEOBOG Hi75 comes inside a nice and sturdy packaging with plenty foam inside and including:

• Keyboard cover
• 2x extra switches
• Keycap/switch puller
• Braided, coiled cable
• 3x indicators/logo stickers



The LEOBOG Hi75 is a 81 keys plus knob keyboard with a 75% layout.

The LEOBOG Hi75 has plenty of different colors and designs options but the variant that we are reviewing has a refreshing and airy aesthetic that is equipped with a white-colored case.

The keycaps match the clean and elegant design with a combination of white, pastel purple and pastel light purple colors.

Sitting between the ESC and F1 keys there is a metal engraved plate with the LEOBOG logo, this plate has a magnetic attaching system and can be flipped if you prefer to use the flat non-engraved side.

On the top right corner of the case, the keyboard holds a nice knob with a white and transparent design. To the bottom left of the knob you will find a vertically aligned row of 3 LED lights that indicate CAPS lock, Win lock and SCR – a slight detail, these LEDs can tend to be a bit dim.

The LEOBOG Hi75 is available in 13 different colors:

• LEOBOG Hi75 White purple (model being reviewed)
• LEOBOG Hi75 White green
• LEOBOG Hi75 Blueberry Party
• LEOBOG Hi75 Magic Bear
• LEOBOG Hi75 Heart Throb

LEOBOG Hi75 Barebones kit only: Light blue, pink, green, purple, white, black, milky pink, grey.



Keyboards with a 75% layout tend to have very good ergonomics; in the case of the LEOBOG Hi75, the brand has applied an excellent optimization over the footprint of the case by reducing any extra, non-used space of the case.

This gives the LEOBOG a smaller final size than other 75% keyboards with the same 81 keys, like the AKKO MOD007 series.

Having a case design inline with premium DIY barebones kits, the LEOBOG Hi75 does not have adjustable feet.



The LEOBOG Hi75 is a remarkably rugged keyboard with a full-aluminum alloy powder-coated case and reassuring hefty weight of 1.23kg.

As a point of reference, this LEOBOG custom keyboard feels as premium and durably build as the flagship barebones kits that we have reviewed.

In addition to the metal case, the Hi75 carries inside a top-tier multi-dampening layer that includes a gasket-mounted design with gasket strips, Poron plate foam, Poron switch pad, Poron bottom foam and a PET pad. Also, the keyboard has a flex-cut polycarbonate plate and PCB plate.



The LEOBOG Hi75 can be chosen with either MDA, Cherry or SOA keycaps and with 5 different color and design pattern to choose, that go from classic and clean looking fonts up to fun, multicolored and more unique ones.

Independently of which variant you choose, you will always get premium PBT keycaps with a noticeably thick material and high-grade quality.

The specific keycaps model that we have are the Cherry profile with white purple color. These keycaps have the most “classic” style due to its profile and the use of fonts aesthetics.

Quality-wise, the keycaps have a pleasantly smooth finish but with exceptional slippery-free grippness.

We found that the knob was one of the most gratifying and fun to use with a smooth rotational movement that was easy to control with a single finger and a subtle clicky feedback (and tactile) per notch.

Fair to note, though, the knob’s standard functions out-of-the-box controls are not media controls but provide brightness control of the backlights when rotating it and light effect presets switch when pressed. Still, this brand carefully thought the design of the knob as it actually is a multi-mode knob that changes its function when pressed and hold switching from the “Game Mode” light control to a “Office Mode” where the knob controls volume and play/pause music.



The keyboard is available with 5 different switches but you should know that not all switches are available combined with all the 6 preassembled variants.
The switches options for the LEOBOG Hi75 are:
• LEOBOG Building Block
• LEOBOG Nimbus V3
• LEOBOG Ice Blue/Cyan
• LEOBOG GrayWood V3
• LEOBOG Ice Juggle V2
These represent 3 linear switches and 2 tactile ones so you can choose whichever fits best your preference – if you really want a LEOBOG Hi75 with clicky switches you can replace them yourself or buy the barebone kit and assemble it with your favorite clicky switches.
The specific switches in the LEOBOG Hi75 that we are reviewing are the GrayWood V3 which are linear switches with quality components like POM stem and Nylon housing.
The switches never showed traces of scratchiness, offered smooth travel and a heavier force than the Nimbus variant and some other popular linear switches. For our taste, we tend to enjoy the heavier linear switches over ultra-light ones as we find them to be more versatile and remarkably good for typing with better feedback and lower typing input errors.
LEOBOG Graywood V3 Mechanical Switch
Type: Linear
Material: POM stem, PC top and Nylon Bottom housing
Pin: 3 Pins
Pre-travel: 1.5±0.3mm
Total Travel: 3.6±0.3mm
Initial Force: 30gf Min
Operating Force: 40±3 gf
Bottom Force: 53gf±3g
Life Span: 60 million times



This LEOBOG keyboard is exclusively-wired; as of now there are no wireless nor multi-connectivity variants of the LEOBOG Hi75.

The wired connection works through a detachable USB-C connector placed on the lower bottom of the back section of the case (more or less aligned with the position of the F2 key) – the connection grants a polling rate of 1000Hz.



The south-facing board of the LEOBOG Hi75 has a hot-swappable design, allowing the replacement of the switches without any soldering involved and full-compatibility with 3/5-pin switches.

Regarding reprogramming, the LEOBOG Hi75 can be reprogrammed freely per key with the exception of the F number row and knob, which cannot be changed.

Out of the box, the LEOBOG comes with OS preset modes that allow to change on-the-fly to pre-configured keys that adapt to the use of Windows, Mac, Android or iOS but it is fair to note that as it is a fully wired keyboard, using it with Android and iOS devices might be a bit less practical.




To be honest, the LEOBOG Hi75 has become one of our current favorite pre-assembled keyboards as a daily driver for its typing experience, ergonomics, premium feel and superb sound.

On top of that, the particular gasket mounted design of the LEOBOG is so special that gives a bouncy effect that you can only obtain with spring-mounted barebone kits.


The LEOBOG Hi75 is not only a rugged and solid keyboard, it is also a highly-capable gaming keyboard with features such as:

• 1000Hz polling rate
• All-keys NKRO
• Anti-ghosting
• Customizable keystroke delay
• RGB light
• Hot swappable
• Reprogrammable
• Premium switches and keycaps


The compact but useful 75% layout with 81 keys that include arrow keys, the full F number row and the most useful “extra” keys such as DEL, PgUp, etc.; the LEOBOG Hi75 is well-equipped to be a main keyboard and a productivity companion.

The knob, backlight and hot-swappable design are additional features that can further reasons to get this custom keyboard for productivity reasons.


Similar as with the productivity use details named above, users intending to use the Hi75 for office and general-purpose tasks might love the sound profile and the general premium feel of the keyboard; including the exceptional switches/key feel and the added durability and lifespan of the keyboard as it does not have any internal battery.



The keyboard offers 18 light presets that look nice and polished plus one preset can be used to customize it fully with a personalized per-key lighting design.

On top of the 18 presets, the LEOBOG Hi75 has 10 dynamic light effects that react to the sound of your PC. These dynamic reacting, honestly look quite cool and way more fun than the standard light presets of most other keyboards on the market.

Moreover, these effects can be customized by controlling the sound gain’s reactivity, smoothness of the effect and designing the colors wanted.

In addition to this, the top cover of the knob is fully transparent and also has a dedicated RGB LED backlight.



As we mentioned before during this review, the variant of the LEOBOG Hi75 that we are testing is the pre-assembled, white purple Cherry with LEOBOG Greywood V3 switches.

These LEOBOG switches and the pre-assembled stabilizers come already lubed from factory, so there is no need to go through the process of manually lubing them.

The LEOBOG Hi75 is one of the best sound pre-built custom keyboards that you can buy right now.

This specific keyboard has a similar premium marbly thocky sound profile as some high-class DIY barebones kits that we have reviewed (including the EPOMAKER EK75, MonsGeek M6 and AKKO SPR75)

In a direct comparison with nearly all other pre-built keyboards reviewed, the LEOBOG Hi75 is simply in a different category when evaluating the sound performance and thocky profile.

The keyboard has, clearly, been pristinely lubed and assembled as there is no single pinging, scratchy nor rattling noises; while all stabs also perform smoothly but never become mushy nor sluggish.



As with most other LEOBOG keyboards reviewed, the software is the weakest point of all, as there are some minor unpolished details in the software and all keyboards from the brand always need a separate software for each keyboard model – not something that you would care if you own 1 LEOBOG keyboard but if you own several keebs from the brand it can become messy.

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LEOBOG Hi75 Technical Specifications

Mechanical Keyboard & Kit
NKRO in All Keys
USB Type-C Wired
Product Weight
Package Weight
Inside the box
• 1x Hi75 Keyboard or Kit
• 1x USB Type-C Cable
• 1x User Manual

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