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1MORE FIT S50, one of the first open-air earbuds by 1MORE.

The 1MORE FIT S50 join the catalog of 1MORE as a new category of open-air/air-conduction headphones.

Specifically, the 1MORE FIT S50 are the flagship model of the new FIT open-air series, being the bigger brother of the 1MORE FIT SE S30.

Inside, the FIT S50 have the brand-new 1MORE PurePower drivers which are a dual-magnetic, DLC diaphragm dynamic drivers, while the back plate of the earpieces are touch-sensitive for full control of music playback and phone calls.

The 1MORE FIT S50 have an unique design and fitting system that makes us define them as an hybrid between an in-ear, an earbud and an open-ear headphone. This is due to a combination of a classic open-earbud housing and nozzle-less body but with a special eartip design with open cut-out sections (1MORE calls them “airy loops”).

Of course, the mixture in a never-seen-before hybrid design can be a total disaster or an innovative revelation.

We will test and find out throughout our 1MORE FIT S50 review which will be the final results of these unique earbuds.

Some of the specs that make the 1MORE FIT S50 the flagship model above the S30 are smart auto-playback sensors, brand new drivers, a higher IPX7 waterproof rating, fast charge compatibility, wireless charging and 38 hours of battery life.

The 1MORE FIT S50 can be found with their full name “1MORE Fit Open Earbuds S50” or also as 1MORE EF906 and are available in grey or silver color.

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1MORE FIT S50 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The packaging of the 1MORE FIT S50 shares the book-alike style of their flagship in-ear and over-ear headphones.

Inside you get:

• 3 pair of airy loops “eartips”
• 1x soft pouch
• 1x USB-C charging cable



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Bass & Sub Bass

The “hybrid-eartips” provide a highly proficient element that aids in the directionality and control of the sound coming out of the earpieces – if you align and force-push them to fit and lock in the entrance of the ear canals.

Regarding bass (the Achilles’ heel of open-air earbuds), the FIT S50 does a substantially better job than others with punch and mid-bass bringing to the table a stronger a more alive pumping sound, yet lacking depth in far sub-bass notes but not as unbalancedly distributed as nearly all other open-air models.

To be fair, on typical use, most users will not feel the less deep sub-bass of the FIT S50 unless they are listening to a sub-bass centered track.


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Mids & Vocals

The midrange of the 1MORE FIT S50 exhibited a warm and cozy sound with fullness and body while male and female vocals never sounded shy nor overshadowed by mid-bass.

Moreover, if you are a user concerned about hot spikes in the mid-range, the 1MORE FIT S50 with a smooth and harsh-free sound will make you happy.



Highs & Treble

Highs and treble were other ranges that on this open-air earbuds seemed more related to a TWS earbud or in-ear than to an open-air, thanks to a way better brightness and detail retrieval than most other open-air on the market.

Overall, with the 1MORE FIT S50 you get nearly in-ear headphone sound quality but with an open-air design.



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The unique design of the 1MORE FIT S50 provided all the benefits in awareness and comfort of an open-air earbud but with the stability and secureness of a sports TWS.

On top of that, the earhook design + the airy loops eartips add a whole new layer of secureness to the fit of the FIT S50, which can withstand intensive training sessions without moving a bit.

With high-quality features like IPX7 waterproof rating, auto-sensors, touch controls and light earpieces, this open-air are a highly-capable earbud model for sports people.


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