ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra – Review

ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra
ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra

ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra

| 3D MSLA Resin Printer | 10 inch | 12K |

ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra, the newest 3D printer from the Saturn series.

The ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra is not only the most recent release of the series but also the flagship model.

ELEGOO has a long expertise in 3D printers for both FDM printers and MSLA printers, we have reviewed many of them and they have all showed a common characteristic, excellent performance and fair price.

The brand new ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra gains the flagship title of the Saturn 3 series with major upgrades offered over the older siblings.

Throughout our review of the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra we will see if the top-tier model is also up the standards of the other machines from ELEGOO reviewed in the past.

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ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra Review

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The ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra comes in the typical packaging from ELEGOO machines with a highly protected large box with protective foam inside.

With the printer you will get:

• USB air purifier
• 4GB UDisk
• Voxeldance Tango lifetime license
• Masks
• Gloves
• Funnel
• Replacement screws
• Tool kit
• Metal scraper
• Plastic scraper



The ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra is a 10-inch 12K 3D MSLA resin printer with a rectangular overall form factor and a tall-tower alike design.

The machine has a large build volume of 218.88×122.88mmx260mm³, gaining 10mm in extra height printing capacity in comparison with the Saturn 3 12K (the dimension of the machine is 305.9mm(L)*273mm(W)*562.5mm(H), weighting 16.2kg)

Likewise with the previous Saturn 3 12K model, the new Saturn 3 Ultra inherits the same 12K resolution with 19×24 microns of XY resolution (11520×5120)

On the front of the machine you will see a large screen while the right edge of the case holds all I/O connectors, power input and the WiFi antenna.

Belonging to the Ultra series, the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra follows the aesthetics of the brand new line with a darker overall design that includes a space grey body/shell but the overall shape of the machine is very similar to the previous Saturn 3 12K printer.

It is worth mentioning that the new black UV shields of the Ultra series are, in fact, much darker; this has a positive and a negative characteristic. From the negative part, you will have a harder time to see through the UV cover and control the progress of your prints than with the “older” red UV covers from ELEGOO.

On the other hand, the huge improvement is that the dark UV cover has an exponentially better efficiency filtering UV light, thus preserving better the optimal state of the resin to be used.





As with every other 3D MSLA Resin Printer from ELEGOO that we have reviewed, the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra is extremely easy to assemble and get it running.

Basically, all you will need to do is putting the bed in place and levelling it.



The ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra comes with a modern IPS capacitive touch screen, like seen on the ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra, ditching the resistive tech of the previous models.

The new screen on the Saturn 3 Ultra has a larger 4″ diagonal size with a resolution of 800×480, which give crisp definition and a friendly user-interface, while fonts and text are sharp and easy to read.

Thanks to the capacitive touch tech, the screen is snappy and responsive to touch without missing any inputs.

While printing you will be able to see a preview of the sliced file and live information that includes the runtime, remaining time, elapsed percentage, layers, file name, etc.




The machine is powered by a Linux OS (4GB RAM) that presents a much more responsive and rich-featured control of the printer through the display screen.

All the controls available from the touch screen give full and deep options and settings of the machine (unlike some crippled screens seen on budget 3D FDM printers)

Through the screen users gain access to all functions of the machine, like:

• Leveling
• Live adjustments of the printing parameters
• Files navigation
• Play/pause/stop of printing
• Z-axis control
• WiFi connection
• Firmware update




The ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K is the first model from the Ultra series to have a more rugged external case made of metal, instead of the plastic case of previous generations.

Internally, the printer has prelubed rods and Z-axis with full metal construction with ball screw and dual linear rails that did not show any wobbly nor fiddly sections.

With the new ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra you will be getting a 9H tempered glass screen protector and an ACF release film instead of the PFA release film on previous generations, which proved to be a more efficient film in all aspects.

The light source of the Saturn 3 Ultra makes use of COB tech but this time the light source is refractive – no longer using the Fresnel collimating design of the older models.




The touch screen is the main control system of the machine but you can also send files to the machine wirelessly through a PC WiFi connection or by connecting an USB disk.

The internal WiFi module of the printer supports both 2.4G and 5G WiFi connection and can offer a max. transfer rate of 10Mbps.

On each side of the main Z-axis column you will find 2 USB-A connectors, these are exclusively to attach ELEGOO compatible accessories and addons such as the bundled Active Carbon Air Filter.



All the prints for the review were done with ELEGOO Standard Photopolymer resin.

The new support of the building plate’s leveling system is a groundbreaking upgrade from the previous Saturn 3 12K (that used a ballhead); the new 4-point adjustment is way more precise, easier to adjust and to obtain pinpoint leveling without any misalignment.

In fact, the printer responded with perfect plate adhesion after leveling the unit with the bundled leveling card – even for risky prints with a high rate of failure like hollowed models with Fast printing speed settings.

As a consequence of this, the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra was much easier to obtain error-free prints right out of the box and needing no further adjustments over time.

Also, the much larger build volume allowed us to print models in a single piece instead of having to print them in divided smaller sections that then would need to be assembled and “glued”.

Also, the larger XY bed area is an exponential upgrade factor regarding the total time needed to print many objects at the same time, as the capacity to place models is substantially larger than on the Mars series.

The new ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra is rated to have 3 times faster printing speed (150mm/h) than older models but our real life tests showed the new Saturn machine is actually capable of offering a speedier print that is way more than 3 times faster.

On top of that, now you can access 3 different speed printing presets on CHITUBOX for the Saturn 3 Ultra, bumping the top speeds from 380mm/m (standard) to 1000mm/m (fast)

The same sliced model needed 7:19 hours to be printed on the Saturn 3 12K, while on the newest Saturn 3 Ultra 12K it was able to be completed in as little as 1:52 hours using the Fast Print preset or if set to Standard speed, in 4:54 hours.

To be sure that this was not a one-time result improvement, we ran another model that was previously printed before on the Saturn 3 12K in 8:54 hours; the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K completed the print in 2:15 hours in fast mode or in 6:21 hours in standard speed.

These results represented a printing time of just 25% over the previous printer model, which means that you can print 4x more models on the same total time.

The ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K is a massive upgrade over other competitors and models, making 3D resin printing finally achievable in reasonably short times.

On top of that, every single print that we did with the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra was completed successfully and not even a single print failed, got unstuck from the bed while printing nor printed with flaws.



All print test below were models manually hollowed and punched correctly to withstand the Fast printing preset.

If a Fast Resin type would had been used, the last two large prints would had been able to be completed in less than 2 hours.

12 Egyptian Chess pieces by ALONDONO862; printed in 1:26 hours – with the 12 pieces in place, the printing bed had enough free space to fit 3 additional pieces.

Big Diablo by Sam T 200mm, printed in 2:26 hours – with supports

2 classic sculptures, “An Athlete Wrestling with a Python” & “Cupid and Psyche”; 196mm tall each fully printed in 2:38 hours – with supports

Boo; 256mm 3:55 hours



The new ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra has a max. power consumption of 180W and is powered by an external PSU (included) with a power rating of 24V 7.5A.

The power consumption of the printer is far below a typical FDM 3D printer bu it is slightly higher than the previous Saturn 3 model.



The ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra can print sliced .goo files from all main MSLA Stereolithography software.

Whether you prefer to use the free version of ChituBox, invest on the Pro version or use the included license for Voxeldance Tango; any file that you edit and slice will work with the Saturn 3 UItra.

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ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra Technical Specifications

10-inch 12K Mono LCD
CHITUBOX & Voxeldance Tango
MSLA Stereolithography
MAX 150mm/h
COB+Refractive Light Source (wavelength 405nm)
Chinese, English, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese
USB Interface & WiFi
4.0-inch Capacitive Touch Screen
100-240V 50/60Hz 24V 7.5A

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ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra