Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 – Review

Kingroon KP3S PRO V2
Kingroon KP3S PRO V2

Kingroon KP3S PRO V2

| 3D FDM Printer | 500mm/s |

Kingroon KP3S PRO V2, the newest 3D FDM printer from Kingroon.

The Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 is a 3D printer offering from the brand with a Klipper firmware, high-performing specs, yet a remarkably affordable price.

Kingroon is a brand specialized in 3D printers with already a vast catalog of models and a growing popularity in the 3D printing community.

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Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 Review

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The Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 comes inside a fairly small box with plenty of foam protection.

Inside you will get:

• Frame
• Base
• Bed
• Bed sheet
• Screen
• Pool rack
• Rod
• Power cable
• USB-C cable
• Assembly wrenches
• Screws and nut set for assembly
• 2x 0.4mm nozzles (one pre-assembled)
• USB drive
• Diagonal Pliers
• EMMC adapter
• White filament sample
• Unclogging needle



The Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 is a 3D FDM printer with a print volume of 200x200x200mm on a square-shaped hotbed. The total dimension of the machine is 345x330x506mm and weighting only 6Kg, therefore becoming a small printer that can be even placed next to your PC monitor on a mid-sized desktop setup.

The printer has an internal PSU so you will only need to plug the power cable to the machine and turn the power switch to get it running.

The Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 has a more industrial aesthetic and feel than other 3D printers and laser engravers that we have reviewed. Why we say so? Basically because there are less embellishing details and you will notice that some elements that are hidden on some other machines are, instead, visible on the Kingroon – such as axis rods, screws, motors.

On the other hand, this does not mean that it looks less polished or undercooked; as we mentioned above it gives the Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 an industrial feel of a machine built to do some serious work and get the job done with engineering precision.

The Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 has a black colored main body and an matching color for the Z-axis, X-axis, spool holder, display case and knobs.

The knob has a nice ring light around it so you can see and find it even on total darkness or low-lit rooms.





The printer comes substantially more pre-assembled than other 3D printers/laser engravers on the market; thus, reducing the time consumed to put the machine up and running.

An important note, the 2 main pieces of the machine come connected with each other inside the box and despite the assembly video does not show this, you should be extremely careful when removing them from the packaging or you will break the connectors.

There are some assembly instruction incongruencies between the user manual, the instruction video and what you find in front of view while assembling the unit but there were usually minor differences that did not halt the assembly process.




The Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 has a 2-color display screen with a dark green for the background and a lighter green for the menu, info, icons, animations, etc.

The main printing screen will let you see live information of the status of all main elements such as:

• Nozzle temperature
• Bed temperature
• Fan speed
• Feed rate
• Progress in %
• Elapsed time
• Live coordinates of X/Y/Z axis

To point out, sometimes the display printing progress was not pinpoint accurate and showed some % remaining while the printing had, truly, ended.




The Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 has a classic 3D printer control system with a rotational knob and multifunction button to navigate, edit and confirm the settings and configuration menus seen on the display screen.

In addition to the knob, the Kingroon can be operated through a wired connection with a PC or through a network connection using either its ethernet cable or through the WiFi connection of the printer accessing the IP of the printer through a web browser.

Beware that by default the web UI will be set to Chinese but you can select the display language from the settings of the web interface.

While a printing task is being done, users have the possibility to apply live adjustments of the speeds, temperatures and extruding settings; these can be tuned either through the screen menus and knob or by accessing the net web interface.




The printer has a robust construction with quality sections such as an all-aluminum extruded with one 5015 fan and a 3010 fan to keep the thermal of the module and printing under control, ceramic heating tube and MGN12 micro rails for smooth and fast movement.

The printer has a single Z-axis/column design without the “arc” style with double Z-axis and columns supports for the X-axis. Due to the use of a hefty aluminum profile for the Z-axis, both the X-axis and Z-axis are well-held and supported by the thick aluminum piece but if your z-offset goes nuts and you hit the bed hardly you could mess up the leveling of the whole machine – also the bed does not have screws to level it independently.

All the remaining sections of the printer are fully made of aluminum and metal, including the hot bed and main case.

Talking about the bed, the unit comes with a magnetically attaching hot bed PEI sheet to provide optimal adherence and easy removal of the printed samples.

Something that Kingroon excels at is the upgradeability and user-serviceability/reparability of their machines with ease access to any piece that needs to be replaced in case of malfunction or if wanted to upgrade it with official kits from the brand or compatible components.



This Kingroon 3D printer might be more affordable than some other fancy competitors but the KP3S PRO V2 offers a plethora of I/O ports and connectivity alternatives – even including an built-in WiFi module and support for Moonraker web server & UI.

On the front panel you will find:

• USB-C connector to use and control the 3D printer with a PC
• MicroSD card reader to insert cards to with sliced files to be printed with the machine in standalone mode
• HDMI connection that enables DIY paths to use Klipper display screens, adding up eye candy touch sensitive UI screens

On the left section of the main case you get an RJ45 ethernet connection for net control of the machine, 2 USB-A ports for accessories and possible update module from Kingroon (the brand actually teased the possible release of a USB Bluetooth module for the printer) and a third USB 3 port that allows the connection of Udisks for either printing sliced files in the disk or uploading and booting firmware files/config files.

If all the connectivity options above were not enough, the printer comes with MicroSD to EMMC adapter, allowing users to plug it to the card reader of the machine and flash a MKS EMMC chip and rewrite the system.




By its cute small size and more “industrial” design, the Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 could be underestimated by some but as soon as the little guy start printing you will be surprised of the blazing fast speed, axis movement and silent operation.

As a matter of fact, the Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 was way quieter overall than other 3D printers that we have reviewed in the past – mostly thanks to the quieter fans.

Specifically, this Kingroon printer can reach up to 500mm/s of printing speed and an acceleration of 20000mm/s2.

It is, yet, no surprise that the KP3S PRO V2 can achieve this kind of performance as internally, the printer is powered by a 64bit 4 core CPU and 1GB of RAM (a built-in 8GB disk with a usable capacity of 6.6GB allows saving printing files to the machine and current printing gcodes/sliced files)

Despite the more affordable price than other 3D printers tested so far, the Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 offered a fair auto-leveling system that did not need much fiddling with conflictive z-axis offsets. This has been optimized by the brand thanks to a 36 point auto leveling function to get accurate z-axis and bed calibration/leveling – the auto leveling process takes just a few minutes to complete.

Once again, you might be surprised finding out that this affordable 3D printer is equipped with a vibration compensation system with a dedicated sensor that reduces the vibration coming from the X/Y axis.

Throughout our tests of the Kingroon KP3S PRO V2, the PEI bed exhibited excellent adhesion never seeing the printing pieces to get spontaneously detached from the bed and reducing the need to recur to brim, skirt or rafts.

The tests also shown fast a precise printing when keeping the printer at 350mm/s and even sometimes pushing it to 500mm/s – for 500mm/s you will need to have the sliced sample perfectly set and choose a less-conflicting design to try at these kind of speeds.

On top of that, the extruder had no issue feeding the filament while printing, providing clog-free and accurate amounts of material according to the settings used.



The 165mmx165mm Alien vs Predator print took 26 minutes to complete with a speed setting of 250mm/s.

The final print had no issues despite the small details and no use of any brim, skirt, rafts – only some minor stringing was seen. The original shaped vase was finished in 20 minutes but we had to redo the print since some leveling issues broken the first attempt to print the file. After re-setting the z-offset and autoleveling, the final print came up fairly well.

The benchy file coming with the Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 was printed without any custom settings override; the full printing process of the benchy file was finished in 32 minutes with remarkably clean results and no stringing at all – the file is not set fast printing speeds so, the benchy can be printed at faster times if you push the machine to do so.The wall hanger was printed at 350mm/s taking 15 minutes to finish the task, the print was securely adhere to the hotbed and was, also, easy to remove when ended. This flexible print conserved its dynamic and functional movement without being stiff nor breaking.



With an average consumption of only 200W, the Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 uses less than half the power of bigger 3D printers, yet offering fast printing speeds.

If you are concerned about keeping your electricity bill low, the Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 might be a wiser choice than other printers.




The Kingroon KP3S Pro V2 is compatible with all mainstream 3D printer software, including the latest version CURA. In fact, the brand provides all the files to add the Kingroon printer to CURA but it needs ot be done manually.

It is fair to highlight, though, that the CURA configuration files are incorrectly formatted and do not work out-of-the-box with Cura 5.60 – you need to correct the errors by yourself.

The specific corrections needed are:

1. Rename from CAPS to non-CAPS the file kingroon_kp3s_pro_v2.def.json

2. Edit the file content and correct the lines:

“name”: “KINGROON KP3S_PRO_V2”, to “name”: “Kingroon KP3S_PRO_V2”,
“author”: “KINGROON, CACHE”, to “author”: “Kingroon, CACHE”,
“manufacturer”: “KINGROON”, to “manufacturer”: “Kingroon”,

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Kingroon KP3S PRO V2 Technical Specifications

Product Model

Kingroon KP3S Pro V2 



Print Volume


Machine Size


Packaging Size


Net Weight


Language Firmware

CN/EN Klipper

Print Via

Web/USB Flash Disk

Machine Power


Input Voltage


Power Supply

24V 12.5A 300W

Feeder System

Full-Metal Hotend

Printing Accuracy


Nozzle Max Temperature

≤260 C(default)-300C

Heated Bed Max Temperature

≤100 C

Max Movement Speed


Max Printing Speed


Recommended Printing Speed


File Format


Machine Leveling


Material Break Detection


Power Off And Continue Printing

Temporarily Not Supported

System Requirement


Slicing Software


Nozzle diameter


Print Bed

Heat Bed With PEI Sheet


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Kingroon KP3S PRO V2